Requiem of the Heart

Disclaimer: No, Rugrats all Grown Up is not mine. You can stop hyperventilating from the shock now.

Inspired By: A Change Of Heart by Lil Kimi

People, before you freak. This one has only straight and non-incest couples. You can breathe easy and read.


Susie, Angelica, and Samantha 17

Chuckie 16

Tommy, Kimi, Phil and Lil 15

Dil 14


Angelica left the party skipping happily along the sidewalk in her black three inch high heel sandals. She had the best time ever and even if she had to do a dare of pretending to seduce Phil tomorrow. She really hoped he wouldn't show.

[Two Months Later]

Angelica regurgitated again into the toilet. She didn't understand why she was so sick. She was at Chuckie's dorm at the special High School his parents had sent him to for advanced kids. She had snuck in through a window, but instead of Chuckie and her getting romantic she was throwing up in the toilet. How PATHETHIC!

"Angelica are you okay?" Chuckie asked timidly from behind the closed door.

"No!" Angelica cried angrily as she held her aching belly.

"Maybe you should relax in there while get you some crackers and water," Chuckie suggested, "people try that for upset stomach all the time," he said reassuringly, "well actually pregnancy, but how different can the results be?" he asked as Angelica suddenly froze.

*Pregnancy. Pregnant? Could I be? No! But what if? But I was always careful. But there was that one time when..... * (Angelica's thoughts)

Her eyes suddenly widened. No way. No WAY!

Prologue completed

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