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Response to the WIKTT challenge: 50 ways to leave you lover - but Hermione only needs one

Hermiones final year at Hogwarts had been much difficult. She had helped Harry Potter to defeat Voldemort, doing so she had managed to be listed as one of the persons to torture, rape and kill. Not only that, she had taken the title as the most brilliant ever attending Hogwarts for over fifty years, plus she was 100% muggleborn. Yes, Voldemort hated her and did much to try and kill. When realising he had no opportunity to touch her until she left Hogwarts, he killed her parents.

Well, in the end, the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter, finally served justice and rescued the world, from the madness Voldemort had started. Death Eaters were going crazy and claiming their innocence and others, the most loyal once, just walked around and killed everyone.

After it all was over, Hermione had asked, humble, if Severus Snape would let her be his apprentice, after much annoyance, he gave in. Hermione figured it was because of Dumbledore.

So Hermione started began her eight-year at Hogwarts, as his apprentice. In the beginning he was acting like always, vicious and mean. But after awhile, he got to know her and learned to appreciate her skilful mind and brilliant way of thinking.

Harry and Ron wasn't pleased with Hermione becoming potions apprentice, but they settled in the end. The two of them were still becoming Aurors.

Harry was dating Ginny and the two of them were happier than ever. Hermione was dating Ron, and that went good too. Though, Hermione had to listen to Snape who complained about her choice of men every so often.

The summer vacation had just started...

"I can't believe it!" Hermione muttered furiously as she went into Severus's private work lab to work. Somewhere in the castle, in his private rooms, Severus Snape woke up form a nap in his chair, knowing that someone had broken into his work lap. His magical guards had told him. Severus got up and cleaned himself quickly, before hurrying off. He quietly walked into lab where he met one furious Hermione Granger, who was doing a potion.

"What are you doing Hermione?" He asked and Hermione wheeled around surprised. She looked at him carelessly, before turning around and continuing her potion. "Aren't you supposed to be with your beloved fiancé?" He tried again Hermione tried her best not to cry.

"Bloody bastard, nothing else," Hermione mumbled and Severus walked over to the brave young woman, he had learned to appreciate and care of.

"Hermione," he asked and touched her shoulder gently. He had noticed the scent escaping from her potion; she was doing a bad-luck potion. "Tell me what happened," he begged and Hermione turned around and suddenly hugged him, while crying lightly.

"That bloody bastard!" She mumbled while hugging him tightly. Severus and Hermione had never hugged before, never touched. They had spent much time together, drinking tea, talking about a lot of things, but never had they touched. He hugged her lightly back while trying his best to calm the woman in his embrace. "I just wanted to surprise him, just wanted to do something nice. I entered his apartment and fixed dinner and lit candles, it was really romantic. Then the bloody bastard came home an hour after he had been let off work, I thought he had worked late or something..." she let out some sobs, "he had some bloody bitch with him home! Do you see? You were right! The guy's a bloody moron! He was cheating on me! You should've seen his face, when he entered the living room with her and saw me and the romantic dinner!" Hermione pulled away from his embrace and paced around in the private work lab.

"I didn't want to be right," Severus informed and Hermione snorted. "Okay, that's not true, you know how I think about Weasley," Severus conjured a cup of tea for her. "I don't think spoiling his life with a bad-luck potion, is the right way to get revenge," he dragged her over to a chair and made her sit down.

"Hermione, you're more clever than that, you can't let this get to you, he's not worthy of your precious tears."

"I don't even care about him cheating on me!" Hermione blurted out sadly and Severus looked at her surprised. "I'm relieved, I don't have to marry him. I've had cold feets about this marriage, but I reckoned it was something everyone goes through. I just didn't want to be alone," she looked into the steaming cup of tea.

"I know what you mean..."

"He's nothing but a man with a child in his eyes," she sipped some of the tea.

"What did you say when they entered the room?"

"Nothing, I just looked at them snuggle until they noticed me. Ron looked surprised and shocked and the girl, well... I don't know. She seemed quite surprised too," she closed her eyes for some moments reviewing it all in her head, "What was I supposed to say? Get your filthy hands off my man? –She snorted of the mental picture- He seemed to want it, so there was nothing I could, or wanted, to say."

