So I lied. I really should be filling out applications and forms and going through all sorts of Red Tape. Or studying for the GRE. I'd rather be writing. So I am. Cuz who knows when I'll actually get a chance to sit down and do this again?

So, here's the final extra chapter I promised y'all of Forest in the Desert Sand. Hope it was worth the wait. And yes, Gaara's a big prevert. And yes, I did mean to write prevert, not pervert.


Later, Kizuko was put to bed. The little one had been yawning and rubbing her eyes but denying being sleepy for a good half hour before Naruto put his foot down and hauled her off to the futon. A few minutes later found her with pajamas on, hair brushed out by Gaara upon request, a short lullaby of Haruka Katana, and the golden head was fast asleep on the pillow with Kon-Kon hugged close.

Naruto gently kissed her forehead and quietly shut the door to the room behind him. He found the Sand Nin sitting on the couch with his nose in a book oddly enough. The blonde came and flopped down beside him, looking curious.

"You read?"

Gaara chose to not even dignify that with an answer when a good hard glare would do.

"Right. So...whatcha reading?"

Naruto peeked over the redhead shoulder to read and his jaw promptly fell in horror. He blinked, shook his head, and then looked again. Nope, the text was still the same.

"You perv!! You're reading those books!"

Sure enough, a quick glance at the cover revealed the title of said novel. 'Icha Icha Oasis'

The blonde moaned and buried his face in his hands. "I should have known that old letch would still be around writing those pervy novels of his...And to think you're actually reading them"

Gaara blinked at the moaning blonde beside him. "You actually know the author?"

"Ero-sennin was my old sensei, before"

Gaara's silence radiated the fact that he was quite impressed.

"That is not something to be impressed about."

"...Have you ever actually read any of the series?"


"It's actually not bad. Yeah, it's perverted and there's tons of sex and nudity...but there's generally a pretty good plot to every book. The series wouldn't be that popular otherwise."

"...You're shitting me."

"Come here and see for yourself."

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