"*Words*" - Japanese

"Words" - English

'Words' - Thoughts

Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any characters there in.

Chapter 1: Welcome to America

          It was close to midnight in Sunnydale, when deep in the park a young hot pink demon stood in front of a campfire amid various arcane symbols clumsily scratched in the dirt.  He faced the fire and started to chant. As he came to the end he raised his voice and arms in a dramatic show, and waited. Silence.

          "Aw…. Fuck!  It didn't work. Shit!" The impatient youth stomped off into the night cursing.

Suddenly a blue light surrounded the fire and a figure clad in red with long white hair that flowed around his scowling face as if under water floated down into the fire before solidifying.

          He blinked. Then realized that he was standing in fire, even if it didn't make since, and jumped back.

          "*Shit! What the fuck? Who…*" He looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. "*What the hell?*"

          He stopped, turning to all of his senses to answer the questions.  The smells of a forest were there, only … different, and overlaid with the smell of humans. Many humans. And behind it all was the nasty smell of … machines.

          He listened. Wind, fire, small fury animals, and…he sighed, the sounds of 'modern' life.  Where ever he was the well was nowhere in sight, and neither was the shrine.  Something had gone wrong. And his feet were badly burnt.  So he went off deeper into the park to find a suitable tree to think and heal in.


          Buffy walked through the park, stake in hand, with Giles stumbling along behind her.

          "It should be right up ahead." He said.

          Buffy stepped into the clearing. The rising sun shedding a little light on the ritual site.  She looked at the patterns in the dirt.

          "Yep, looks like…something." She said.

          Giles started taking notes, "Last night at this location the fabric of space time was unusually thin.  I was worried that something might try to take advantage of that."

          "Great, so… what happened?"

          Giles silently traveled around the circumference of the site. Then sat down and looked over his notes.

          "It was very poorly done, very amateur." He said at last. "It looks like whatever it was, was trying to pull the greatest demon warriors of all time from their times and places to Sunnydale, now."

          "Great," Buffy said lamely, "So, how many and how powerful?"

          "It really isn't that specific." Giles furrowed his brow, "I doubt that you have anything to worry about though. This is really quite clumsy. Besides this area by the fire seems to be the focal point, the earth would be disturbed if it was successful."

          "Um…how about this…" Buffy pointed a few feet to the side.  There in the dirt was the clear imprint of two bare feet.  They turned and headed for the tree line. "An accomplice maybe?"

          Giles shook his head, "No, I don't think so.  Keep an eye out for someone new, if this spell did manage to pull anyone here they would be very powerful and very dangerous."

          "Goody, Legendary demon warrior fun." Buffy sighed as she trotted off to school.


A/N: I started it before I even considered posting anything and rediscovered it a while ago. I think I am fudging with time a little. This takes place fairly early in both series. Pre Kouga and Angelus. So Angel's around and even might show up later, it's in the plan. I do actually have a plot and a loose outline.