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Just a short AU fic because I needed a break from homework... I swear, the teachers are crazy this year.

What If?

26th October 1985, Hill Valley, California

The radio alarm went off in the morning, blasting out the song Back In Time and woke Marty McFly up from his slumber.

He yawned, staring sleepily around his room. "What a nightmare," he muttered, getting out of bed.

Walking out of his bedroom to the kitchen, he was stopped dead in his tracks by the sight before him. His house had changed... drastically...

His siblings were having breakfast and talking when Marty interrupted them. "What the *beep* is this?"

"Breakfast..." Linda replied."

What, did you sleep in your clothes again last night?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, yeah," Marty replied. "What are you wearing, Dave?"

"Calvin, I always wear a s..."


Marty fainted.

The End. ^_^ Review?

*goes off to study for upcoming test