Title: Creature of Darkness

Author: Morwen Eledhel


Rating: PG-13

Summary: sequel to Darkness of Dol Guldur

Disclaimer: unfortunately I only own torture methods eg nothing else yet

Chapter 1

It was another glorious summer day; a slow breeze weaved through the small clearing by the lake, accompanied by light laughter and the sound of splashing water. Elrond leaned against a tree smiling as he watched his sons having a water fight, drowning the unfortunate prince of Mirkwood. He knew none of this was real, just a small place he had created from what remained of his memory, somewhere safe, free from pain and the world around him.

Stabbing pain shot through him, he doubled over, leaning against the tree for support, his eyes locked with his eldest son.

"Help me Elladan." He managed before he was forced back to consciousness.

"Help me Elladan." The words rung through his head.

"Father," Elladan stared to rush forward to help his father but was met by the softness of his bed.

He looked around to see the familiar surroundings of his room, although he remembered that he had not left his study during the night, but his mind was too focused on the dream he just had.

It was not the first time he had seen his father like that, it had been happening for weeks, causing him many restless nights. Many times he had found himself in Mirkwood, his father being savagely attacked by Orcs, just standing there as they murdered him.

Had they? A voice whispered in his head, had they really killed him? They had taken his body, perhaps he had been taken alive.

That was over ten years ago, he should not have survived that long in the hands of Orcs.

But what if he had? What if he was trying to reach out for help?

The questions flooded his mind, but as the dreams continued he was getting certain of one thing.

His father may still be alive.