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I've finally finished my YYH fic so now it's time I started my DBGT one. The idea for this came to me around halfway through my first fic. If you've ever seen The Lone Wolf you'll know that's a really long time.

As said on the summary, pairings are Trunks/Pan and Bra/ the Legendary Super Saiyan. Sorry G/B fans. I've got nothing against G/B I just want to be original. But he won't be paired with Marron if that's what you thought. He'll find a girl trust me.

Besides, doesn't the Saiyan princess deserve the best? I can't think of anyone better than the most legendary Saiyan of all time. Trust me you'll like him.

Here are the ages

LSS: over 3,000 (I'll explain later but that's some age difference between him a and Bra isn't it?)

Goku: deceased

Vegeta: 64

Bulma: 61

Gohan: 43

Trunks: 33

Goten: 32

Pan: 20

Bra: 21

Marron: 28

Sorry if they're a little off but that's what they are in this fic.

I don't own any of the characters or the show (If I did the LSS would have been identified in GT). I can't say I own the Legendary Super Saiyan either since he did make an appearance in the show (Episode 53). I'm really building up on an obscure character. That's enough from me on with the fic.


Our story begins three thousand years ago on a planet called Saiya. This is the original home planet of a race of warriors known as Saiyans. At this time the Saiyans command the largest empire in the universe, stretching over the North, East, and half of the South and West galaxies. All other planets that opposed them had long since fallen and only small pockets of resistance remained.

Saiya is a prosperous planet covered in forests, oceans, a few desserts, and thousands of lakes. It was high in resources making life on it a good one. Many called it the Jewel of the North Galaxy.

The Saiyans had spent thousands of years building a civilization of their own. At first, they were a relatively peaceful race but after other planets tried to invade, the Saiyans became a warrior race. After years of defensive wars, the Saiyans' technology rose to the point that they could now go on the offensive.

Their army became the most feared in the universe. But one warrior always rose above the rest. He was the S Knight, leader of the Saiyan king's Royal Knights. The knights were the best of the best and to be S Knight meant you were the most powerful and skilled warrior in the Saiyan army. Just the mention of him being on the battlefield made most enemies to retreat or surrender.

Though his power often surpassed the king's he had taken a blood oath to protest the royal family and all other Saiyans with his life. All Saiyan boys dreamed of becoming the next S Knight when they grew up. Each S Knight would choose his successor shortly before his death by handing his sword, the S Blade, to the one he chose. With a final initiation by the king, the chosen warrior became the S Knight.

With each generation the Saiyan race became more and more powerful. The weakest soldiers could have power levels of 20,000 to 80,000. The knights usually ranged in the hundred thousands with the S Knight the strongest. The power of the king depended on how hard he trained. The most powerful attained a power level of 150,000.

Yes, the Saiyan race was a prosperous one and a constant Golden Age started on Saiya.

But one day, that all came to an end. And that day was today.

An explosion ripped through the capital city of the Saiyans followed by a roar. A lumbering figure rose from the flames his red eyes burning with hate. He was in the Saiyans' transformed state but he was different, for his fur was gold instead of the usual brown. And to top it all off there was no full moon in the sky.

With another roar he sent a beam of fire from his mouth and into the city around him. He had no control of himself. All he knew now was anger and hate. He'd been pushed to far and this was the result. The cries of his fellow Saiyans fell on deaf ears as a bloodthirsty grin crossed his face.

This wasn't his first transformation and he had lost control before, but he'd never gone on a rampage like this. He was always calmed down enough to chop off his tail and return to his normal form. Of coarse other Saiyans tried that right now but anyone who got to close quickly met their end.

The Saiyan prince of the time watched from his palace (He looks like a younger Vegeta). His father had ordered a complete evacuation of the planet but the prince had yet to leave. Thousands of small ships filled the sky as Saiyan after Saiyan tried to escape from the monster decimating their planet.

The prince knew this Saiyan. They were friends. What's happened to you? He thought as he watched on. The Golden Ape was not the honorable warrior that had become the S Knight, the one that defended their race with his life, or the Saiyan the princess had once been in love with. The prince realized that after years of using his amazing power, his friend had finally lost control. Only one person could calm his rage and the Saiyan prince suspected she was already dead.

A guard ran up to him. "Prince Vegeta (I think they only use that name) we must get you to your ship."

The prince didn't reply.

"My lord?"

"Leave me alone."

"Vegeta." A gentle voice said from behind him. Vegeta turned to see his younger sister standing there. Her raven black hair reached all the way to her waist ending in spiky points. Vegeta noticed the tears falling from her dark brown eyes and falling onto her white dress. "It's him, isn't it?"

Vegeta only nodded.

"Any sign of Jay?"

"I suspect she cannot help us anymore."

His sister only started crying. With a sigh he walked to her and pulled her into a hug.

"What could have happened to him?" she cried.

"I'm willing to bet we have our dear brother to thank for this. I should have killed that basterd a long time ago."

"Sire, we must get you and the princess off the planet. That monster is heading straight for us."

Vegeta glared at him. "Very well." With a frustrated growl he turned and followed the guard to his waiting ship pulling his sister the whole way. I'm sorry my friend. There is nothing we can do for you.

