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Chapter 8: The Smell of Promise

Kagome had already taken her shower, Willow had insisted that she go first, and changed into a blue sundress. She had scrubbed so hard that she thought her skin would come off. She could almost feel the stuff seeping deeper into skin. But at least SHE couldn't smell it any more. The sent didn't mean anything to her, it only had a strange smell, like hot oil or something. Would it really have an effect on InuYasha like Willow and Buffy seemed to think?

She was in the kitchen leaning against the island, and toweling off her hair when she saw InuYasha come through the door, then close it carefully behind him. That was encouraging, right? New, but that doesn't mean anything, does it?

InuYasha turned to her, "I was waiting for you." He said huskily, "I was waiting for you to finish scrubbing that shit off of you and for HER to leave."

"InuYasha?" Kagome dropped her towel. He had a funny look in his eyes, "Aren't you supposed to be hunting?" she asked nervously.

"No," he was staring into her eyes so intently, then his eyes wondered down and seemed to stop below her waist. "I'm supposed to be ...somewhere else right now."

Kagome swallowed hard, "Wh-where?" she whispered.

InuYasha smiled. It was the scariest smile that she had ever seen. It looked like he wanted to eat her. Some how she thought that wasn't what he was up to.

InuYasha continued to walk toward her, slowly, like he was trying to keep from scarring his prey. Which he was. Suddenly he jumped forward planting his hands on either side off her. Not touching her, but very close. Kagome pressed herself against the island in an attempt to back away, hands clutching the edge.

InuYasha leaned over and sniffed at her damp shoulder. "That's good." He said returning to his original position, eyes closed. "the stink is gone, all that's left is promise." He open his eyes and looked into hers, underneath all the rest she could see concern, what about she didn't know.

'No other man should be around her now .' He thought.

"You can't get rid of that now," he continued, "it's too deep inside you." his eyes dropped with his voice, "I'd like to be that deep-"

"InuYasha!" Kagome gasped, as much from the words as from the fact that he was now pressing his body up against her and had started... moving. "What a-are you doing?" she felt something bump against her.

"Shh," InuYasha replied wrapping his arms gently around her securing her upper torso lightly against his, pressing his face in her hair, "don't worry about it." He mumbled.

"InuYasha," she decided this was FAR too forward, too fast. She hadn't even been kissed and now, suddenly, THIS. Worse, she was beginning to really enjoy the way he was rubbing against her. It was time to stop this. "that had better be your sword." She said, almost indignantly.

He gave a throaty chuckle and kissed her neck, "Sure." Was his only answer.

'Does that count as a kiss?' she thought, 'No, wait, trying to stop this. If I can only get him to back away from me – AAH' Kagome squeaked when InuYasha shifted position, allowing him greater access and control. That earned her another chuckle.

However InuYasha was getting frustrated. This wouldn't do. The material of his fire rat armor was thick and rough, it prevented him feeling her. Maybe he should just remove it. Maybe remove some of her clothes. He could still deal with that right?

He growled quickening his movements. Thinking never seemed to help get out of this mood anyway.

In front of him Kagome squeaked again and adjusted herself unconsciously, improving things all around. She had begun to pant against his chest, all thoughts of stopping gone, after all they weren't really doing anything were they?

"Good, good, Kagome" he whispered.

"Ok guys, I have to eat here." Buffys' voice stopped all actions in the room.

InuYasha released Kagome and spun around to kill Buffy for interrupting. But Buffy was already running for the front door.




"I can't let you kill Buffy, she's only trying to help!" Kagome keeled next to a flat InuYasha. He growled his response.

"How did you do that?" Buffy asked.

Kagome sighed, "His rosary. It was a gift from Keade so InuYasha would have a difficult time killing me and getting the jewel. I say "SIT!" and he is compelled to the ground."

"So why didn't you use it on him before?" Buffy asked.

Kagome blushed, well retained her blush. "He surprised me, I had to get him away to use it or I would be trapped under him."

"Ah... is he, always like that?" Buffy returned her attention back to InuYasha.

Kagome also looked at InuYasha. The spell had released him and he was now curled up in a ball, whimpering. "InuYasha! Are you Ok?"

Anger having left him, he was left to deal with the results of a very sensitive organ having been compelled to the ground rather abruptly. InuYasha just glared at the women.


"InuYasha stay in there, we'll talk later." Kagome keeled by the cage in the backroom of the library.

