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"We have further new in the Ogino update. Chihiro Ogino, the sixteen year old girl from Kobe, was taken out of the ICU just three days ago. Doctors have told our reporters that she is indeed doing much better and should recover over time. A bullet had punctured her lung and two bones in her leg have been shattered, but overall, she is on her way to a long recovery period. In other news, David Ogino, has been missing for about a week now, after escaping from the Toyko prison. No new information as of yet. We will keep you updated as more information comes in. Police are asking that anyone who thinks they have spotted David, please contact contact the number on the lower half of your screen. Over to you Danioara"

"Thanks Thansiario. Tomorrow, we will see..."

Seclusionless Seclusion


The room was lit with the bright glow of the sun pouring in from the window. A soft, comforting breeze blew steadily in from outside and the scent of freshly mowed grass could be smelled for miles in all directions. The pallid yellow paint was a drastic change from the off white walls in the ICU, plus bright flowers from the hospital staff and vibrant cartoonish cards from kids at school littered the tables and covered the walls, adding extra flare and color to the drab room.

She had been moved three days ago, and was overly grateful to be away from the ICU, although, the nurses were usually always in and out of her room and the doctor had her on close watch. She wasn't out of the clear just yet.She had already overcome surgery to pull the bullet from her chest and was slowly recovering. The surgery to her leg to rid the two bullets that had lodged there however, still left a slight throbbing, itchy type of pain. It caused her to have to move her legs around often. It just made her more sore than she had started out, not to mention frequently annoyed at the constant help she needed while she recovered.

Staring up at the concaved ceiling, watching the ceiling fan spin, rotating the warm spring air through out the room, she sighed softly to herself. She was so bored. Dr. Yoshimakaziaoka, or D.Y., as she called him, said it would still be a few days before she was able to move from the bed and into a wheel chair, and it could take months, maybe even years to get her back to walking normally again. Her right femur had been fractured and her tibia had been shattered on the impact of the bullets. The bullet in her chest... she wished she had been luckier. It had past through her sternum, oddly enough not doing to much damage to it, although the bullet did pierce her left lung.

Chihiro knew that she was more than lucky to be alive, but at the same time, with the news of her father and all, she wasn't sure she wanted to be alive. Glancing at the walls where the cards on display almost danced with all the silly print written on the thick paper, she smiled a gentle, fake smile. They were mostly from students in her own grade, although there were over a dozen or so from kids she didn't know. Those cards were probably the works of a staff oriented thing or some such nonesense. Someone felt bad and passed a memo around the school. The only card that really meant anything to her at all though was the one from the soccer team. She plucked it off the wall over her left shoulder and her once fake smile turned sad as she ran her fingers over the clean, crisp names on the stiff paper.

"Get well soon Chihiro. We all miss you! -Suni" the brunette read softly to herself, a tear rolling down her cheek. She wiped it away angerly with the back of her hand.

She tossed the card on her bedside table and rooted around in her heavy blankets for the little buzzer that would summon the nurse to her room. Throwing the comfortor off her legs, she spotted it on the floor near the door.

"Now, how did that get over there?" she said to herself.

She pushed herself into a sitting position, cringing at the pain in her chest and called to an elderly man passing by in a wheel chair.

"Sir?" she called. "The man looked in her direction and stopped briefly. "Could you get...?" Before she had a chance to finish, the man had nodded his head and wheeled away.

"Thanks for the help mister." she siad grumpily, falling bacward into her pillows. She gasped as her head hit the pillow. Her chest stung madly and she gasped again. She closed her eyes as tight as she could, sucking in as much air as she could muster up. She took another deep breath, not even letting the first one out. Her heart raced faster, her chest on fire as she clutched at her gown. Her lungs screamed loudly. She let the breath out and as quickly as the pain had come it had stopped. She sighed softly and let her eyes open slowly. She didn't understand it.

At that time, a nurse had rushed into the room, checking monitors here and there, asking Chihiro question after question. The blonde closed her eyes again.

"I'm fine... I think. I shouldn't have moved. I'm sorry." The girl responded, backing into old habitual ways.

"Chihiro, it's ok, just tell me what you did."

"My chest felt like it was on fire." The brunette said as she tried to sit up again, but a knot in her chest tigtened again as she did so and the nurse ushered her to lie back down.

"Chihiro, you know that you are not supposed to move. It's not going to help you recover any faster if you reopen that hole in your lung from to much stress. Come on now, 'D.Y.' said I was to remove that guaze today."

"Do we have to?" she asked softly. Chihiro didn't like the idea of the occlusive gauze bandage being taken off. It sounded rather painful, not to mention, she was beyond shaky when it called for taking off her clothing to a stranger after all she had gone through. The doctor had explained the entire procedure of what it took to deal with a punctured lung after she demanded, rather groggily one afternoon after a hefty amount of Demerol had been injected into her body. She only could recall about half of the information. He had said something about A hole being cut in her chest, then the team had to dissect through a wall of muscle and a a large plastic tube was thread into the pleural space, or the space surrounding the lung and separating it from the chest wall. He also said something about bleeding and extra air around the lung, but noe of that stuck with her. The tube had been removed the week before. She could clearly remember the events when it was taken out and how it was literally yanked out of her chest and the guaze quickly being slapped over the hole, taping it shut. It had hurt quite a bit.

Denise removed the gauze from her chest and Chihiro ran her finger above the gash in her chest. The hole where her chest had been cut through had clotted over. It was actually pretty disgusting overall, but she could bear it. Denise helped her to pull her gown back over her shoulders and flipped the blanket back over the girl's legs. As she checked the monitor and headed for the door, she smiled softly and picked the buzzer up, placing it on Chihiro's bed.

"Next time, I suggest you don't throw it at the door when Bertrice leaves. She a nurse, she's only trying to help."

"So that's how it got on the floor?" Chihiro asked softly, staring at the blank television screen.

"It helps if you turn it on!" Densie called from the door.

Chihiro was tempted to chuck her buzzer, but she stopped and placed it back on the bed and snuggled under her covers, her day made just a little better.

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