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Moving In

Chapter 17

Tamao sits by Kino's bed. On a small table, elevated to the height of the bed, was a bowl of slimy, black half-formed frogs swimming in what room they have. A poorly ripped calendar stands on the table. It displayed: May 30, Wednesday. It has been a week since the day of the party she never attended. Hopefully Anna or Hao called Haru, and told him about the situation.

Everything was numb from the waist down from kneeling in that one position for so long. A large pile of blankets engulfs her, and she trembles beneath it. The weather has been uncanny, and changing constantly. Tamao used the warmth of her hand, and rested them on her icy feet. The sky is full of deep red clouds this morning, all lay low as though their goal was to touch the ground. They never will.

A creaking mumble came from Kino's lips. Tamao, too frozen to move, watched Kino move around slightly in bed. Kino's neck twisted around to Tamao, and she opened her eyes. The blank, white of eyes. "Yohmei…" the gapping of Kino's mouth grew wider as her hand reached for Tamao's shoulders. A hissing sound came from Kino's throat, and the exhaling breeze blew into her face. For a few seconds, they stayed immobile, and with a puff, Kino flopped back into bed.

I wonder if the cure is really working….

A creaking sound came from behind her.

"Ahhhg, I'll get these oiled some day." But that day has never came.

"Oh, Yohmei-sama." Tamao stands up at his presence.

"Tamao, go get some fresh air outside. It's too dusty, and dark of a place for a girl like you." He slowly flicks his hand, and waves her out of the room.

"Yes, sir." She closed the door behind her. Not that there was much of a difference between the room Kino was in compared to the other rooms. The lights were dim, giving a bronze tint to the hallway.


Tamao stood on the docks by the house. She kneeled down to look at her reflection in the water.

Her face was dirty, and oily. Her short, pink hair shot out in wild places. As she bent her face closer to the water She bent her face closer to the water, she examined the circles under her eyes, the abnormally pale, and possibly gray skin, the discoloring of her lips. Backing off the water, she looked at her own clothes, filthy as ever.

Tamao quickly ran back to her room, and went through her luggage. Since Yohmei-sensei focused so much on looking for a cure, or placebo for Kino, he never really paid much attention for her. She got out a clean blouse, and shorts, and started folding them along with her underwear. She rummaged through her bag once more, in search of a hair brush.

The dress.

It seemed so long ago, the last time she was in Funbari. Back when she went to the mall with Jun, and Hao. The black, orchid patterned dress she was supposed to wear days ago.

Tamao threw back the shorts into the bag, and took her brush, and a towel. She ran down to the beach in her sandals, and continued to walk alongside the water until she reached the forest. She neatly hung her clothes on low tree branches. Tamao stripped off her clothes, kicked off her sandals and left them in a smelly pile on the ground. She took a step into the water, the coldness of it sent chills up her spine. The icy water prickled her skin; it would be hours before the sun fully rose, and warmed the waters. She took another step.

"EYAHHHHHH!" The delicate bird sinks….

Tamao scrambled on to her knees, sitting in the few feet deep of water after nearly falling flat on her face. Her whole body trembled while she edged deeper into the water. At the point where the water level was at her chin, she took a deep breath, and dived in. Her pink hair waved behind her as she continued to sink deeper. Tamao curled her arms beneath her chin, and opened her eyes. As far as she could remember, the water hasn't changed. Fish with silvery scales still swim among the seaweed, and shellfish still crawl steadily across the lake floor. The water is still clean, and pristine -- untouched by the pollution of industries. She let out a gasp for air, and started her way back to shore.

"So you're the one who screamed…am I right?"

Tamao yanked her head out of her daze to see who spoke; who spoke in such a familiar charming sound. How could she have forgotten so quickly?

"H-H-Hao--" Tamao stuttered partly from the chilly water temperature she still hadn't gotten used to, and partly from the feeling of embarrassment and surprise to see him there. More of the latter. She whipped around so that the back of her head faced him, her face continued to blush deeply.

"Are you all right?" He expressed indifference in his voice. Tamao slowly peaked over her shoulder. It was him, still wearing his usual school uniform -- though not in proper fashion. He leaned against a tree. When the wind blew, he let his hair caress his face.

"Well?" He asked, arms crossed.

Tamao had already turned around with her back facing him again. "Yes, I'm fine."

"Good, I'll be back in half an hour. In the meantime, get…get some clothes on." Although he was tan, the shade of pink was visible at the tips of his ears as he stomped away. Very quickly.

Tamao turned around to make sure he was gone. She waded to shore, and once on land, she dashed for her towel. What is he doing here! She shouted in her mind while drying off her skin, It's not that I'm unhappy to see him, or anything. It was just, so sudden… Tamao strategically hung her towel so that she could dress behind it. The dress stuck on to her partially dry skin. She carried her sandals in her hand, and walked alongside the water, on barefoot, back to the estate.

"Eeyaaaaa!" a high pitched voice came in the direction of the estate.

Tamao paused in her tracks.

