I've said this to my friend many times before: Truth or Dare is an excellent way to hook people up:-p! (So's mistletoe, and New Years) I love this story idea very much. Writing this was very much like having Déjà vu, as I've played many similar games of T/D with my friends, where they asked some of the same questions here, and many of the same answeres were given. Disclaimer: It doesn't belong to me. None of it. Except for the plot. Anyhow, without further ado, here is the fic:


It had started out as a fairly innocent game of Truth or Dare. The Marauders were playing a game in their dormitories after hours one night on Christmas break.

"James, truth or dare?"

"Truth. I don't trust you enough for a dare, Sirius."

"You're no fun. All right, what would you do if Lily Evans came up to you tomorrow and kissed you at breakfast?"

James blinked for a moment. "I'd kiss her back, of course! Hmm....I like that idea...." He trailed off, staring blankly at the wall until Peter clapped his hands in front of James.

"What? Oh, yeah, right. Umm, Peter, truth or dare?"


James grinned in a semi-evil way and then said, "I dare you to go throw a rock at the girls' dormitory door with a signed note on it saying that you're hopelessly in love with a Slytherin and you need their help."

"What?! And what's the rock for?"

"So that they notice the note, of course."

Peter sighed and walked over to his trunk and brought out a sock, a quill, ink, and a piece of parchment. With a muttered word and a wave of his wand the sock turned into a piece of granite. He scribbled a quick not on the parchment, wrapped it soundly around the stone, and walked out the door. The others followed.

When they had reached the common room, Peter stood at the bottom of the girls' stairwell and chucked the rock at the 5th year girls dormitory door. It hit the wood with a loud /I, and then landed on the floor. The others quickly concealed themselves behind the couches, and watched.

Eventually the door opened, and a sleepy eyed brunette walked out, and looked around, mystified. Then she saw the note and picked it up. With an odd look at the apparently empty common room, she walked back inside the dormitory and shut the door.

Sirius grinned.

"Excellent," he said as Peter sprinted up the stairs.

When they were all assembled on their beds again, Peter turned to Remus.

"Remus, truth or dare?"


"All right." He thought for a moment, and then looked up. One could almost see a brightly lit light bulb above his head.

"Remus, your question is this: when will you admit your love for our dear comrade, Severus Snape?"

Remus looked at him aghast.

"You mean...you mean you've figured out my secret? Woe is me!" He pretended to burst into tears as the others laughed.

"No really, what's the question?" the young werewolf asked after the merriment had subsided.

"Who do you like Iin that way/I?"

Remus sat silent for a moment, and then said, "Someone."

"Ooh, Remmie admits to liking someone. So is she pretty?" Sirius said gleefully

"Yes, very pretty," Remus said.

"Do we know her?"James asked.

"I think so. Now, that's three questions I've answered, so I get to either ask you a question each, or I get to skip two turns. Which shall it be?"

"No fair!" Sirius complained.

"It's perfectly fair. Which do you want?"

"Fine, fine. Ask us questions."

"Yeah, ask."

"All right. Peter, in payback, who do you like Iin that way/I?"

"This Ravenclaw....I don't know her name though."

"Hmm. Find it out. James, there's no point in asking who you like; we already know. So, what would you do for Lily?"

"Anything," he answered without hesitation.

"I was right! Sirius, I'm asking you the same quesiton I asked Peter."

Sirius thought for a moment, and then smiled. "There's this one person I know that I think I'm starting to like. Damned good looking, and Gryffindor, too."

"Probably a 7th year, knowing your tastes," James said.

"Nope! 5th year, for once."

"Ooh, so she's in our year?"

Sirius nodded, smiling in a slightly secretive manner.

"Who asks now?" Peter asked.

"I dunno. We could continue tomorrow night," Remus suggested.

The others nodded, and got ready for bed.


As it turned out, they didn't get a chance to play the next night (Christmas eve) because James and Sirius had gotten detention together scrubbing the floor under the Slytherin table in Great Hall. They had somehow managed to explode the food of all the Slytherins staying for the holidays. Professor McGonnigal had caught them, of course, and made them serve detention.

They returned at one thirty in the morning, and Remus and Peter were already asleep.

After James was asleep, Sirius slipped out of bed and tiptoed over to Remus' bedside. He looked down at the sleeping figure, curled up on his side, and smiled.

"I said you're damned beautiful, and I am so damned right," he whispered softly, and leaned down to kiss the werewolf ever so lightly on the cheek.

Then he snuck back to bed, satisfied and tired.


Notice that Sirius and Remus never mention the gender of the person they like;-) Now please, review and tell me how much you did (or didn't) like it. Flames will be played with (pretty fire)