A place my eyes shall never see
If only my dreams were real,
Then you would be in the distance
Majestic and fair,
Approaching across the Pelennor,
Alas, no matter how real the dream,
It is but a dream
Yet in my heart shall always be
Alas, Gondor fair
Minas Tirith shall never welcome me
Through those gates of mithril
The Tower Guard never to take up the call
For these eyes have never lain on the White City
The river city, Osgiliath
Once grand, once fair,
A place of light, beauty, and music
Land between the sea and the mountains
Land where hope is kindled
Land that exists, if only in my dreams
Fair Ithilien, the last of the Elves
Make you lovely and fragrant
Yet these eyes shall never look upon thee
These eyes shall never see the Anduin shimmering
These eyes shall ne'er look upon the gardens
These eyes shall ne'er see
Gondor, fair Gondor
Alas, you are lost to me