Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy had both fallen asleep in Hermiones bed, with their clothes on. They had sat talking for 15 minutes and then they had both fallen into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile at the breakfast table, two teachers sat eyeing every single student who entered the Great Hall. It was eight in the morning and breakfast time, Hermione and Draco never showed up.

"Severus! How dare you do this to me! To my house!" McGonagall tried to keep down her voice, but it seemed impossible. Pansy had just walked into the Great Hall, looking for her beloved boyfriend.

"It's not my fault! It's actually your precious little miss-know-it-all's!" Severus spat back through gritted teeth. Some of the teachers looked at the two people arguing.

"You saw how Mr. Malfoy charmed her last night!" McGonagall spat back coldly. Snape seemed proud; okay maybe it was Granger, but still!

"And here I thought he had better taste!" Snape said and mentally slapped himself. McGonagall rose from her chair.

"HOW DARE YOU! IT'S YOUR ENTIRE FAULT! YOU SHOULD'VE STOPPED HIM!" McGonagall yelled and Snape looked rather frightened.

"Minerva!" Dumbledore warned and McGonagall claimed her seat again. "I don't think this is the way for miss Parkinson to know what's going on," Dumbledore mumbled. He had been rather annoyed by Snapes and McGonagalls chat, he was, after all, sitting between the two.

"My apology Albus," McGonagall said and pulled her together. A lot of students were still looking shocked at the Transfigurations professor.

Hermione woke up still very much aroused from sleepiness. She looked at the guy lying next to her; he looked so peaceful. She smiled, how innocent he looked when sleeping. Arh... Hermione mentally moaned and got out of the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed trying to clear her thoughts. Headache? A voice smirked inside her and she sighed. I feel as if there's drumming in my head! Hermione complained silently, that's no drumming, somebody's at the door. The clever voice said and Hermione got up and immediately regretted it. Everything began spinning in her head and she stumbled her way out of the bedroom and over to the door.

"Hermione," Ron and Harry beamed when she finally opened the door.

"What?" She asked slightly annoyed. Though the boys had stopped knocking at the door, the knocking continued in her head. She rocked from side to side badly and felt like throwing up.

"You didn't attend breakfast, we just wanted to know where you were... Or lunch for that matter. You going to attend dinner?"

"What time is it?" She asked vague and tried to steady herself. Harry took a firm hold in her, to stop her swaying from side to side.

"Three," Ron said after gazing at his watch. Hermione moaned tiredly and clasped her hands to her head, hoping to stop the drumming.

"You really hit it off last night," Harry gave her a bright smile, but she only frowned at him. Hermione tried to remember what had happened, but there seemed to be a lot of bleak holes in her memory. What she did remember clearly, what her talking to herself.

"Can we come in?" Harry asked after a moment of silence.

"Ye-"Hermione remembered Draco lying in her bed, the picture of Draco stepping out from her bedroom when he woke up, the look on Harry and Rons face... She shuddered, "No. Not in the moment. I would like to be alone, I am kind of tired," Hermione said faintly and closed the door before either of the boys, got a chance to answer. She breathed out heavily before dragging herself back to the bedroom, where she lay down and fell into another deep slumber.

"Draco," Hermione mumbled as she opened her eyes and met his.

"Hermione," he gave her a weak smile. "My head hurts."

"Mine too," she let out a small giggle. "What time is it?" They both lay down with their heads close to each other.

"Two in the morning, we've missed a whole day," he said faintly and wrinkled his nose, "your breath is killing me," Hermione moved a bit away.

"My back hurts, come, lets lie different," she suggested and they both turned around in the bed to lie properly, with heads on pillows and duvets wrapped around them.

"It's your fault," Draco stated sounding sulky. Hermione, who had closed her eyes, opened one of them slightly while looking at Draco. "You shoved the drink into my hand," he reminded with a smile.

"Oh, yeah," she vaguely, everything was spinning and she felt so bad. "Sorry about that..." she whispered and relaxed in the bed. Though, not a minute after she opened her eyes and rose from the bed, the spinning had increased and having her eyes closed felt unbearable.

"What's happening?" Draco asked weak.

"It's all spinning!" Hermione exclaimed horrified and tried to lie down and relax.

"Just relax, get some sleep," he muttered and let his hand cuddle hers drowsily.

Soon the two students fell into a deep slumber again and they did not wake up until the following afternoon, just before lunch.

"I feel so empty!" Hermione cried out and turned to face the bowl. Whatever she had eaten that week, was coming right up again. She squeaked tiredly as she leaned against the wall.

"Me too," Draco informed tiredly as he entered the bathroom. He had vomited in the living room and was looking paler than usual.

"Hope you used the Scourgify spell," Hermione said grimly and felt another wave of nausea from the picture of vomit. She moved over to the bowl and let another meal out.

"I-!" Draco said by the noise and hurried over to the sink, Hermione heard him cry out moans as his past meals appeared in the sink. "'Scourgify," he mumbled after he was finished and slipped down onto the floor. Hermione lay down on the marble floor of her bathroom.

"I feel like dying," she cried and turned around to lie on her stomach. Draco groaned displeased in reply and crawled over to the pool.

