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Moving In

Chatper 1

"Hello?" Anna picked up the telephone, "Hello Sensei...yes.... Of course...alright then. Bye."

"Who was that?" Yoh appeared at the doorway.

"You'll see."

Yoh shrugged, and casually went over to the refrigerator. He reached in for a chilled cheeseburger...

"No you don't!! 350 more push-ups!!!!!!!!!"


It was early in the morning, even Anna wasn't awake yet. As for Yoh...Anna will kill him. But Tamao was already walking to school. She sighed as the breeze caressed her cheeks, and loosened her short, pink hair.

There are two words could entirely describe her: hopelessly in love...okay, that's three. But it's all real. Look at Yoh, he seems entirely fine with having Anna as a fiancée. No matter how strict she is, what she does to him. In the end, he always comes back, smiling at Anna. Would he smile like that, had it been Tamao, herself, that was standing there? Who knows, he gives that lazy smile to anybody he sees.

"Not that I'm jealous of Anna...I mean, she is nice at times..." Tamao trailed away. So just maybe, Anna is good for Yoh to be with.

Tamao looked up, there sat Horo Horo's house ((Trey)). Horo Horo, and Pilica were siblings, easily told by their unusual light blue hair. Pilica was one of the prettiest girls of the school. In fact, Pilica has been asked out by 21 guys of the school. As for Horo Horo, Yoh's friend, he...was basically opposite of Pilica: low grades, unorganized...but not exactly what you'd call "ugly". He just wasn't like Yoh.

Tamao paused in front of Horo's house, deciding whether or not to wait for Pilica. Everyday, normally with Anna, and Yoh, Tamao would walk with Pilica. In a way, just hanging around Yoh, and Anna made her feel like the third wheel. Tamao could hear Horo Horo's screams. Best guess was that Pilica was trying to wake him up.

Tamao decided to not with Pilica, since it wouldn't matter. Walking by myself doesn't mean I'm a loser. Like how all those popular people say.

About a block down was Manta's house. A short, little guy with a big heart.

Farther down, was Ren's house, closer to the school. Tamao didn't know Ren very well, he seemed like Mr. Dark-Sexy-Brooding kind of guy. Yoh hangs out with him a lot. As for Jun, Ren's sister, she worked at a restaurant. Actually, she owned a restaurant. Tamao didn't know what the restaurant was called, but she knew it must've been a restaurant that specialized in Chinese cuisine.

Alas, finally, Tamao reached the school...the first of all students to reach the school. Tamao looked up to the sky, which was red.

"Did I wake up too early?" Tamao spoke her thoughts out loud.

"Yeah, maybe you did." A voice came from behind her.

Tamao whirled around, to find a boy gazing back at her. He looked a lot like Yoh...but with longer hair.

"Hello," the boy said, "what's your name?"


"Good morning, Tamao, my name is..."

"Class, this is our new student, Asakura Hao." the teacher announced, "Asakura, you can go sit over there, behind Tamao."

The teacher pointed where Hao needed to sit, but there was no need for directions, since he found out about her this morning. Hao sat down behind Tamao, to the right Tamao was Anna, Yoh sat two seats infront of Tamao. In between Tamao, and Yoh was Horo Horo.

Tamao looked out the window, which was to her left. It was raining. *sigh* like they say, 'Red sky at night, shepherd's delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning.'...or was it a sailor? oh well, who cares, they all mean the same thing...I just hope it stops raining before I have to walk home after school.

The rain pounded hard onto the surface of the earth, you could hear the constant splashing of rain drops into puddles.

"Tamao?" The teacher asked, who seemed displeased. "Could you please read Chapter 8?"

Tamao started to turn red, feeling embarrassed that she wasn't paying attention. Well... at least it wasn't a question.

Tamao took her book, and stood up as she read "Chapter 8" to the class.

It was lunch time -- and still raining. The usual, Tamao, and Anna sat alone together. Tamao wasn't anti-social like Anna...but still, she was extremely shy to make any friends.

"Tamao.... You didn't have to leave home so early in the morning." Anna broke the iceberg, for once, instead of just reading Tamao's mind.

"I know..."

"Hm...maybe I'll send you to the psychiatrist." Anna munched on her sandwich.

"What?!? I'm not insane!" Tamao choked on her lemonade.

"Okay...well, what I mean is maybe a psychologist."

"And why would I need to see a psychologist?"

"Tamao..." Anna spoke, directly for once, "I can see it on your face, and I can read it in your mind. You're feeling depressed, and before you go kill yourself, I'll send you to a psychologist."

"Anna...I'll be okay in a few weeks, alright? It's just that 'time-of-the-month'...you know.... And besides, I've never seen you so concerned."

Anna stared at Tamao, not believing this 'time-of-the-month' excuse at all.

"Right...I'll give you some time." Anna said as she looked over at Hao.

Hao could feel it, Anna sorting through his mind, reading all the information. Even though Anna had this power, she'd never use it against someone...like blackmail.

Hao looked over, and smiled at Anna, knowing what she just read, and found out. Anna had an indifferent expression, as always.


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