Title: Fallen Angel

Author: Juju

Rating: will be R in future chapters

A/N: This will be slash (Harry/Draco, Lucius/Severus) eventually, so if you don't like it, don't read it. If you do like it please read and review it. Please also note that I am German and my English isn't so good. Please bare with my spelling and grammar mistakes.



When Lucius Malfoy crossed the magical barrier between platforms nine and ten he was alarmed to see that his son wasn't there. Lucius had just been released from prison and it sure wouldn't take Narcissa long to realize that. He hoped that his wife, or better soon to be Ex-Wife (he had decided to finally divorce her) hadn't gotten to Draco before he did and taken him to Voldemort.

Lucius knew that his son would rather die than take the Dark Mark and since Draco didn't have all of his powers yet he probably would be killed.

With one last look along the platform Lucius decided to leave when he saw Harry Potter being dragged to a large group of people by one of the Weasley boys. He saw pain in Harry's eyes and was surprised to note that when the two boys had almost reached the other people a mask forced itself over Harry's features and he started to smile brightly. There was still a small amount of pain in his eyes but the other people didn't seem to notice or care.

Lucius than realized that he didn't know the Boy-Who-Lived at all. He frowned slightly before letting his face smooth back in the usual cold mask. Who would have thought that Harry was this good at hiding his true feeling? That his smile was a mask just like his own?

Lucius' musings were interrupted by the loud laughter of the people standing in front of him. He then realized that the group had moved and was now standing in front of him.

"Looking for your son, Malfoy?" asked one of the twins. The group broke out in laughter again.

Lucius scowled. He than realized that Harry wasn't laughing with them. "How did you get out of prison" Harry asked his face showing no emotion.

"I don't think that's any of your concern, Potter" said a cold voice behind them.

Startled they turned around and saw Severus Snape standing there a frown on his face.

Harry looked him for a moment, then lowered his eyes. "Let's go" he said simply.

"But Harry, Malfoy probably escaped from prison, we..." Ronald Weasley started, but was interrupted by his father. "Dumbledore told me that he was going to testify for Malfoy. He trusts him. Let's go, Ron"

"But Dad, he..."Ronald started again.

"Let's go" his father repeated.

"Good luck searching your son then. You might want to put on some gloves before you touch him. We wouldn't want you to get slime all over yourself." One of the twins said grinning wildly. The whole group started laughing again.

With a flick of his wrist Lucius had his wand in his hand and was about to through a curse when Severus stepped in front of him. He saw Arthur Weasley drag his children from the platform and shot an evil glare at the greasy haired potions master.

Severus just lifted one elegant eyebrow and said calmly. "We have to get back to Draco. He is not feeling good"

"What happed? Where is he?" asked Lucius anxious to know where his son was.

"I took him home with me." Snape answered. "Let us go there so you can see him"

They left Platform 9 ¾ quickly and apparated to Snape Manor.

"Draco upstairs in his usual room" said Severus quietly. "Maybe you can cheer him up"

Lucius quickly left the entry hall and went looking for his son. When he entered the room he saw Draco lying on the bed, his head buried in the pillow. His shoulders were shaking.

Lucius went over to the bed and sat down quietly. He began stroking his son's back and said softly: "What happened?"

Draco lifted his head. "Dad?" he asked distressed. After a moment he flung himself at his father and began sobbing into his shoulder.


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