Author's Note: Sugar, sugar, and more sugar! That is the key to a fanfic like this one! Thanx to everyone who replied!

"What do you want, Beast Boy?!" Raven demanded, as he barged into her room.

"Well, now that I know we both feel the same way, I think we should spend every waking moment together! I'd do anything for you!" Beast Boy said.

"Then get out!" Raven said, throwing a teddy bear at him.

"You sleep with a teddy bear?!" He asked as he caught it.

"You said you'd do anything for me..well...go get (Raven searched her mind, trying to figure out something Beast Boy would never be able to get) fat-free lard." She said with a smirk.

"No problema, dude!" Beast Boy said, running out of the room.

Much to Raven's annoyance, he returned, fat-free lard in hand (We highly doubt they make that..)

"Anything else?" Beast Boy asked.

"Sure......" Raven said, a plan developing in her head. "I want a pet." She said.

Beast Boy smiled even brighter, then transformed into a dog. Raven used her powers to conjure a cage around him, one that he couldn't break in any form.

"What's with all the noise?!" Cyborg asked, running in with Starfire and Robin.

"I have a new pet." Raven said, gesturing to Beast Boy.

"Um..Raven, what're you going to do with him?" Robin asked, confused. Raven smiled evilly.

"I was thinking about getting him neutered, first." She said.

Robin and Cyborg looked horrified.

"I do not understand, what is this 'neutering'?" Starfire asked.

***********Wherever it is that Slade lives*********

Slade paced back and forth in front of his troops. "We shall defeat the Teen Titans! We shal--" But he was cut off by another voice.

"Susan! Susan, where are you?" An old lady hobbled in on her walking stick.


Slade's mother calmly whapped him upside the head with her stick. "Susan is a lovely name, my son."

"Mother, I'm busy with something.." Slade said.

"YOUNG MAN, HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU, YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD UNTIL YOU CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM!" Mrs. Slade was again beating Slade upside the head with her cane.

"Yes, mommy." Slade said.

Authors' Notes: When Midnight Raven666 invited Cindy Neutron over, she didn't expect Cindy Neutron to come up with a brand new character, Slade's Mother..although it was actually just Cindy's excuse for hitting Midnight Raven with a cane.