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Rebirth and Evolution
Chapter One Part Two

Loneliness. Amazing how one simple word can sum up everything. That was how one meatball headed girl felt at the moment.

She had blonde hair that was up in a very unusual way. Her blue eyes were filled with tears and streamed quickly down her face. Most people when they first saw her would say she was beautiful, even when she had puffy red eyes from crying.

She could hardly see with all of the tears in her eyes and one could tell that on several occasions this must of hindered her running because there were scratches all over her arms and legs which weren't protected at all because she was wearing blue jean shorts and a pink T-shirt. She also had a bruise on each knee and scraped hands with dirt all over them from when she had become too blinded by her tears to see and had tripped on some rock or maybe a fallen limb from one of the numerous surrounding trees.

'What am I going to do?' she thought. 'I've got nowhere to go and it's getting dark and cold. My parents hate me and think I'm a freak so I can't go home and I'm sure once my friends find out they'll be afraid of me.'

Finally, after running close to an hour and too tired emotionally and physically to go on any farther she slowed to a walk and looked for a good place to sit down and rest.

Looking around she found herself in a small clearing in the forest with a small stream running through the middle of it. She slowly walked to a tree that was next the stream and sat down.

She sat there for quite awhile doing nothing more than crying. Finally, when there were no more tears left in her, she sat there quietly, contemplating her situation.

'What am I going to do?' she had already asked that question a thousand times over in her mind, but she was no closer to an answer. 'I guess I could always go to some sort of homeless shelter or something, after all, that's what I am. There's no way my parents will take back in, not after what dad said earlier. I'll go to some town far away from here and get a job. Then when I get enough money I could buy a place of my own, but.....from there....I just don't know what do.'

When she stopped thinking and looked around she finally realized just how cold and uncomfortable she was. 'Well, if I even want to live long enough to leave this forest I better make a fire and find something to eat.' Sighing heavily she stood up and stretched the kinks out of her body caused by sitting on the cold forest floor too long.

After coming back from gathering sticks and leaves for the fire (which was quite a hard considering it was pitch black in the forest and there were lots of things to trip on and we all know, that when there are things to trip on and Serena is around, well, let's just say they got a lot of use.)

After placing the leaves and sticks on a dry part of ground that had no grass or other debris (she didn't want to set the forest on fire ;o) "Okay, now all I need to do is light the fire and I can start warming up. Ummm, hehe, now how am I going to light it?"

Before she could start thinking of way to light the fire she heard some rustling in the bushes and a dark figure came out of the bush. Serena shrieked and backed up as far as she could go, which, considering that she was only a foot away from a tree, wasn't very far.

"Looks like you could use some help." The figure stepped forward into the light from the moon and pointed her hand towards the branches. Fire then came out of her hand and lit the braches on fire. The figure walked over and sat down by the fire.

From the glow of the fire Serena was finally able to see who the figure was and she wasn't sure whether she was glad or not that it was her. She had seen her fighting the woman who had attacked her brother, so she suspected that this girl wasn't going to hurt her. Seeing that the girl wasn't going to introduce herself first, she decided she would.

"Hi! My name is Serena, and you are.....?

"I'm Rei but everyone just calls me Mars. I came here to help you and offer you a place to stay, and if you need it, a shoulder to cry on."

'She looks so serious, like she's telling the truth and that she truly does want to help me. But why?' She sat there staring into Mars' eyes, trying to find out if it was the truth, that someone really did care for her even if she was a mutant. Finally she asked that question, "Why? Why do you want to help me, a freak?"

Out of all the responses she expected, the one that came left her dumfounded. Mars was laughing.

"Huh? What are you laughing at?" Who did this girl think she was. First telling her that she would help her and then laughing in her face. 'What's with her.'

After she stopped her laughing to a few giggles, she looked up to see one very mad meatball headed girl. "It's just that, well, I'm a mutant too, so why would I care if you were a mutant? But the answer to you earlier question, is that we just do. I was once in the exact same position as you are now. I had nowhere to go, and no one to turn to because I was a mutant. But then this nice guy, Professor Xavier came and helped me out. He helped my learn to control my mutant powers and helped my realize that my powers didn't make me a freak, but unique and special. And now, he wants to help you" she paused looking up to see how Serena would respond. "So, how about it? Would you like to join X-men and help fight to bring peace between humans and mutants?"

'Why do I have to make so many decisions? Why can't life just be simple and carefree like it used to be? Oh well, it's not and never will be again, might as well accept her offer. Besides she seems kind of nice now that she's not laughing at me.'

Looking up she saw Rei's eye's full of hope and longing. 'She really does want me to join.'

"Ok, I'm in.

"Great! Serena, welcome to the X-men."

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