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Neon Genesis Evangelion:

Project Blue Blood - Prologue


He had been a boy once. Everyone had been at one point. Everyone starts off being innocent to the evils and deceit that the world had to offer.

He had been no different.

He had been a boy once. How naive he had been. Not having a mother, and basically not having a father. He felt as if the world had put it's weight against him and had pushed with all it's might. No matter what he did, he felt it wasn't enough. Everyone just wanted more from him, sometimes not even acknowledging what he had done for them. Hours grew to days, which grew to weeks, then months. Every time he thought that he would finally be recognized, that all his hard work would finally pay off. Each time he was denied such pleasantries, and left in a wake of his own sorrow.

Nothing had changed. He was still a boy. He was still naive. And now, not knowing when or where he was, he had no one to even hope to praise him anymore.

Silently, the boy picked himself up off the pavement, letting the blurry images turn into pictures he could understand. He squinted against the sun, slowly letting his bearings come back to him. He slumped back against a nearby wall, taking in deep fiery breath after deep fiery breath. He didn't notice the torrent amount of blood running down his chest, or the crimson liquid seeping out of his right ear. He didn't notice the snow falling around him, even considering that is was something he was not used to seeing. No, he didn't notice anything.

The only thing he did notice, was the stinging of hot tears, as well as blood, that ran out of his eyes like rivers. Drip after drip made it's way down his face and off his chin. He squinted trying to take in his surroundings, but everything was just so damn blurry.

Was this heaven?

Was this hell?

He didn't know which way was up or down at the moment, so it really didn't matter to him. Everything that mattered to him was gone. They were all gone. They had to be. There was no way that anyone could have survived. God, it was all his fault. He was just to damn weak.

More tears came, and a strangled sob made it's way through his already bloody and torn throat. How could it end like this? After everything he had gone through it couldn't have ended like this. It couldn't have. It just wasn't possible.

Some of the blurry images finally began to take shape, and he pushed himself off of the wall, staggering his way into the street. Finally taking some notice of his surroundings, he looked up at the various signs and pictures dotting all over the buildings in his general vicinity. They looked to be in English, but he couldn't read any of them. What was going on? What happened? Shouldn't everything be gone? His mind whirled and he stumbled around, staring wide-eyed at all the building surrounding him. The only thing tearing out of his reverie was the deafening sound of screeching brakes and a blaring horn.

With wide eyes and a throat burning yelp, the young man feel backwards as a car came inches from taking his life away. He landed on his backside, pain burning to every pore of his body. He was dimly aware of the sound of a car door opening and the sound of feet crunching through the snow, hastily closing in on his position.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! Why don't you watch where you are......oh my GOD!!! Elise! Elise call an ambulance, this boy needs help!"

The young man could barely even register the fact that he was softly being lifted into the air. Sounds began to blur together, and he could barely recall hearing another door opening followed by a woman's gasp of horror. The man of a voice began to softly talk to him, although he couldn't understand a word that he was saying.

"Son, are you ok? Just keep still, the paramedics will be here any second."

Despite his throat burning, the boy forced his breath to come in and words to leave his throat. Despite the fire, he pressed on.


The man gave the boy an odd look, glancing back at his wife, who was on her cell phone frantically talking to the paramedics on the other line. Looking back at him, he spoke softly again.

"Washington DC son, save your strength, you've lost a lot of blood."

The young boys eyes widened when he finally understood the man. Gathering up all the strength he could, he forced another raspy question to emanate from his throat.


This time the mans eyes became questioning, and he gave the boy a look that seemed to be between pity and confusion.

"Kid....save your strength....."

The boy wouldn't listen however, and this time, he asked again, more confidence in his voice.


The man gave in, taking a deep breath.

"It's 2005 son..."

A spark of hope gathered inside the young man's eyes, and they glowed with a ferocity that would have looked ridiculous with his torn and tattered body. But hope was never ridiculous to those who felt it. The year 2005. This had to be a dream. It had to be. There was no way that he would have a second chance to save everyone. It would never happen. Not to him. Not to the boy that was not worth anything.

Boy. Yes, he was a boy once. He had been naive, and he had never gotten praise that had any worth behind it in all his life. But in that one instant, everything had changed. He was not a boy any longer. He was not naive any longer. He was not weak, he was not cowardly, and he was not scared. But most of all...

...he was not going to fail...

...he was not going to run away any longer...

...because he had a second chance...

...and he'd be damned if he would allow them all to die again.


Author's Notes:

This is my first posted fanfic, although I have many written and saved. I had originally written this around 5 years ago, and just never gotten around to posting the thing. Looking back, I cringe at my writing then, and am re-writing this to my style now. The plot and main points will stay the same, but I'm refreshing it from the horrid writing style that I had back then. Hopefully, I can get the next few chapters up in a matter of time. Criticism is always a welcome thing, but flames are just a waste of my time. I hope you all will enjoy reading this, as much as I will enjoy writing it. Until then, take care of yourselves. ;)


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