A/N: I've kind of ignored this series for a while. I think this to be the worst poem of the three, so I'd really like feedback. R/R. Many references straight out of "Fellowship" book.

A place my eyes shall never see
If only my dreams were true
Then there you would be
Beneath the ageless trees

My heart yearns evermore
to look upon thee
Yet I shall only venture
in your vestige in my dreams

Rivendell, fair haven to all
Weary of their journey
Sweet fragrance wafts
Renowned smiths craft

Alas, no matter how real the dream,
It is but a dream
Never to hear the sweet song of the Quendi
The aroma never to grace me

Imladris, Imladris
I shall never see you
Sweet rooftops amongst trees
Blowing in the summer breeze

Ai, Imladris, home of Peredhil
Mighty among both Elves and Men
The soaring canopies shield you
Unmarred by evil

Alas, these eyes shall not look upon thee
These eyes shall ne'er see the fragrant gardens
Loud-flowing Bruinen shimmering in the distance
These eyes shall ne'er see—Imladris, fair Rivendell
Lost you are to me