Target Practice


"We're going to the top. Are you coming with me?"


Riza Hawkeye was in the shooting range, all the while thinking of Roy. He had known that she would come with him, she had been following him during his transfers for years. What he meant by the statement was:

"We are going to the top to find the traitors and it will be very dangerous. Are you sure you want to come?"

And this had some significance. For the Colonel was a very ambitious man who would do practically anything for a promotion. But, the death of Maes Hughes made him realize that his goal didn't endanger himself only, but his subordinates as well. And she had read the message in his eyes clearly when he asked her to come with him, he was reminding her of the dangers.


Mustang probably thought that, like Hughes, she wanted to help him reach his goals. So he was asking her if that was a good enough reason to risk her life. But supporting him wasn't her true goal. In fact, the reason she had followed him all these years was the knowledge that some day, he would need her. The dangers which lay ahead, those he was warning her about, were just her reason for accompanying him. Her reply had been instantaneous.

"You know the answer."


She was going to protect him.


She stopped firing, and looked towards the phone.

It's time.

Authors notes: okay, I have now reached a new level of desperateness. Is there any was to let the director know that I need more Riza in the upcoming episodes? That one scene at the shooting range was so cool. Riza rocks!!

April 17, 2004