The Princess of Love

Hey ya'll! Island Sweetheart is raisin' da' roof on this joint! Actually, I'm here with a story. It might be kinda weird cause this story is about the Princess of the planet Venus and the Prince of the planet Vegeta! This is my first fanfic so please review so that I might get better at writing! I've never read a story about these two so… I thought I would!

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The Scouts are in collage and around 22 years of age. Vegeta is about 27 years old!

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The Princess of Love

Days and nights in Tokyo were not so great for the Sailor of Love. Mina sat on a bench outside of her collage, sighing in envy as she watched Serena laughing about and holding hands with Darien. It had been a long time since she had a boyfriend. All the guys that she had loved or cared for had another girl or didn't care or love her the way she did for them.

Oh well, she thought.

She could see that Serena and Darien were coming her way so he looked down onto her lap and started at a book she was supposed to read for her astronomy class.

"Hey Mina! How's it been going today?" Serena said cheerfully, Darien's arms draped around her shoulders. Mina looked up and acted surprised to see them, "Oh, hi!" She flashed them a smile. Serena looked up at Darien and down to Mina, "Hey, Mina…" Serena started to ask Mina. Mina gave her a questioning look and said, "Yeah." Darien then spoke out, "We we're wondering if you would like to come with Serena and me to the movies on Saturday…"

"And have me butt into your love lives! I don't think so! Three's a crowd anyway… I know since I *am* the Sailor of Love!"

She then gave them a big smile and the peace sign, "I'm okay! I've got a test on Monday so I got to study, study, study!"

Serena then exclaimed, "Are you sure?"

Mina nodded and said, "Yeah, I'm okay!"

"Alright but if you change your mind call me or Darien, alright?" Serena told the blonde wonder.

Mina nodded and looked at her watch, "Oh my! I've got to be at home! See ya'!" She picked up her stuff and ran off.

"But…" Serena called after her.

But Mina didn't stop running until she came in front of her house. She then stood there, out of breath, salty tears rolling down her face. She wiped them away and walked towards her front porch and sat down. She propped up her knees and she bent her head down. She let the tears run down her face, drenching her uniform.

Why am I always the unlucky one?

Ami seemed to be hanging around this one hunky guy, and Lita worked out a lot with a cute blonde named Nick. Rei had Chaz and Serena had Darien.

I have no one… I wish there was someone that loved me…

She started to cry even more but a bright light appeared in front of her and Trista, Sailor Pluto, come into view.

"Sailor Pluto? What are doing here?" Mina asked the Guardian of Time.

"Come with me Mina. I have something to show you…" Mina wiped her eyes and Pluto extended her right hand, her left held her staff. Mina took the hand and they both vanished.

A cat nearby was observing them from the roof jumped at the sight of them disappearing. He looked at the piece of meat that he was eating and shoved it off the roof.


Pluto and Mina we're now standing in front of the Time Gate.

Pluto smiled at Mina and said, "young Princess of the planet of Venus. It has come to my attention that your destiny has had a bit of change." Mina, now dry eyes, had a look of confusion on her face.

Pluto turned towards the Gate of Time and she opened it. It showed images of the Earth Special Forces. A man with radical black hair with a stern look on his face caught her eye. Her thoughts were interrupted though.

"These," Pluto pointed to the display of pictures, "are men who call themselves Earth Special Forces. They protect the Earth and universe from all evil."

"What do they have to do with me?" Mina then asked, touching Pluto on the arm. Pluto waved her staff and pointed at the images. The images disappeared and a picture of Kami stood before them.

Pluto then said, "These men are from a different dimension and he," pointing at Kami, "asks for your assistance to fight off a new kind evil that he and myself only knows about. He's requested that I bring the one with a sense of dedication, passion for life and the strongest one with the biggest heart."

Mina looked at the wise Time Keeper, "Why not Serena? She's the strongest and the one with heart in the group!" Pluto shook her head, "Serena has a destiny that dose not intertwine with this mission."

Mina nodded knowingly and remembered Serena and Darien. She winced at the thought of staying in her own world and being alone. She looked at Pluto and said, "I'll do it."

Pluto smiled, "I knew you wouldn't let me down!" She then held up a key and a pink-pure crystal that was round shaped and it had her crescent cymbal encrypted onto it.

"This crystal is now your new transformer and power. It was you're past mothers. She told me never to give it to you till it was just the right time. She gave it to me right after Venus joined the Silver Millennium." Mina took the key and the crystal. She held the crystal to her heart and she smiled at Sailor Pluto. "Thank-you," Mina told her.

Pluto smiled and walked Mina to the Gate.

"All you have to say to activate the crystal is 'Venus Silver Crystal Power'! You must also wait there till further notice! Be careful!"

Mina waved her a good-bye and disappeared into the Time void.


Vegeta stepped out of the Gravity room and walked outside. He groaned, he was trying to become and Super Sayin but he tired out.

Damit, Vegeta thought angrily.

He wiped his face with his towel that was hanging by the door and took off his shirt.

He then heard a high-pitched scream from up above him.

"What the…."

He looked up and but all he felt was being hit and meeting the ground.