"Shall I help you finish the potion?" Severus asked smiling evilly and Hermione laughed.

"No thank you. You're right. The best thing I can do right now is just to get on with my life. I don't need a man who don't appreciates me," she informed heartily and got up. "Scourgify," Hermione mumbled and the content disappeared. "How is your love life?" She stretched a little before taking a seat again.

"Lovely as ever. Petra and I are trying to create a baby," he smiled smugly and Hermione returned it.

"That's wonderful!" Said Hermione vaguely. Severus usually informed Hermione about any changed in his relationship with Petra Williamson.

"I know you don't like her, so don't sound happy," Severus smirked and Hermione blushed.

"Sorry, there's just something about her I don't like..." she apologised, "I mean, I'm sure she's nice when you get to know her!" It was Severus's lady! How could she be so heartless and insult her? Severus let out a laugh.

After the war Severus Snape had felt a strong urge to settle down. Harry Potter had conquered the Dark Lord and all he had back was a tattoo, to remind him about his horrible past. It had been sheer luck that he had met Petra, so willing to be with him, to love him. He had tried to dismiss the thought of him finally getting rest, but then the thought of love, children, and a new life rumbled inside him. Hermione was the only one to know the full details about the life he was leading outside of Hogwarts. Most people just knew he had a girlfriend or something.

"And you never thought you'd find happiness," Hermione teased in a silly voice. Severus's expression became dry.

"I still don't believe my luck..."

"Come on, Severus, everyone deserves to be happy, that's what life's all about. To become happy," Hermiones eyes were sparkling by the sound of happiness.

"You've told me that so many times now, Hermione. I know, what do you think I'm trying?" Severus asked slightly irritated.

"Wouldn't it be better to get married before creating a baby?"

"Guess so," he shrugged his shoulders, "that means I'll have to take her out and go down on one knee," both shuddered by the mental picture.

"You don't have to do that, just... just let it come from your heart..."

After their conversation, Severus had asked Petra to marry him, and here they all were, waiting for the music to begin and Petra to walk down the isle.

A strange feeling roamed inside of Hermione as she watched everyone take his or her seat. Hermione sat on first row, where Severus's family should've sat, along with Albus Dumbledore.

The smile that had settled on her lips like glue disappeared. How could this happen? It shouldn't be Petra by his side, but Hermione! Hermione shrugged off the uncomfortable feeling. She didn't even like Severus, did she?

"Are you okay, miss Granger?" Dumbledore asked politely while watching Hermione closely.

"Yes..." she managed to say with a light stutter.

"Hermione," Dumbledore spoke quietly, "this is not supposed to be this way," Hermione looked surprised at the headmaster.

"W-what do you mean, Sir?" A lump was threatening to burst and make her cry.

Before the headmaster got the chance to respond, the wedding march began and all rose from their seats respectfully. Hermione caught Severus's gaze for a second and tried to smile, but without luck. This was too painful, but what could she do? She couldn't object to this matter. It would be too cruel towards Severus. He deserved to be happy! Hermione saw Petra appear from the door with her father by her side. Hermione felt her inner twist, this was so wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! No! He loves Petra! I can't do anything but watch! Hermione thought to herself and bit her lip painfully, as Petra stopped next to Severus at the altar.

"We are gathered her today to unite two special wizards in a holy matrimony. If anyone has any objections, to why these two shouldn't be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace," the priest spoke and Hermiones inside turned. C'mon Hermione! You have to tell him your feelings before it's too late! You have to let him know! – I can't! – She discussed with herself, yes you can! You have to do something! You don't trust Petra! Come on! Do it know! Before it's too late! Hermione! Pull yourself together! You have to stop it! Petra is evil! She doesn't deserve Severus! You love Severus! He loves you! NOW! Yell! Stop the wedding! You have to do it! Hermione! Hermione! Hermione!

"NO!" Hermione suddenly yelled and everything became quiet. Every gaze turned towards the young lady on first row who was standing up. Severus looked surprised and that was nothing to compare with how Petra looked like. Dumbledore on the other hand seemed quite pleased.

"No?" The priest asked confused and Hermione felt her heart dropping. What am I doing? She wondered. "No what?" He urged her to speak.