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Island Sweetheart here and sorry for the delay! It's been hectic but I'm back and here with the next chapter. You are all probably mad at me so I'll make this short. First off, gotta make one statement clear on is that there is only one other Sayin which is Mina. Nick Johnson, your questions will be answered soon since I haven't cheeked my E-Mail for a while.

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Princess of Love

Chapter Six

Mina stared at Pluto, her eyes filled with confusion. Pluto looked down at the ground. "I'm sorry for not telling you," Pluto told Mina, "But I promised your mother…"

Mina then, also, looked at the ground.

"How can *that* be?" Vegeta shouted in anger. Pluto glanced up slightly as she looked at Goku.

Vegeta followed her glance, "What dose this have to do with Kakarotto?" Pluto sighed, "Mina… Goku…"

Mina gazed back up as Pluto looked into Mina's blue eyes while Goku listened carefully.

"You two are half brother and sister."

Mina glanced at Goku and Goku stared at Mina.

"Bardock, Mina's and Goku's father was on an away mission. Bardock and his crew were sent to some planet to conquer. They finished their job but Bardock was knocked pretty bad. So when the unexpected asteroid shower bombarded he was separated from his crew."

Pluto paused then went on, "Lost in space and unconscious, Bardock had crash and had landed on the planet of Venus. Which, unpredictably, crash-landed in Princess Aphrodite's Private Garden where Aphrodite was there alone."

"Injured and unconscious, Aphrodite helped him and hid him from all her subjects and her very own mother. The only one who knew of Bardock and his whereabouts was Theo, Aphrodite's loyal cousin and friend. During the weeks Bardock was there on the planet, Aphrodite cared for him and through all his stubbornness and arrogant attitude, she fell in love."

Mina's eyes rolled over to Goku who looked over to her.

"Other than just your mother who was in love with him but also Queen or should I say for that time, Princess Shale. Bardock caught her eye and she fell head over heels for him. Queen tried every possible thing she could think of get Aphrodite away form him but nothing worked. So, Queen Shale kept trying until one day it hit her… if Bardock doesn't like Aphrodite then Aphrodite didn't have a chance…"

Flashback: The Castle's kitchen

A woman who resembled Mina without the big bow covered her head with her hood, grabbed a bowl of water sitting on the table and bread wrapped up in a white cloth. She then walked out of the kitchens backdoor.

As she opened the door she heard a voice call out, "Be careful Aphrodite!" Aphrodite smiled, "I will, Theo! And thank you again," while she walked out and closed the door.

She looked about the area and then headed down a dirt road, past a few gates and then she came to a large iron gate that had the crescent mark of her Planet Venus.

The Princess then again looked around to make sure no one saw her then she opened the gate and closed it behind her. She then made her way into a large area full of trees and walked through there until she came to a medium sized house that looked like a storage place.

Aphrodite quietly opened the door, "Who is it?" A voice said from behind the door. Aphrodite's head stuck out from behind the door.

Bardock, who was lying on the bed looked at her, "Oh," he said, "Its you." Aphrodite sighed, "So how is your arm? Any better?" Bardock huffed, "I've told you once and tell it to you again, I don't need your help!"

Aphrodite shrugged, "Well, too bad. Your stuck with me so show me your arm."

Bardock just turned his head as he stuck out his right arm for Aphrodite to check. Aphrodite removed the bandages and could see that it was in the process of healing but not enough for use.

"Look, Bardock, if your not going to talk to me during your stay here I might as well talk to you!" Aphrodite told the Sayin as she wrapped new bandages around his arm.

With no answer from Bardock, which wasn't a bit of a surprise from Aphrodite, she started to talk.

"The cuts on your chest is probably okay-" Aphrodite was cut off by Bardock, "Why not check it out?" He asked.

Aphrodite felt her face heat up so she quickly pretended to be checking his bandages on his arm. But she couldn't quit glancing at his chest since he was shirtless. "No need to check," said the red-faced Princess. Bardock looked at Aphrodite, a humorous smile took place on his face and a flicker of laughter showed in his coal black eyes.

"Your going to have to stay of our leg from the look of it," Aphrodite sighed and picked up her stuff, "I better go." As she turned around towards the door Bardock let out a "humph."

Aphrodite threw down her stuff and whirled around, "You have a real big problem. Do you know that? You think that I'm one those damsels in distress and your just waiting for me to fall at your feet! Well I'm not!"

Bardock looked at Aphrodite in surprise from her sudden outburst as she raved on.

"For two weeks you haven't even said more than one sentence to me! You're a, egotistical, rude, conceited man that has not been nice to me once since you crashed into *my* garden! Plus, you're going to pay for wrecking my petunias-"

Bardock smirked, "I thought you didn't have any petunias…"

"So! You're going to pay for it all!" Aphrodite raged on.

Bardock started to get up, a mischievous smile on his lips, "And what if I don't and what are you going do about it?"

Aphrodite, who had her back to him, kept shouting out, "Your so… so…"

Bardock was now behind her, "So how am I going to pay you back?"

"I don't know," Aphrodite shouted as she whirled around just to come face-to-face with Bardock.

