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Bloody Mary, Bloody Night, Bloody Titans

Chapter 1: Setting Up and Truth or Dare

It was a normal stormy October Friday morning for the Titans. Except- Terra was laying her sleeping bag in the middle of the living room, BeastBoy was hauling his out of his room, Starfire was making strange sandwiches and putting them in a picnic basket, Robin was taking things out of his backpack and placing them on the floor next to his sleeping bag, raven was sitting on her sleeping bag, Cyborg was playing game boy, and I guess it wasn't quite so normal after all.

"It's too bad it had to rain today! Now we have to camp out indoors! How lame!" Cyborg complained.

"I actually think it's better, Cyborg. In here we have a restroom." Raven started reading again.

"It's Friday the Thirteenth! Even better, it's October, and the moon will be full tonight! That means great ghost stories!" BeastBoy was ecstatic.

Terra laughed. "How much you wanna bet my story will be better?"

"I bet you, lets see, 25 dollars! You know I'm going to win!" BeastBoy grinned.

"You bet you're going to win- win the losing contest!" Terra grinned right back. She then laughed, and playfully pushed BeastBoy down onto the sleeping bag.

Starfire took the basket and set it down on one of the sofas. "I too think this will be fun, friends. We can tell jokes and eat what you call 'Some mores.'"

"Uh, Starfire, it's Sm'ores. One word- not two." Robin whispered.

"Oh!" Starfire looked around. "I think it is what is called lunch time- if I said it wrong please correct me, Robin." Seeing that she had said it right, Starfire continued. "Friend Raven, will you please pass out the sandwiches? And, Friend Terra, will you please pass out the plates so that none of our friends has crumbs all over their laps? Oh, and Raven, the ones in the green bags are BeastBoy's, gray is Cyborg, yellow is Terra, blue is yours, pink is mine, and red is Robin's."

Raven and Terra nodded, and set about on their given tasks.

After they had all eaten, they played truth or dare.

"Okay Terra, the spinner that you spun has landed on TRUTH, let me think of a question with the others!" Starfire was having a blast with this game.

"I think we should ask her favorite animal," BeastBoy stated.

"No! We should ask what her worst grade on a test was!" Cyborg argued.

"We could ask her about her friends before she met us?" Starfire asked.

"I think we should ask her who her favorite poet is," Raven put in.

"What about her most embarrassing moment. She must have lots!" Cyborg added.

"How about we all ask her one question, and we could do that for every Titan when they get truth." Robin simply said. They all looked at him.

"I think I like that! Let's do it!" Cyborg practically shouted, earning a questioning stare from Terra, who still didn't know what they were talking about. "BeastBoy, you go first."

BeastBoy asked Terra his question.

"Uh, I really like cats... so I guess cats?" Terra answered.

Cyborg began to ask his question.

"Whoa! What happened to one question?" Terra looked confused.

"We each ask you a question."

"Okay, I'm game!"

Cyborg asked. "You have to answer it!" It was the grade one.

"A 71?"

Starfire pushed him away. "Did you have any other friends before you met and joined us?"

"None that are still around."

Everyone stared at her.

"Will everyone stop doing that? It makes me nervous."

It was Raven's turn. She asked.

"T.S. Elliot"

Robin asked the last question that Cyborg had suggested.

"I fell down a flight of stares in front of the guy I liked, once."

BeastBoy laughed. "Well you did, cause you're my girl now!"

"I'm your girlfriend, not yours. You don't own me, remember?"

BeastBoy sighed. "Yeah, that too."

Next was Starfire's turn. She got dare. Terra got to give it to her.

"Starfire, I dare you to kiss Robin smack on the lips and hold it for at least five seconds!" Terra said with joy.

Starfire stared at Terra. Then at Robin, who was grinning from ear to ear. Then back at Terra. "Do I have to? In front of all of you?"

Terra nodded. Starfire sighed and flew over to Robin and sat in his lap. She then held his shoulders and brought her lips up to his. The others watched quietly with fascination. The kiss was moth to mouth, and lasted a whole lot longer then five seconds. More like twenty.

Starfire smiled and pulled away. "Did I do it right?" She directed the question more at Robin that Terra.

"You did great!" Robin replied. Starfire remained in his lap, with her arms around his neck.

"Terra, you are going to pay for upsetting my stomach like that." Raven told Terra with a twitch in her eye.

"Uh, sorry?"

It was Robin's turn. The spinner landed on dare. BeastBoy was the darer.

"Okay Robin! I dare you to sing the refrain of Stacey's Mom at the top of your lungs!" BeastBoy laughed.

Robin groaned. He took a big breath, and, "STACEY'S MOM HAS GOT IT GOING ON! SHE'S ALL I WANT AND I'VE WAITED SO LONG! STACEY CAN'T YOU SEE? YOU'RE JUST NOT THE GIRL FOR ME! I KNOW IT MIGHT BE WRONG, BUT I'M IN LOVE WITH SATCEY'S MOM!" Robin was bright red by the end of this, and everyone besides Raven and Starfire were laughing and gasping for breath. "Okay BeastBoy! Your turn."

BeastBoy spun dare. Robin leaned over and whispered something in his ear, with all the other Titans leaning in, trying to hear it. A sly grin on both Robin and BeastBoy's faces, they returned to their positions in the circle. Everyone sat in a confused silence, until Terra let out a cry of pain.

Beastboy's grin stayed on his face even as Terra's hand smacked him. "He pinched me on the ass!" she cried. Chuckles and snorts resounded throughout the room.

"Raven! Come out! It's you turn! I get to do you if it lands on dare!" Cyborg yelled. Unfortunately, it landed on dare. After Terra had finished groaning about how she was the only one who had gotten truth so far, Cyborg dared Raven to do what made Raven almost pass out.

"KISS YOU! YOU'RE A LUNATIC! NO, I'M NOT GOING TO PUT YOU DOWN UNTIL YOU THINK OF A BETTER DARE!" Raven screamed. Cyborg's screams for mercy added to the screaming. Raven finally calmed down. "One quick small kiss. Just because I don't want you and the others to yell at me for being bad sport. Understood?"

Cyborg grinned. "Understood."

Raven leaned forward to kiss him. He leaned forward. She gave him a small kiss on his forehead, and it was over.

"Aw! How sweet!" Terra and Starfire put in. The immediately shut up after Raven shot them both nasty looks.

Cyborg spun the dial and wouldn't you know it- got dare. Raven smiled mischievously. She actually smiled. Even if it was an evil smile, she smiled. You've got to give her some credit.

"Cyborg, I dare you to recite two of Edgar Allan Poe's poems. You will recite Alone and you will recite 'The Raven'. All eighteen stanzas. Let me start you off. 'From childhood's hour I have not been,' you may continue from right here." Raven handed Cyborg a book and showed him where to read from.

"'As others were- I have not seen..." Cyborg read the rest of the poem.

"Now The Raven. Stop groaning. 'Once upon a midnight dreary.'"

"'As I pondered weak and weary...'" everyone got comfortable and listened.

"Very good. Give me my book back please." Cyborg slowly handed her her book, his eyes wide.

"Who knew poetry could be so depressing? You need to lighten up a little Raven. And this is not going to help you."

Terra nudged BeastBoy awake. "What did I miss?"

"Oh, you only missed from 'When the rest of heaven was blue- of a demon in my view' to 'And my soul from out that shadow floating on the floor Shall be lifted- Nevermore,' yada yada."

Starfire clapped her hands. "The time for the accustomed evening meal has com upon us!"

After dinner, they all sat on the sleeping bags again. It was time for ghost stories...