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Chapter 1

"And if he thinks he can fail me because I was putting to use my constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, well then he has another thing coming to him!"  Samantha Manson raged, stabbing fiercely at her lettuce.

"Sam…you didn't just refuse to dissect the frog, you released them all over the school…along with every other animal in the science lab," Danny reminded her awkwardly.

"So?!" Sam yelled in outrage, giving him a frustrated look, "Come on Danny! They were all going to die! I had to set them free! So now, because I was an individual, because I didn't mindless accept "tradition", because I stood up for something, I'm going to fail Biology! That shows you exactly what high school is trying to teach-"

"So Danny," Tucker finally interrupted, knowing Sam could continue like that for hours, "Any new ghost sightings?"

Sam shot a piercing glance at Tucker. "Fine! Fine! Don't listen! No one ever listens to the visionaries! You'll see…you'll all see."

Danny hid a smile, as strange as his friends could sometimes act…he wouldn't trade them for the world. However, he could understand Tucker's irritation, Sam did tend to get a bit carried away sometimes, but that was only because she was always so passionate about her ideas. If she believed in something, she was ready to fight for it. It was one of things Danny loved about her.

"…anyway…" Tucker said, looking questioningly at Sam and then turning back to Danny. "Spot any specters?"

Danny considered this question for a moment before answering. Last night…he had had a nightmare. That in itself wasn't anything out of the ordinary, after all, he was a boy that spent the majority of his spare time hunting ghosts…he was bound to have a few nightmares. But this, it was different from any other nightmare he had had before…it felt too real. He was watching a ghost exit the portal…except, it hadn't really been a ghost. It had been more like a black mist. It hadn't attacked anything, nothing had died, but he still, he had woke up screaming.

He decided against telling Tucker and Sam…after all, it was just a nightmare, nothing to get worried about and he didn't want them to think he was a complete wuss. "None at all," he said, faking a smile.

Tucker sighed in disappointment, "Darn. I guess we're still meeting at your house for the English project after school then?"

"Yup," Danny frowned, letting his head drop down on the cold cafeteria table. "There goes our entire night…and our entire weekend…and our entire lives…"

"Oh come on you big babies," Sam said, apparently over her fit of rage, "It won't take that long."


"This is taking forever," Sam mumbled numbly from her place on the floor, "I'm going to die here and they'll never even find the body under all of this…" She leaned exhausted against a bare wall, library books strewn across her lap and various papers scattered around her. She surveyed the wreckage before her, her two friends sprawled out on either side of the room covered with even more books and papers. They had been working for hours but still, they seemed to make no progress on Mr.Lancer's stupid English report.

"Ugh," Tucker grunted in agreement. The room fell silent again, all of them too tired to move.

Then, there was a slight rustling of papers. 

"No…" came a distorted moan, then more rustling.

"Danny?" Sam asked, looking over at her friend, brow furrowed in question.

Danny lay on the floor, eyes tightly closed, tossing and turning like a mad man.

"No! No! Stop! Please!! It can't be…it… NO! NO!!" he screamed arms failing around as if to hit some invisible attacker.

"DANNY!" Sam yelled, jumping up to shake him. "Danny! Wake up! You're having a bad dream!"

Danny awoke with a sudden jolt. He panted as he searched the room with wide fearful eyes, panning from Sam to Tucker.

He opened his mouth to explain what had happened and an icy blue gas leaked out.

Instinctively, Sam and Tucker spun around…and there, standing in front of them, was a 50 foot spider.

"WHAT THE-" Tucker yelled in horror but his sentence was cut short as the large creature stamped forward with one of its eight legs.

Danny, now standing, was cowering back against the wall, eyes glued to the spider. He was mumbling something frantically under his breath.

"Danny! Go ghost!" Sam growled at him, backing away slowly from the spider.

"I-I-" he fumbled, still staring.

"DO IT!" Tucker yelled in terror.

In a quick flash, Danny was on the spider. He punched it hard in the stomach, sending it flying across the room.

The spider let out a loud shriek as Danny punched again.

"Sam, thermos!" Danny shouted, dodging a blow from Gianoromo Spider.

Samantha quickly grabbed the thermos and opened it up, anxious to see the spider gone. She pointed the blue suction directly at the spider…but nothing happened.

"It's…not working..." She hit the thermos a few times, but there was no result. She looked desperately at Danny, hoping for an explanation.

Danny continued his onslaught on the spider until finally, it fell with a giant thud, breaking into a billion tiny pieces that flew out the room.

"What was that?" Tucker asked as he got up from the chair he had been cowering under.

Sam snickered.

"Oh shut up! It was a fifty foot spider!" he grumbled.

"That was too weird," Danny said, shaking his head slightly. "My nightmare….that was what was in my nightmare…and then it suddenly just appears in real life? Freaky."

"Well, it couldn't have been a ghost, right?" Tucker asked. "If it was a ghost, it would have been captured."

"But if it wasn't a ghost, then how come Danny sensed it? And how did it just appear in Danny's room?" Sam pointed out.

Tucker looked at Sam and Danny; the two shared the same identical, familiar look. He groaned.

"Oh god, please no…please not more research."


"I think I found something!" Sam exclaimed a few hours later. Tucker and Danny hurried over to the computer, gazing over Sam's shoulder.

"The πράγμα που πιάνει τα όνειρα…Greek for the 'Dream Catcher.' It's a ghost that feeds off fear. It's got the power to make nightmares seem real."

"Just seem real?" Tucker asked. "So that spider thing didn't actual exist?"

"Well…technically, no, but it was still dangerous. The "nightmare apparitions" can still cause a lot of damage and they'll keep doing so until we can catch this guy, but I don't know where to start. There's tons of information on this site."

"If it helps…I think I know what it looks like," Danny said, nervously scratching the back on his head.

Sam swiveled her chair around to face him. "Wait a minute, you saw this thing and you didn't tell us?"

Danny looked down guiltily. "Well, yes and no…see, I had this dream last night- a nightmare actually- There was this thing- a ghost I think- but it was more like just…this dark fog…and it came out of the portal…and then, I just woke up."

"And this didn't seem…at all important to mention?" Tucker asked sarcastically.

"How was I suppose to know it was for real!?" Danny argued in his own defense, "I just thought it was just another crazy dream!"

"Okay, okay," Sam said, rolling her eyes at her friends' immaturity, "What's important is finding out how we can stop it. Danny, do you have any idea where we can find this thing?"

Danny shrugged. "No, I just saw it leave the portal. I don't know where it went after that."

"Maybe we could lure it to us," Tucker suggested, "If Danny sensed it before the spider came, the thing has to be pretty close by for the 'apparition' thing to work. So one of us takes a nap, has a nightmare, boom, the apparition comes, and Sam and I distract it while you run off to find the bad guy."

Sam and Danny gawked.

"Tucker," Sam said, mouth hanging open, "That's actually a decent plan."

"Just one problem, how do we know you'll be able to handle whatever it apparition it is we dream up?" Danny asked.

"Come on Dan-my-man! Have a little faith!" Tucker laughed, playfully pushing Danny in the shoulder. "Besides, you just have to get that sucker in thermos and we're home free."

"…I guess you're right," Danny agreed. He nodded, a little more sure. After all, it was really the only option. "Alright, we'll do it tomorrow…but not at my house. I'm going to have enough trouble explaining what happened tonight to my parents."