Buffy had managed to scavenge a tissue from her pocket, one that was
wrinkled but clean, she pulled out her favorite fountain pen and started to

You've killed two,
Two of my own kind,
Heck, you've almost killed me,
My Ex was your Grandsire,
And, no,
It's not funny,
But I've finally come to admit,
You grow on someone,
Like a Chia Pet or something,
Point is,
That I've finally come to adore you.
So, when we first met,
I'd be lying if I said,
That it was love at first sight,
'Cause it wasn't,
You were trying to kill me.
So now,
I'm seventeen,
And I've got a boyfriend on an evil warpath,
You come to me,
With issues of your own,
My boyfriend,
Or Ex,
You think is trying to snag your gal,
Your gal,
The insane ditz of a chick with prophetic dreams,
So we have a truce,
You help me,
And I give you time to get your 'chick',
All this ends up,
And I leave town.
So you come back,
You kidnap my buds,
To make them do your will,
Their location is obvious,
But you're too drunk,
And you puff yourself up,
And say they aren't,
All this wraps up,
And Coo-coo-ca-choo,
There goes you.
So you come back,
Looking and diggin',
For The Ring of Ahmara,
With Harmony,
Which I still can't believe,
I end up winning,
As I always do,
And there goes you.
So you're chipped,
So you're here,
Big Couch Potato,
A big nuisance,
Drinking blood by the quart,
In the tub.
So you get in line with Adam,
Which still pisses me off.
You have a crush on me,
The Slayer,
The one who was kicking your immortal ass,
You try and succeed at protecting my sister,
And take care of her during my death,
Which was good and nice of you,
In your words,
We're 'shagging' and doing some not so pure stuff,
You love me,
I'm using you,
You know,
And you don't care,
I break it off,
And you still love me,
You try and make me feel it,
In my bathroom,
On the cold tile.
You've got a soul,
A soul,
You're not the original,
But that's fine,
You killed people,
Innocent people,
But you were under the influence,
The influence of evil,
Unadulterated Evil,
Hey, I've got it too,
We all do,
It's natural.
When the going gets tough,
You pass with flying colors,
We did the fighting,
You did the cleanup,
Sadly you lost it,
Let's see,
It's been awhile,
Let me recollect,
You tried to kill me,
You tried to fight against killing me,
You would never try to kill me,
That's a big change,
I can still hear us talking down there,
'I love you' I said,
'No, you don't, but thanks for saying it' you squeeze my hand,
I burn,
My flesh begins to peel,
I have to let go,
Of you,
When I met you,
You were so pestlike and annoying,
No respect,
No love,
Just hate,
Just raw,
No hate,
No raw,
Just love,
Just respect.
And there goes you.'
Buffy started crying and let her tears fall and stain the tissue, smearing
the ink, she didn't care, she could write it again.