Chapter 11

Authors Note: See I'm not very good at this writing of death fanfics. Jack was supposed to have died, but then he made a miraculous recovery and… well, there's still the poison that's moving through his system. Muhaha. Jackfan2 has been trying to convince me not to kill him, its working too, but how long the guilt of him dying being my fault will last I don't know.

"Ana?" Gibbs knocked hesitantly at the door. She had been holed up in there for the better part of the day, she would need to eat something lest she waste away. It was bad luck to ignore good food when they had in it stock. Jack always made sure they had enough to eat. Theirs wasn't like other pirate ships who existed on moldy bread and bilge water. They had the best rum, food from any port they stopped at, and no mold in sight.

"Shh…" she hastened to stop him before he woke Jack up again. His breathing was regulated at last and he fever no longer brightened his golden amber eyes.

"Mother's love." Gibbs said reverently, "Jack!"

"Aye." Jack turned his head to the doorway with the mischievous smile of always on his face.

"You're supposed to be dead!"

"Am I not, mate?" he winked not wanting to test the fates any further.

"No, Captain." Gibbs replied brimming over with the news, "Should I let the crew know?"

"By all means." Ana said knowing that she should have done that sooner. As soon as Jack had opened his eyes she should have gone to tell the rest of the men that before. She had been loathe to leave his side, especially since she had thought it all a hallucination to begin with.

"Oh, and Gibbs?" Jack raised an eyebrow, "Take your time."

"Aye, aye, Captain." He left the cabin laughing.

"Jack…" Ana deterred, "'s too soon."

"Not soon enough." Jack insisted.

"You need to conserve your strength…" she continued.

"But build back muscle, savvy?" he looked at her challenging her to find another excuse. She didn't want him to 'rest' anymore than he wanted too.


"Damn stubborn woman." He met her lips in a kiss thereby cutting off any further remark she would have made.

When they finally docked on the dark shores of Tortuga the men all knew Jack would survive and Ana knew enough not to voice any more concerns when he insisted he was fine. And he had insisted and proved it as well. Everytime they called port at Tortuga it was the same, it was a reassurance that no matter how much time had passed the small island would always be the same.

'The Four Winds' was as busy as it had ever been, there was more than one pub on the island and Jack and his crew had been to them all. Knowing Elizabeth's aversion to heavy drinking and Will's… distaste of whores 'the Four Winds' had seemed as good a choice of any.

It was one of the pubs in which customers came for just drink, if they wanted company they'd have to search out Scarlett and Giselle, or else take their chances in another bar. The crew was doing just that, Ana and Jack were to meet Steven and the Turners, as it were.

"Sparrow!" Steven stood as they walked through the door. "Got more lives than a cat!"

"No, just the luck of one, mate."

"Thank Leviathan for that."

"Leviathan?" Will asked glancing up sharply.

"Can't be praying to the good guy in this job." Steven toasted him with the rum. "Wouldn't sit too well with him, I imagine."

"Aye, some pray to Poseidon for safe passage across the waters." Jack added. "To each his own, mate."

"Now more's to my question, how'd you get aboard Steven's ship without us knowing?" Ana asked.

"Oh… about that…" Elizabeth blushed.

"We found the potions." Will said sparing her further embarrassment, "They were underneath the deck."

"Beg pardon?" Jack raised an eyebrow, "Doesn't get much further than under the deck. Specially not where you went to look."

"No, no, I mean under the deck. There was another level that was hidden, that's where the potions were. Steven has them all stored on his ship waiting to split them half and half." Will explained.

"Ah, so East India's smarter than they seem, eh?"

"Much." Rob said in the midst of taking a drink, "Smarter, we might have cause to worry about them in the future."

"When have we not?" Ana shrugged, "They've always been after us, same as the Navy."

"And we'll lead them on the merry chase throughout all and not." Jack grinned roguishly, "Till we be damned to the depths as scalawags and rot for our livelihood."

"Take all you can!" Steven shouted.

"Give nothin' back." They answered.

Will called for another tankard of lime water for his wife, not wanting anything himself. He listened to the pirate song surprised when Elizabeth joined in. He'd never heard this before, but after the third refrain "Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirates life for me." He didn't worry so much over the words, instead humming along with it's rhythm.

Three hours later and they were still sitting in the same bar, on the same island, no one wanting to pack up and leave. The atmosphere was comfortable, not many people left now. Those that were either lay passed out on the floor or talking in small groups.

"I hear word tell of a William Turner, swordsmith. Be that you, mate?" Steven asked sitting back in his chair.

"Aye, although most'd call me Will."

"How much would it be for a Spanish rapier, long blade equal hilt, and as it's from you we all know it's good quality."

"Gold inlaid to the hilt? Mirror finished blade?" Will asked.

"Polished to shine like the sun hitting the waves." Steven added.

"How much is it passage to Port Royale."

"Oh, ho." Jack laughed, "Bartering with a pirate, he knows what he's doing."

"When would it be ready?" Steven's eyes gleamed dark blue in the dark, his black hair was pulled into a pony-tail at the nape of his neck.

"By the time your ready to set sail. I just finished making a Spanish rapier before Jack came. You can pick it up then."

"We have an accord." They shook hands and the beginning of a long and prospering friendship was started. Jack looked on in amusement, he had come a long way from the naïve lad he'd met those long years ago. Elizabeth had changed too, no longer catering to the whims of society she did as she pleased and lived happier for it.

"What say you we go back to our ship, Captain?" Ana whispered leaning her head on his shoulder.

"I'd say it's a fine idea." He drained the rest of what was in the bottle and stood. "Well, gents, we'll be off now. See you at the point of tide turn."

"Jack?" Steven's call halted him on the way to the door, "What about India's profit?"

"Sell'em to the highest bidders. Pirates have to be prepared for what's coming, savvy?"

"You don't want one for onboard the Pearl?"

"I've got one, mate." Jack winked and looked down at Ana. "We'll not be needing anything else. Everything that's necessary in life's been accounted for."

"Where be you headed this time, Captain?" Will asked.

"To find the Commodore, o'course." Jack grinned, "Have to thank him for what he's done and keep things lively in the Caribbean."

"May the wind always be at your back…" Steven said quietly

"And the sun upon your face." Ana finished.

"And may the winds of destiny…" Jack looked to Will and Elizabeth.

"Carry you aloft to dance with the stars."

Authors Note 2: And he didn't die, the story ends happily if not on a bitter-sweet note. But the next one is already started. I just can't leave Pirates of the Caribbean alone. Lol. See you then faithful reviewers and thanks for everything! Especial thanks to Jackfan2 who convinced me not to let Jack drift away towards a less gratifying end. ;) raises tankard of rum Arent we all glad he's alive. I am! lol