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Chapter one: the demon mark Place: the Higurashi shrine back porch

"About time I spent some time relaxing without that stupid dog-boy," Kagome mumbled as she slathered the last of the tanning lotion on her arms. It was spring break and she had insisted that she needed a break from the feudal era as much as from school. The 15-year-old was stretched out on a lawn chair reading Girl's Life, a popular magazine. This time, Inuyasha had really ticked her off. He almost put a tree down the well; again! Good thing he remembered that that didn't work last time, so it wouldn't work this time. Right?

Kagome reached over to grab her lemonade, as she did so, the shikon jewel tinkled a bit. The jewel; that's why she was in this predicament in the first place: the jewel was in her body when mistress centipede pulled Kagome into the well to get the jewel out of her. Then she met Inuyasha and that's how this whole journey started. That stupid jewel, that stupid Kikiyo. This is all her fault in the first place...no, it's Noraku's! Kagome mentally yelled at herself. A slight twinge of pain in her right shoulder made itself present, but Kagome ignored it. She didn't remember hitting it on anything.

"Oi! Kagome! Where are you?" a familiar voice yelled from the well house. Yep, the dog had found its jewel detector.

Kagome rolled her eyes, "I thought I told you that I wanted to be left alone during my vacation Inuyasha!"

The boy grinned and followed the sound of her voice to the back yard porch. He had a bone to pick with this girl and wouldn't leave until he got some answers. He rounded the corner of the house and stopped suddenly. He stared at the beautiful girl in the green bikini.

Kagome looked over her sunglasses at the hanyou. "Inuyasha, you're watering the plants with your drool," she said simply. The boy shook his head to snap himself out and closed his mouth. Inuyasha had never seen her in that little covering before. Wait, yes he had. At times, he had to stop Miroku from watching the girls take baths and had accidentally caught a glimpse at Kagome's naked body. He liked that memory, but thought it was very Miroku- isque.

Kagome's mom looked out the window to see what the noise was about and grinned. It would be soon, very soon when she would be able to tell Kagome the other half of her heritage, aside what she already knew of her miko history. She sighed and fingered the dog-print charm on a necklace that was hidden by her blouse. Inuyasha would make a good mate for her child, but only when she's ready.

"Ka-kagome?" Inuyasha asked love-struck, then regained his composure and reason for coming to this era, "get your clothes on, wench, we're going back home and collecting the shards!"

Kagome 'humph'ed and crossed her arms over her magazine. Gin (Kagome's mom) sighed and turned back to her son's homework that she was checking.

~Inuyasha's POV~

The wench hadn't moved when I ordered her to pack for 'my' era. Whatever she was doing in that little clothing outside was surely less important than collecting jewel shards. But, now that she is dressed like that (or less than dressed) she does look rather hot like that. Especially when she's mad like that. She is just being irritable and stubborn. I looked her up and down, breathing in every detail of her flawless features: her long legs, her raven dark hair, her slightly muscular arms from learning her archery. "What's that?"

Normal POV~

"What's that?" Inuyasha asked as he stepped up besides Kagome, pointing to just below her right shoulder. The mark was bright red and shaped, oddly enough, like a dog's paw print.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome moaned loudly, "you're in my sunlight, MOVE!" Kagome shooed Inuyasha with her hand, but it didn't work. He prodded the mark with one of his claws and was slapped away from Kagome. The 1x2 inch mark was nipped and was now bleeding. She looked down at what was suddenly warm and sticky-wet. Kagome gasped at the mark and tried to stop the bleeding. She had never noticed the mark before and looked up at Inuyasha in horror.

~Kagome's POV~

I had never seen the mark before, and I think I would have. The thing was huge from the angle I was seeing it from. This was somehow Inuyasha's fault. I don't know how, but it was Inuyasha who did this to me. I just knew it! Come to think of it, that area had been hurting slightly lately. And I don't really look at my arms all that much because my school uniform always covered them. Last time I had really looked at my arms was last summer, when I was doing my swimsuit shopping with my friends. That was before I fell down the well and met him...

~Normal POV~

Gin heard the question and kept her head tilted so she could listen to the couples' conversation. Something in the back of her mind was expecting her daughter to fly into the house asking for an explanation of the mark on her shoulder. She stood up and looked outside the window again. My baby is growing up too fast for me she thought and poured some ice tea.

Kagome lifted her finger off the scrape to check if it had stopped bleeding and took her finger off. "Sorry," the hanyou mumbled, still looking at her mark. Kagome pointed her bloodstained finger at Inuyasha, trying to blame him for the mark on her person. Inuyasha bent over and gently licked her finger of blood in a loving way. Kagome was speechless.

"Aww, that's sooo cute!" a female voice came from inside.

Kagome went pale and sunk down into her lawn-chair. "Mom!" she barely squeaked out before covering her eyes with her retracted hand. Inuyasha just looked up to the window in shock that someone had actually seen him being nice to Kagome for once.

Gin stepped outside the door, "Kagome, I need to speak to you. And you may come and listen also, Inuyasha," she said somberly, but still grinning from the position of the cute couple.

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