Requiem of the Heart

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Chapter5: Requiem of the Heart.

(Two Months Later)

(9pm at Angelica's bedroom)

Everyone believes that I fucked Phil. But I didn't. At least I think I didn't. The main point is that I never had sex with him on purpose. But that doesn't matter now. Nothing matters. Chuckie's dumped me and I'm pregnant with God knows WHOSE baby. I can't take it anymore. My parents give me disappointed looks. I tried calling Tommy but Aunt Deedee wouldn't let me talk to him and I could tell by her tone that she knew. Soon everyone would know and everyone will hate me. My life doesn't have meaning anymore. All my friends have left me and I can't turn to Samantha because I stupidly dropped her. I KNOW that Z knows something. But what does it matter? I don't have Chuckie, I no longer have my parents love, my relations have lost respect for me and soon everyone's going to hate me. I know I'm pregnant. My belly's rounder now and I stopped going to school for nearly a month now. I can't even care for a baby anyway. My parents talk of adoption but who wants a baby from a worthless person like me anyway? I'm done. Goodbye. I wished someone still loved me and wanted me around. But nobody does. Nobody does.


Charlotte Pickles held the letter in her shaking hands. Angelica had been found unconscious surrounded by bottled of empty pills around her. She had looked as if she had been twisting in her sheets from a bad dream. But that was five hours ago. Now Angelica's bed was empty and still a mess. Charlotte's husband Dru Pickles had come at minutes to 4 pm to stay with Angelica since Charlotte had originally planned to be at a special meeting 'til almost. But after discovering that Angelica wouldn't wake and then noticed the pills; Dru put two and two together and first called 911 then Charlotte. Actually her assistant answered it and couldn't find Charlotte until an hour later. Upon hearing the news that her daughter might've commited suicide Charlotte called her husband in a panic. Dru told her that a medical team was trying to revive her and also checking if the baby was still alive.

Charlotte got to the hospital in half an hour. But by then Angelica was in the process of being officially pronounced dead. The baby was still alive and would be removed and placed in an incubator and specially monitored. When asked Dru told them that the baby was to be put up for adoption. Charlotte meanwhile sobbed in her husband's arms over the death of their only child.

Now at 9 pm and Angelica's room. Charlotte just finished reading the note that her daughter left behind under a pillow. Tears flowed freely from Charlotte's eyes.

"I never meant for you to feel unloved," Charlotte whispered and broke into tears.

(Following Day in Tommy's Bedroom)

Tommy sat on the floor with several photo albums spread around him. Angelica's suicide was still a shock to him. He felt so numb. He remembered the last time he saw Angelica alive. He had glared hatefully at her and walked off as he continued to speak now in hushed tones to a distraught Chuckie over his cell phone.

"If I had known," Tommy whispered as he ran a hand down a picture of Angelica as a baby, "if I had only known," he said and the first tear fell out of his eye since he heard the news of his cousin's death.

"Do you think that she really slept with Phil on purpose?" Dil asked suddenly from Tommy's bed in a cracked voice because he had been crying for hours before.

"I don't know and I don't care anymore," Tommy said softly, "she's dead, what's the point?"

(Hours Later after School)

Susie, Lil and Kimi exited school happily. They had a great day of school and were heading over to Susie's house for their planned sleep over since it was Friday.

But then they saw Susie's father Mr. Carmichael with a sombre expression on his face.

"Susie get into the Car," Mr. Carmichael instructed, "Kimi your father said to go to his work place and Lil," he continued, "you get in the car with me since neither of your parents have been contacted yet."

"What's wrong Daddy?" Susie asked.

"I'll tell you in the car," Mr. Carmichael responded, "Kimi, please go see your father," he said and went to his car.

Susie and Lil looked solemnly back at Kimi and after saying goodbye followed Mr. Carmichael.

In minutes Mr. Carmichael and the two girls were on the road as he drove.

"What's the matter Daddy?" Susie asked seriously as Lil looked intently at her shoes.

"Angelica Pickles is dead," Mr. Carmichael said suddenly, "I'm sorry," he told them.

The car was in dead silence all the way to the Carmichael residence.

(5pm at the Deville's Residence)

Phil lay in bed as he thought about Tommy's recent call. Angelica was dead. He had always thought that he conclusively hated her. But now all he could feel was pity and shock. He never saw Angelica as someone who'd commit suicide. But he also never saw Angelica as someone who'd seduce him into bed with her before recently. Now he wondered if maybe he should've reconsidered the latter.

(Two Weeks Later after Angelica's funeral)

It was a small quiet funeral with close friends and relatives. Everyone who went to the podium had something good to say about the deceased blonde teenage girl. It was also a very sad affair with only a few people not shedding any tears including Phil and Chuckie. Chuckie hadn't spoken since his father called with the news and he just seemed to be in a state of silent shock. Phil had cried a bit alone a week before the funeral but mostly he just felt sad that Angelica had died and also that he couldn't find out anything about the baby because it was given up for adoption and Angelica's parents never even looked at the baby to find out it's gender, physical features, hair colour, eye colour, anything.

With the funeral over the mourners went their separate ways. Unseen to them Samantha and Z hid in nearby bushes.

'I should've never have agreed to keep it secret," Z spat angrily looked over at a red eyed Samantha, "feeling bad?" he snapped at her.

"I never meant for this to happen," Samantha said tearfully, "it was only supposed to be a joke then I would tell them the truth."

"Only you didn't bargain on her getting pregnant," Z countered, "do you know how I feel knowing that some child for me is God knows where?" he asked, "that a teenager killed herself because I didn't have the guts to come out and say that it was me not Phil she slept with that night?" he demanded, "that YOU slept with Phil that night after having too much to drink and decided to frame Angelica!" he shouted.

"Shhh!" Samantha ordered quickly, "don't you think I feel bad?" she asked him, "it was only a revenge joke because she stopped being my friend," she said, "she wasn't supposed to die," she said tearfully then started to cry.

"Well she died alright," Z said sadly, "Angelica died."

Story Completed

Requiem of the Heart

My heart is broken and sang it's last song. Now my body will sink along with it into a sleep we've both wanted from the undying pain for oh so long.

Requiem of the Heart

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