Birthday Bash

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          Excited screams could be heard as the doors to the small Stars Hollow elementary school burst open, releasing several children. Rosa Mariano slipped through the crowd and went to stand on top of a bench, glancing around, her brown eyes searching for something. A brown haired figure came through the crowd of children then, Jess. Rosa smiled and jumped down from the bench, running up to her father.

          "Dad," Rosa nearly exclaimed.

          "Hey." Jess picked her up, giving her a little hug. "Day you been waiting for, huh?"

          Rosa nodded in agreement. "Finally. No more school."

          Jess smiled lightly at the girl, putting her down and taking her hand as they began to walk together. Rosa sure could be a mystery at times. One minute she loved every minute of school and the next she was dying to get out, just like all of the other kids. Jess enjoyed the walks he and his daughter had been taking since the summer weather kicked in. They didn't even need the car most of the time.

          As they continued to walk, Jess looked around at the places they were passing, places they passed all the time. Parents picking their kids up, Kirk nearby working on his latest job as a picket sign sketcher, the dance studio where Miss Patty could be heard reliving a tale from her old days as a dancer. The small town was actually beginning to grow on Jess, at least little. Finally, he and Rosa made it to the diner.

          Luke looked up at them and rolled his eyes. "Oh, great. It's summer vacation. Now every ankle biter in town will be in here," he grumbled.

          "Told you he was going to say that," Jess said to Rosa. "You owe me five bucks."

          "No fair," Rosa pouted. "I only have two."

          "Consider the rest a hug," Jess said, picking her up again with a tight squeeze then sitting her down on top of a seat in front of the counter.

          "Hey, Uncle Luke," Rosa greeted.

          "Hey, kid. What do you want?" Luke asked.

          "Carrot burger," Rosa replied, as the carrot burgers had become a favorite of hers.

          "What about you?" Luke asked Jess.

          "How about a nonfat dairy product?" Jess suggested. Luke simply gave him a look. "OK, you twisted my arm. I'll take a chocolate shake."

          "Oh, Davey's outside," Rosa spotted. "I'll be right back."

          "Don't go far," Jess cautioned as his brown haired daughter headed outside.

          "I won't!" Rosa called back, leaving out.

          Jess felt slightly relieved as he went over to sit on the same seat Rosa had occupied. "Everything ready for next week?" he asked Luke.

          "Yeah. Lorelai and Rory promised to handle the decorations the night before, so everything is pretty much set," Luke said.

          "I swear the whole party planning deal is so Martha Stewart. I can't wait for it to be over."

          "Yeah, but you'll get to see the look on your daughter's face all that… crap."

          At that moment, Rosa walked back in, climbing into a seat next to her father. "What's going on?" she asked.

          "Nothing," Jess and Luke replied simultaneously.

          Rosa stared at them for a moment then shrugged it off, thinking of her carrot burger.

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