The Super Saiyan continued his rampage through the city, his bloodlust increasing with each Saiyan he killed. Men, women, and children all fell to his power. Upon noticing the ships in the sky he tilted his head up and fired beam after beam at them incinerating hundreds with each blast.

Finally, the last ship faded from view. All that was left were a few stragglers who were now left to the mercy of the Super Saiyan. But this Saiyan didn't know the meaning of the word mercy. He hunted them all down, eating a few in his madness.

The planet shook under his power but went unnoticed by him. Even as pillars of lava erupted from the unstable surface he continued to topple building after building until the once beautiful capital city was reduced to rubble. He continued across the planet destroying everything and everyone in his path.

The planet finally gave way and started blowing up. Before the flames of his own planet consumed him, the Super Saiyan let out one final roar. One that echoed through the entire universe to announce a Saiyan had become the most powerful being in the universe. But like the screams of his fellow Saiyans trapped on the planet, his roar was silenced as the final explosion from the core engulfed him.

Vegeta watched from his spot near the window of his ship. His sister was with their mother. I hope you've finally found peace old friend. Someone like you deserves it.

And so, Planet Saiya was destroyed along with the once proud Saiyan Empire. The remaining Saiyans were forced to find a new home. They became a nomadic race, moving to a planet and after using up its resources move to another. With the influence of their planet's unique atmosphere gone, the Saiyans became weaker and weaker with each generation.

Three thousand years later, they conquered a race of people called Tuffles and renamed the planet Vegeta after their king. It was to be just another temporary home but would prove to be their last.

A being by the name of Frieza arrived and made the Saiyans serve him. His power was greater than any Saiyan alive so the proud warrior race agreed to work for him. One day, Frieza heard a Saiyan legend about a Saiyan warrior who became the most powerful being in the universe, a Super Saiyan. Fearing another Super Saiyan would emerge he blew up the planet along with most of the Saiyan race. Only seven Saiyans remained.

One was Vegeta, the Saiyan prince at the time. He continued to serve Frieza while planning a way to overthrow the ice-jin. He lived off the belief of the legend of the Super Saiyan and dreamed he to would attain that power.

Another was Nappa, Vegeta's bodyguard and commander of the former Saiyan army.

Third was Raditz, eldest son of Bardock. He was the weakest of the three but continued his duty of serving his prince.

The mysterious Saiyan Turles was also a survivor of that day.

More ominously, the next Legendary Super Saiyan also made it off the planet. His name was Broly. Like the Super Saiyan before him he was born with a power level of 10,000. Upon learning this, King Vegeta ordered the infant be executed. Somehow Broly survived the assassination attempt along with his father, the sixth surviving Saiyan. Though his life, Broly only knew hatred toward the Royal Family and to another Saiyan born on the same day as he. A Saiyan named, Kakarot.

Kakarot was the second son of Bardock and younger brother of Raditz. Before the destruction of his planet, he was sent to a place called Earth to conquer it. But after bumping his head, he lost all memory of his Saiyan heritage and took on the name Goku. Years later he became a Super Saiyan and defeated Frieza.

Raditz would eventually die at the hands of the Namek, Piccolo with the help of Raditz's own brother Goku. Nappa meet his end when Vegeta blew him up for showing weakness. Turles was killed by Goku when he attempted to drain Earth of its energy. Broly killed his own father before Goku destroyed the Legendary Super Saiyan himself, though many wonder if Broly had reached his full potential.

Vegeta would at first hate Goku and his friends but eventually came to call Earth his home. He and a human named Bulma fell in love and had two half-Saiyan children, Trunks and Bra.

Goku married a woman named Chichi who would bear him two sons, Gohan and Goten. Gohan had a quarter-Saiyan daughter named Pan who helped her grandfather Goku through some of his toughest battles. Goku final gave his life to the Eternal Dragon of Earth so that others may be revived. He may not have been a true Legendary Super Saiyan, but he was a legendary hero.

Through all this the legend of the Super Saiyan has survived. All Saiyans dreamed of attaining the unsurpassed power he possessed.

As for the Legendary Super Saiyan, he went to Other World. For the many times he'd saved his race, he was given an opportunity to go to the Grand Kai's planet. But shortly after his arrival, he disappeared and was never heard from again.

In reality he'd traveled to the Demon Realm, a place ruled by a being named Dabura. The Saiyan was forced to fight endless hordes of demons after his head. With each battle his power grew and he learned to control it. Wielding the S Blade in battle, he has fought for his very survival while trying to find redemption for blowing up Saiya. He is haunted by what he did and the thousands he killed. After 3,000 years in Demon Realm he's accepted his fate, to fight alone until the day he's killed and no longer exists.

But destiny had other plans for him. He would be revived and once again fight to protect what was left of his race.

If you're wondering why he was able to transform without a full moon it's a very simple explanation. A Saiyan can become a Golden Ape if he either absorbs an enormous amount of Blutz waves (Like Goku and Vegeta) or if he transforms to a Super Saiyan with his tail. If Goku had had his tail when he transformed in his battle against Frieza, he would have become a Golden Ape as well.