"Eeyaaa! Run for your life!" Rumbling came from a distance, and a strong breeze blew against her face. Two little animals ran at the speed of light.

"Tamao! Run!" Ponchi paused, and ran in place.

"How did you two get here?"

"The fiery! The madness! The poweerrr…" Conchi grabbed Ponchi, and ran off into the woods.

Tamao continued standing there with a blank look on her face.

"Tamao!" The long haired brunette ran towards her, "Tamao-chan, come with me." He grabbed her arm, and led her down a different path than Ponchi, and Conchi. They had not gone far when a thundering yell echoed, "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! YOU FILTHY LIAR, YOU GREEDY SWINE!". Tamao looked over her shoulder for just a brief moment.

"Don't look back." His voice was just barely audible.


"Don't. Please, just don't." Hao's eyes focused on the path ahead. As his pace continued to pick up, she couldn't keep up with him. His grasp slid down her arm. The moment his hand slipped into hers, she let go.

"Tamao, what's wrong?" Hao held his arms open, his eyes could not hide his feelings.

"Why are we running! What's happening with Kino, and Yohmei!" Tamao practically screamed at him. She slipped her sandals on, and turned her back at him. "Kino, and Yohmei need me. I'm sorry Hao." she spoke more calmly, and started to walk away.

"Wait!" Hao spun her around, "You don't want to go back."

"I-I don't?" The confused, strawberry-head asked.

"Yohmei, he thinks I made Kino sick…. But I didn't." He ended, trying to defend himself, "And, of course, he doesn't really believe me, or anything. But don't worry, he'll cool off. Everything will be fine." He waved his hand meaninglessly.

"Is that it?"



"Well, I suppose we're already far enough away from the estate. You can't even see it from here." Hao shielded the sun from his eyes as he scanned the area. "Hey, Tamao? What are you doing?" He placed his hand on her shoulder, hoping to keep her stable. "Are you…choking?"

He continued to watch Tamao, who was shaking uncontrollably, her head bent down with a hand at her mouth. Hao paused, and bent down to look at her face from below. "What's so funny?"

Tamao's face flushed, she kept herself from bursting into laughter, and giggles.

"You know, I didn't really do, or say anything funny…" Hao sighed. He led her by her elbow, "Come on, there's something important I want to show you."

"Do you remember this?" he indicated at the scenery before them. She carried a blank look on her face.

"What about this?" she asked him.

"Do you remember anything?" he lifted his head back, and laughed.

"I remember that bridge. The red bridge." She pointed at the red bridge that went over the creek.

"Really?" He laughed again, though more nervously this time. "…Do you remember me?"


He recognized the empty look in her eyes. She didn't remember. She didn't remember him. He reached out for her pink hair, and curled it behind her ear. " 'A part of me with Sohmei, another part of me is elsewhere, wherever he wants to be.' Do you remember that?"

He watched her eagerly. Her mouth gapped open, "Y-Yo--"

"Tamao." He tried to restrain his anger. The way everyone thought more of his twin-self. He placed his hand on his chest. He couldn't stop his breathing from going wild. He shoved his hands into his pockets, and searched for his last hope.

"Hao, are you alright?" Tamao faced him.

Hao took out the picture from his pocket, "Do you remember this?"

The longer she stared at it, the more his hand shook.

"You have to remember! You told me you wouldn't forget! You told me you wouldn't lose the other half." He held half of the picture.

"H-Hao…that was you? Back then…"

"Hai." His eye lit up.

"But, but Yoh was the one--"

"I cursed him to sleep in that day. And I planned for the guests to come." His eyes watched her hopefully. Because I wanted to meet you, he wanted to say. He noticed that she still held a blank gaze, so he took her into his arms, making sure that the gaze was directed towards him. He leaned her against a tree, and stared down at her blushing face. His face was so close to hers that he could the heat rising from her face. Hesitating at first, he placed his hand on her warm cheek. Slowly, he leaned towards her, and gently pressed his lips against hers.

"Tamao, tell me something." Hao began his question, whispering into her ear, "Why is it that all this time-- all the years when you were training here, why did you fall in love with my brother?"

Trapped between him, and the tree, she opened her eyes, and looked up at him.

"I loved Yoh because I thought he was you." Her voice trembled, and her face was redder than ever.

He liked that. He liked everything about her eversince the beginning.

"I love you, too."


The End.


What a lousy ending. Does anybody agree? Maybe it's too sudden? To be honest, I haven't read endings to fan fictions here so whatever the standard is…. In all my English Lit/Language Art classes, I have never ended a story before. Because one: I'm bad a creating stories, two: I could never finish a story by the due date (unless if the storyline was hurried…) SO hopefully any more experienced writers could lend me a few tips would be extremely helpful

I'll be announcing this: my next story will be another Hao/Tamao J . Or at least I hope so. It's sort of a comedy…though not really the one that makes you laugh (I'm bad at writing those kinds of comedies) but more like…amusing to read. I guess. Though I'm not sure. But I know this: it has a funny title…a weird title. sigh >. My Goal: I promise to improve my writing/storyline! Maybe debut in June?

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