InuYasha only nodded and remained sitting.

As long as he was kept several feet from the afflicted girls he was relatively ok. He wouldn't have reacted as badly as he had if Buffy hadn't been soaked in the stuff when she approached him. As it was the only thing keeping him from Kagome's side was the cage, a conscious reminder that if he did get to her side all he would want to do is touch her. And if he touched her.... 'Look Bars!' he thought desperatly, 'I am not an animal.'

If InuYasha hadn't been so busy focusing on his non-animal nature he probably would have been laughing his head off. He wasn't the only one affected by the experimental perfume. Just the one with the most violent reaction. The three girls sat at the small table, now pulled to the wall opposite the cage, the two males of the group were perched nervously near the door, looking ready to bolt.

"So the way I see it," Buffy started suddenly, "this demon figured it could distract both InuYasha and Kagome indefinitely with this little stunt. Making the rest of us once again blind and ... um, not smelling stuff?"

"Couldn't we still use Kagome's ability to see this thing?" Xander asked from the doorway.

Willow shook her head. "The cage is just a psychological barrier, when Kagome went to the bathroom InuYasha followed her."

"Into the girls' bathroom?" Xander asked.

"No," Buffy shook her head, "I managed to convince him that there wouldn't be any guys in there. But he's like her shadow."

"A shadow with hands." Willow added, "But I have an idea. Maybe if we use some of that stink bomb stuff, we could counter act the pheromones."

"That stuff fades too fast." Buffy complained, "Besides, I don't want to smell all gross."

"Well, I mostly thought that Kagome could use it." Willow amended, "After all, InuYasha doesn't seem affected by us. Right InuYasha?"

InuYasha stared at Kagome.

"But... I don't want to smell gross either." Kagome said anxiously.

"It washes off pretty fast." Buffy said.

"You didn't want to wear it." Kagome gave Buffy a flat look.

"I-I would," Buffy back peddled quickly, "If it was my boyfriend in the cage. Hey, I have to go to live here and attend classes for a few more years, and high school girls are harsh about that kind of thing."

"Just a little bit." Willow explained, "Just enough to repulse InuYasha."

"Just what I want to do, repulse InuYasha." Kagome sighed, "And he's not my boyfriend."

"Are you sure about that?" Buffy asked semi-teasingly, "after that scene in the kitchen I might rethink that if I were you."

Kagome blushed deeply. She and InuYasha were defiantly going to have a long talk when this was over.

"What happened in the kitchen?" Xander asked, suddenly much more interested in the conversation.

"Nothing." The girls' chorused.

"Where is this stuff?" Kagome asked reluctantly.

Willow got up to get what was left of the stink bomb concoction.

"By the way Kagome," Buffy asked casually, "Maybe you shouldn't wear that weird necklace of yours when we go hunting the imp again. The bottle might break and that would be bad, why do you wear that anyway?"

Kagome bit her lip, this was going to make her sound stupid, "I keep the shards of the Shikon No Tama in that bottle-"

"You brought shards of the Shikon No Tama to the Hell mouth?" Giles stood up suddenly, "What on earth would possess you to do such a thing?"

InuYasha's ears perked a little and his expression darkened, 'Kagome brought the jewel?'

"Well, I didn't know I was bringing it to some place called the hell mouth!" Kagome jumped up and defended herself quickly, "And Sunnydale doesn't exactly start any alarm bells in MY mind! Besides, he last time I left the shards at home a youkai was attracted to it and InuYasha barely arrived in time to save the day! Now if you'll excuse me I think InuYasha wants to yell at me now!"

Kagome stalked off to fight with InuYasha, who was giving her dark looks.

"So there." Buffy said to Giles, "If she is supposed to guard these things she really couldn't leave them lying around."

"I know, it's just that..." Giles looked at Kagome and raised his voice over the yelling, "We have to keep them safe, if they fell into the wrong hands-"


"-it would be a disaster." He finished in a normal voice.

"I hate it when he calls me that." Kagome stomped back to her seat.

"I know some guys I'd like to be able to do that to." Buffy looked over at the pile of InuYasha in the cage.

"But you can do that without the rosary." Willow said.

"Yeah," Buffy sighed, "But to be able to do it with a word. Just open your mouth and BAMB! Down they go."

"Can we get back to the subject at hand?" Giles caught everyone's attention.

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