Soul Searching

Author: Pumpkin Belly

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Which One's Yours?

Spike stood in front of the window staring at his little boy. "Aiden" Spike whispered.

"Which one's yours?" The women beside him asked, leaning towards him.

"Oh," Spike said taking notice of her, "That one right there." Spike said pointing towards one of the babies in the room.

"Awe, he's beautiful." The women said.

"Yeah." Spike agreed, looking back at the baby, "Which one is yours?" He asked in return.

"She's right there." The women said pointing towards a baby girl towards the other side of the room, "I'm the aunt." The women said proudly, "So are you the uncle?" The women prompted.

"Father." Spike corrected.

"Oh." The women said slightly dejected. She started to say something else but Spike's attention was drawn back to the room in front of him where Aiden had started crying.

"What's wrong?" Spike asked to no one in particular. A nurse came in and took Aiden out of the room. "Where's he's going?"

"They're probably just taking him to his mother. Time for dinner maybe." The women smiled at Spike as she watched him walk down the hallway back to the mother's room she suspected. She watched him until Spike has disappeared down the hall and gave an evil smile.

Buffy sat next to Willow's bed talking to her quietly when the nurse brought Aiden in.

"I think someone is hungry." The nurse said giving Aiden to Willow. Willow looked at the nurse questioningly.

"How do you know?" Willow asked.

"He's only cried to have this diaper changed and when he's hungry. And I checked and his diaper doesn't need to be changed." The nurse said walking out of the room.

"Oh Wills he's so beautiful." Buffy gasped. She hadn't gotten a chance to see the baby this close yet.

"He is, isn't he?" Willow said being to feed the baby.

"Is everything ok?" Spike asked coming into the hospital room.

"Everything's fine." Buffy said, and then quickly asked, "Why? Did something happen?" Her body tensed.

"No, nothing happen." Spike assured Buffy causing her to relax, "I was just looking at the bit and then he started crying and they took him away."

"He was just hungry." She said to Spike, "Isn't that right little boy?" Willow asked Aiden who looked ready to fall asleep. He gave a little yawn causing Willow and Buffy to both "awe" at him. Spike stood to the opposite side of Willow, out of the way of the sunlight, and watched as his child fell asleep.

His child it still felt weird and wonderful to think or say. Spike gently stroked Aiden's head. Willow smiled as she watched Spike watching their child. She still couldn't believe that this was happening.

"I love you." Willow said.

"I love you too pet." Spike said leaning down to kiss her. Before standing up again Spike placed a gentle kiss to Aiden's head, who had begun to snore almost silently.

Spike held Willow's hand while she slept. The nurse had come and taken Aiden back to the nursery shortly after he had fallen asleep.

"Spike," Buffy called softly opening the hospital room door. Spike placed a kiss onto Willow's forehead before getting up and following Buffy into the hallway.

"What's wrong?" Spike asked after closing the door.

"Nothing, really." Buffy began, "Giles and Xander went back to Giles' place to do some research. Giles was thinking now that we know some more about Aiden, like that he is a he maybe we might be able to find something more about the prophecy."

"That seems like a good idea." Spike nodded in agreement.

"We were also thinking that maybe you could go to some of the demon bars and see if anyone has heard anything about Aiden or, or you know a new big bad looking for a baby." Buffy said nervously.

"Last time I was in town I wasn't the most popular vampire." Spike told her.

"You haven't been in town in a while and most of the talk about you helping us has died down." Buffy informed Spike.

"I'll try to find out anything I can, but someone has to be with Willow while I'm not here." Spike said.

"Since the suns still out I was going to go help Xander and Giles and once the sun goes down maybe you can go." Buffy suggested.

"He's not evil Buffy." Spike said.

"I know he's not." Buffy assured Spike.

"He can't be." Spike whispered more to himself than anyone else before turning back into Willow's room.

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