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Summary: Title to be changed -after movie- Chihiro's life doesn't go as planned, and being tossed from one foster home to another isn't helping at all. Finally, one family takes her in and for a while Chihiro's life seems bearable. Will it stay that way? Rated for sexual content, vulgar language, and rape.

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What is Life All About?

The yelling grew louder, more persistant as she hid; cowering in the darkness of her bedroom; the only room at this end of the house. Breaking of glass, slamming of doors, and loud shouts were all she could hear; the sounds echoing off the thin, pine wood that made up the walls of the house. The teen girl, terrifed, nervous, and alone felt like she was trapped in confinement; no way out. Huddling on top of her bed, she let her long, silky brown hair fall around her face as she hid her head between her knees; something she hadn't done since she was ten years old.

Loud banging pressed on from the front of the house, as she, with each slam, cowered away in the corner ever deeper than before. Trying to block the noise out was something that she had tried to accomplish for the last six years, never really succeeding, and now was worse than ever. The yelling and screaming was to much for a sixteen year old to deal with alone; and she was indeed alone. It had been six years; six LONG years of hiding in her room, waiting; crying silently until her mother would knock on the door, calling her name softly. Call so softly that sometimes she never even heard it and her mother would come in. Come in and comfort her until she fell straight to sleep. Sleep that came from being far to exhausted.

This night however; this night was very diffrent. That knock and call never came, and it was highly alarming to the brunette who hid away in her room. From the far side of the house, Chihiro could just make out the heavy sobbing that must have been her mother's; along with the sobs came the loud banging of dresser drawers being slammed shut in fury, and the rapid 'swoosh' of the closet door opening.

Gathering the little courage the girl had left in her small body, she silently slipped off her bed. Her knees cracked as she rose and her socks slowly began to fall down to her ankles as she stumbled along on the new carpet. The carpet that her father had happily put in just yesterday afternoon. As she reached her bedroom door, she took a deep, uneven breath and turned the handle slowly, pushing the thick maple door open and into the dimmly lit hallway before her.

The strong odor of Whiskey and Vodka hit her nostrils as she stepped out into the narrow hall. She crinkled her nose up at the smell. The alchohl was nothing new to Chihiro, but the smell was enough to make her gag. Her father drank a lot, and when he came home at only God knew what hours of the night, he was far worse than most would expect. At first, Chihiro thought her father being in a stupor was funny; back when he hadn't really been into the whole drinking thing. Of course that was back when they first moved to this town, back when her father knew no one.

Then, at his new job he met a man who went by the name of Nicholas Johnson. He was a man that Chihiro didn't like very much; despised was more the word that she was longing to use. It turned out that he was an alcoholic and quickly turned her father into one as well. Chihiro hated the man her father had become; a raging alcoholic, beating and harassing herself and her mother, and most of all; well, Chihiro didn't even like to think about that. (A/N: I wonder why I left that last bit out like that?) Her mother was a wreck as well; at times worse than her father. She was a junkie to say the least. She overdosed a lot on certain pills just to get the standard effect of being high. The young brunette could hardly be left alone with either of her parents when they were out of it; in fear that they would attempt to harm her in some way. Basically, Chihiro LIVED in fear, and she never tried to fix the problem. She was usually to scared to try to help her parents; to scared of the outcome. her parents problems were not her problems but they did need help and she knew that. Getting up the courage to get them that help was the issue.

Ignoring the putrid smell of the alcohol that wafed through the heaters with warm air; the intensity of it stinging at her eyes making them burn and water, she silently crept down the long corridor to her parents bedroom, all the while watching the other doors for any signs of her father. He had been drinking, the whole reason for his behaviour tonight and every other night this past week and if he saw her out in the hallway; well, she would most likely be spending the next several days in the hospital, where her father would lie to the doctor. He was always coming up with excuses on how she had become injured. The last on was her favorite however. He clearly told the doctor that she had stumbled and slipped down the stairs. SHE LIVED IN A ONE STORY HOUSE!!!!

Chihiro examined the house as she walked. Passing by the kitchen was the hardest. Shattered chairs and coffee cups lay spread out through out the room. The TV in there had been thrown, it appeared, hastily on the floor. Chihiro grimaced at the sight, knowing that the broken cord could very well be her arm if she didn't make this fast. She rounded the corner, her parents room just down the hall, and she wondered vaguley where her father disappeared to. She prayed to God that he was not in the room with her mother, ruining what she wanted to do. She stopped short just before the solid pine door, debating whether or not she really wanted to go in. Another slam and then a soft, but hasty click. A soft cry let her know her mother was in the room but not only that. . . her mother was packing. It was then that Chihiro knew she had to see what was going on, and it was also then that her father turned the corner; heading straight down the hallway toward her.

Chihiro gasped when she saw the man, and she seemed to be frozen to the floor. Her father's eyes gave off the appearance of being on fire, and it was then that Chihiro's feet moved. They were the only ones. Her brain didn't seem to catch up as fast. She took off through the house, her feet carrying her where ever her father was not, with her brain trying hard to direct her back to her room safely. She ducked into the first room on her left: the living room. She stopped quickly, ducking behind the couch as her father strode into the room. Her breathing was coming in sharp, ragged breaths and she tried her hardest to calm herself with out success.

"Chihiro. . ." Her father calling her. She wasn't about to move, not yet but she heard his footsteps grow closer, his heavy steel-toe boots probably leaving marks on the good carpet that her mother was so proud of. Just as she was getting ready to heave herself from behind the sofa, her father lunged at her from behind. She landed on the floor with a loud bang, hitting her head on the coffee table. The man struggled to hold her down and Chihiro could clearly smell the alcohol radiate off of him. Five hours in a bar would give you that odor, but clearly her father didn't seem to notice. Chihiro kicked and thrashed from under her father's heavy body. Finally breaking free, she scrambled around the corner and into her bedroom.

Little did the girl know that her father was close behind her. She barely managed to close the door and lock it. BANG! . . . BANG! Chihiro shied backward, further into her room as her father used all his body strength to try to break down the door to her room. She knew he could do it too; from past experience. She looked quickly around her room and eyeing the stairs to the loft, she grabbed a blanket from her bed and quickly climbed the planks of white wood. Scared and frightened, she huddled in the corner, staring out the octagon window that overlooked the forest behind the house. She sat there; crying and alone as usual, until she slowly drifted off to sleep, once again from exhaustion.

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