"So," Bardock said in a low, hushed voice, "How can I repay you?" Aphrodite nervously looked around then looked up at him, "Um… never mind about it," as she started to back up.

"No, seriously. I'll repay but I'm not thinking about money," Bardock said as he walked closer towards Aphrodite who kept backing up.

"I think I hear my mother calling me!"

Bardock laughed, "I don't here anything and besides, I want to show my gratitude." Aphrodite gave out a nervous giggle, "Um… you don't have to," as she kept backing up.

Bardock smiled playfully, "I want to give you a kiss."

"A kiss…" Aphrodite repeated fretfully her back hitting the door. Bardock laughed, "I won't bite, I promise. I've just wanted to see how you tasted like," as he came closer to her.

"A kiss…"Aphrodite squeaked out, her checks turning cherry. Bardock finally reached her as pulled his body close to hers as Aphrodite stiffened.

"I'm not a damn blood sucker, Princess." Bardock said smiling.

"Think about this first! You don't even like me!" Aphrodite whispered uneasily.

Bardock gave her a smile and brushed a few strands of her blonde hair from her face with his hand. Bardock then took his right arm, placed it around Aphrodite's waist and took the other hand and held it to her cheek.

Bardock bent down, "Who ever said I didn't like you?"

Before Aphrodite could protest, Bardock's lips had met with hers as Aphrodite's face heat up.

The kiss seemed to last forever but when they pulled away, Aphrodite started to blush even more as she looked down. Bardock smiled as he caught the sight of the blonde Princess blushing like a cherry.

Aphrodite looked up into the deep, coal black eyes. Aphrodite knew it but couldn't believe it… she was falling in love and was falling in love fast.

Bardock looked down deep into the blue eyes of this girl he was holding, her eyes filled with what he never could think would ever happen to him. It was… love…

Bardock knew it and he couldn't deny it… he was in love. As plain and simple as that…

"The two had a child and her name," Pluto sighed, "Princess Mina. The perfect name for the girl."

Mina, who hadn't spoken one word, sat there thinking.

Pluto went on, "Princess Shale, Queen Shale now, had known about Bardock before Aphrodite. Shale met him at a meeting between her father and Frieza. Bardock was very appealing to Shale and so he was a great interest to her. Once Shale caught wind of Aphrodite and Bardock, Shale was enraged. Shale then found out that Bardock was not interested in the Princess of Venus, so she let everything run its course."

Pluto breathed in heavily, "As you all know, Bardock *dose* fall for Mina's mother and they had a child. Shale was furious and wanted to do something about it. King Lass, Shale's father, was the supreme ruler of the Universe at that time. Whenever King Lass was bored or angry at some little thing, he would blow up a planet, enslave a population or kill."

"One hectic day," Pluto continued, "King Lass was very bored and so Queen Shale told him about a planet that was thriving with people to be enslaved, riches beyond his dreams and many other things. Just after that, King Lass attacked the Venusians. Queen Shale had her own agenda so she went after Bardock and Aphrodite…"

"Shale had her guards attack Bardock as she left Aphrodite for herself. Shale sent guards to find Mina; they came back saying that she killed. Shale had then put a spell on Bardock, set him on a planet near planet Vegeta," Pluto closed her eyes, "The spell had Bardock forget everything about everything. His crew found him and they helped him regain back his memories but without someone who knew about Aphrodite, he never recovered the memories about her or his daughter, Mina"

"But out of Aphrodite's love and compassion for her daughter and Bardock," Pluto said, "the crystal from within herself was unleashed. Aphrodite set free its power and she drove out King Lass, Shale and their minions. Aphrodite also restored the life back to Venus and fore Mina, she was never killed, the soldiers couldn't kill a little girl so innocent. Aphrodite tried reaching to Bardock but he was killed by Frieza."

Mina looked up at Pluto as Pluto opened her own eyes and stared back at Mina. Mina smiled, "So Goku's my brother, huh?" Pluto laughed, "You to are so alike it wouldn't have been hard to figure there was something fishy going on."

Then, everyone heard sobs from the doorway. They turned around to see Bulma with millions of tissue's around her, "That was the most saddest thing I've ever heard," she cried out. Mina giggled at the blue-haired girl.

"So that why you all need me," a little voice said at the front of the room. Mina turned back around to see Reni and grinned, "Oh really, young lady?"

Reni grinned at Mina then yelled out, "Moon Crystal Power!"

The whole room filled with light, then just as amazed the crowd was about Mina, they gawked at Reni. Reni had finished her transformation; she was now standing in front of them all as a grown teenage girl and dressed in her mother's Sailor Scout outfit.

Mina's eyes widened, "Wha-"

Pluto laughed, "I thought we could use all the help we can get so she volunteered to watch you and inform me about anything."

Reni laughed then winked at Mina, "Little Lady a.k.a Mysterious Shadow! I just hope I am good help, I've got my own reasons of my volunteering."

Mina could hear the change of tone in Reni's voice but she didn't say anything.

Goku then spoke up, "So Mina's my sister?" Everybody either fell down or fell out of their chair.

"Yup," Pluto said laughing, "there is no doubt that he's your brother!"