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Ron Stoppable was panting as he ran down the rock-walled hallway,frantictly trying to escape the two green and black

dressed women gaining on him from behind.One of them was his best friend,Kim Possible.Just another ordinary mission,

(except for the tweebs) until Drakken had to put her and his henchgirl,Shego under the power of the

nutro-compliance chip.Now Ron had to run from his best friend or else she'd probably destroy him.Ron stopped

running and paused.Rufus was on his shoulder,clinging to his shirt and panting hard.the duo had found themselves in a room

filled with incredible gadgets.Ron turned around,noticing the girls still running after him,he ran to an elevator and unlocked

the code(didn't rest for details).The elevator went about two stories high until the hypnotized henchwoman jumped from the gadgets and onto

the elevator.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"Ron screamed.He only knew one thing to do.

'Forgive me for this,Kim.' He thought to himself as he did the one thing he thought he'd never do to Kim in a million years.

He pushed her off.

From now four stories high he pushed Kim and Shego off the elevator.Both fell to the ground with a thud.Ron gasp when he heard Kim's body

crack."what've I done."He said in a low tone.He took the elevator down and bent by Kim's side.Turning her over,

there was red liquid coming out of her back.Just then,the tweebs stumbled into the room,immediatly taking off the compliance chip.

Shego awoke,apparantly she hadn't been hurt.Shego turned to see Kim on the floor bloody.She gave a wicked smile before leaving the room to chase

after Drakken.

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