Title: The Edge of Doom

Author: RavenMerc

Rating: PG

Genre: Lord of the Rings

Classification: Poetry

Summary: Frodo struggles against the Ring's hold on him at Mt. Doom.

Author's notes: Thanks to slef, Rathien Nikolai, Olivia Sutton and Danny's Girl who reviewed Moria! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review it. You guys are awesome! :-) I meant to do something sooner, but life happened with a thud. :-(
Everything between these // is denoting the Ring's speaking.

Disclaimer: While everyone owns something, I don't own any of this. The characters, dialogue and circumstances belong to the Tolkien estate, New Line and Peter Jackson. I'm just the owner of rampant insomnia.


Just a little further
And I can have my life back.
Just a bit farther
And my journey will be done.
All the pain,
All the fear,
All the confusion in my mind,
Will be gone.

I can't remember what it was like,
To be happy,
To be free,
To love and to be loved.
All I now know,
The pain,
The dark,
…The Eye,
Hounds me with every step,
With every breath,
Waking or sleeping,
It is all I feel.

I just want it gone.
I want it ALL gone.
Just a few more steps,
And I'll have that.

//No, you won't.//
It's voice whispered,
Deep in my mind.
//What you will have,
Rather, what you won't have,
Is the only thing that can help.//

My head moves,
As if I could shake it's evil
From my mind.
Just a little further,
And IT will be gone,
Gone from where it has lodged,
In my mind,
In my heart,
Choking memories,
Smothering love.

//I can help.
I can make it stop.
I can make it ALL stop.
ALL the pain,
ALL the fear,
ALL the confusion.
I can make it ALL go away.//

It lies.
I know it lies.
And now I'm there,
At the edge of Doom,
"I'm here, Sam."
What I need to do,
What I have to do,
Is let it go.
Let it go,
And all of it will go,
Down to the pit of fire,
To be burned clean.
All I have to do,

//Drop me and it will NEVER stop,
All your life it will hound you,
It will bite you,
Where ever you are,
Year after year,
It will ALWAYS be with you.

To my shame,
I pause,
I listen,
I wait,
To hear the rest,
For I fear it is right,
I will NEVER be free,
Free from the evil,
Free from the Eye,
Free from IT.
I wait,
And I listen.

//Put me on.
Claim me for your own.
HE won't be able to stop you,
HE won't be able to hurt you,
He won't be able to use…Us.
Put me on,
And YOU can do it,
YOU can make it all go away,
The pain,
The fear,
The confusion,
You can make it all Go Away.
Just put me on.//

I listened,
And I heard.
"The Ring is mine."
I smiled,
It was right,
It hadn't lied,
It had made it ALL go away,
The pain,
The fear,
The confusion,
And it was so easy,
So easy to do.
All it had to do,
Was make ME go away.