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"Kim,you're Okay!!!"

Ron was lured over Kim after she took the mask off,giving her a big hug.She hugged him back.(but couldn't do it very well

since her back was broken) In the midst of this,Ron back,tears of both joy and sorrow running down his cheek.

"KP,I am so sorry.I never--."

"Would do anything like that,I know."She cut him off.

"I heard it all,Ron."

"So you forgive me?"

"Of course!"Ron suddenly noticed the smirk on her face.

"But...since you did push me off there you deserve a SLIGHT consequense."

Ron gulped."Uh,what kind of consequence?"

two days later:

Kim took her borrowed wheelchair out her backyard doors."Hey,Ron,how's it goin?"

"Pretty well, I guess.I'm almost done."

"Don't forget you still have to do all of my chores until I get off these stupid wheels."

"Well,I deserve it."Ron replied,leaving his chore to take the lemonade Kim had brought him.

"Oh,and I have a small present for you." Kim told him.

Ron read the look on her face and it told him she was up to something.

"What for?"

"Well you may have hurt me but you also saved me.You got your thing for hurting me,so now I'm going to give

you what you deserve for saving me.But you have to close your eyes."

"They're closed,KP." All of a sudden Kim kissed him on the lips.When she pulled away,Ron opened his eyes and gave her

a goofy smile.


The End

Everyone,I'm REALLY SORRY THAT ENDED CRUMMY.I couldn't think of a very good ending,but I SWEAR my next story

will NOT end as crummy.Look for it.It'll be called Back In Time.


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