"Need a bath," he mumbled and turned on the water. Hermione was happy that the tub was filling magically fast, she couldn't stand the sound of water plashing loudly, especially since there was an echo in the room.

"I don't want to take off my cloths," she whined. Draco gave her a curt smile before letting himself roll into the pool with his cloths on. Hermione gasped and crawled over to the edge fast.

"You don't have to," he said as he reappeared from the deep. Hermione rolled into the water too. It was the nicest feeling ever! The water surrounded her, cleaning her completely.

"I feel so much refreshed," Hermione told as they had swum around in the pool.

"Me too," he dived under the water and swam over to the small staircase.

"Your makeup is all..." he screwed up his face before Hermione went into her bedroom. She glanced her mirror. She used a quick spell and the makeup disappeared. Hermione got on some new clothes while Draco was waiting in the living room with only a towel around him.

"You wish to borrow some clothes? I am quite sure I can find a cloak for you to borrow before you get back to your own rooms," Hermione suggested and she head Draco reply with a 'yes'. She entered the room again, "here," she threw a black cloak to him, which he put on. He let the towel fall once he had buttoned the cloak.

"Thank you," he said politely and stiffened a yawn. "See you in ten? I'll be back when I've gotten cloths on," he said and Hermione nodded.

Hermione threw the cloak into a chair before leaving her rooms with Draco. They were both feeling tired, but when they entered the Great Hall they both tried to fall into their usual character. Hermione strode up to the head table where everyone sat, apparently not many students had stayed behind, and Draco slumped quietly up there too.

"Good afternoon miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy," Dumbledore greeted delighted as Hermione took a seat next to Harry. She looked at the people around the table curtly. Draco, Grabbe, Goyle, Harry, Ron, Euan Abercrombie (second years Gryffindor), Stewart Ackerly from Ravenclaw too, Owen Cauldwell (Hufflepuf) and Graham Vindicus from Slytherin. Not many students.

"Afternoon," Hermione responded trying her best to sound fresh. Draco didn't respond, but took a seat next to his two guards.

"You didn't attend any meals yesterday or this morning," Dumbledore informed them as if they were unaware of it.

"Yes, I was quite tired," Hermione replied and cast a short glance at Draco who vaguely returned it.

"Well yes you did hit it off, Hermione," Ron said informingly and Hermione scowled quietly.

"It was quite amazing," Harry supplied and Hermione felt sleepiness creeping over her.

"There was nothing amazing about it, I knew exactly what was going on," Hermione informed coolly, but the respond was a snort from both Harry and Ron...

"Hermione, you were wasted, come on, admit it. You were completely off," Ron asked and Hermione drank some juice.

"Fine, maybe I did get a bit light headed," she finally admitted and she felt most of the people gaze at her.

"A bit?" Snape asked watching her interested while she looked at him coldly, "I doubt a bit would have made you... act, the way you did," he informed and Hermione suddenly felt hot. What had she done?

"Act? What do you mean by act?" Hermione narrowed his eyes at him suspiciously. Suddenly the events rushed over her and she literally felt like being hit in the head with a brick. "Oh!" She gasped and widened her eyes. "I'm sorry professor! I didn't mean it!" Hermione apologised.

"Sorry for what? What did you do to him?" Ron asked getting everyone's attention.

"Oh I think you did," Snape said coldly ignoring Ron. Hermione bit her cheek from the inside, she felt like giving him right. He watched her interested and waited for her to reply.

"I didn't!" Hermione replied slightly angry. He cocked and eyebrow at her.

"Miss Granger, please be quiet, you're giving me a headache," Snape spat annoyed.

"Whatever you say," she said in a careless voice and Snape stared at her along with most of the other people sitting at the table. She kept on eating pretending not to notice his sharp eyes boring into her.

"Miss Granger, what you've been doing since the party?" Remus Lupin, the DADA teacher, asked politely to ease the tension at the table.

"Sleeping," she said giving him a slight smile.

"Sleeping isn't the word," Ron informed with a smile, "you should've seen her when we knocked on her door yesterday," Ron let out a small laugh.

"You had just awoken me," Hermione informed him dull and played some of the food around with her fork.

"When we asked if we could come in, you actually slammed the door in our face," Ron said pointing out that she had been wasted.

"I didn't want company," Hermione sighed dully and Snape snorted quite loudly. "If you don't mind, I have things to see to!" Hermione said annoyed and got up from her chair. Her head was hurting like mad and her stomach likewise. She hurried out of the Great Hall and outside to get some fresh air. The cold air immediately embraced her and she had to use several warming spells so that she wouldn't freeze. She walked quietly towards the lake. "Bloody bastard! How dare he!" Hermione muttered moodily. "Idiot, moron!" she continued, "self-hating bastard!" She stopped her walk and screwed her face in a disgusted way, the snow in front of her, was yellow.

"Gross..." she mumbled and walked a large circle around it.

Even though Hermione just sat alone bored, the day had moved to the end rather fast. She entered the Great Hall around dinnertime, just to see a lot of silent people looking at a frightened Ron Weasley. "What's going on?" Hermione asked and walked towards the group.

"Well, Dumbledore's come up with the practical joke to enchant the mistletoes. If being caught beneath it, you won't be able to move more than 1,5 metre away or else you'll get shocked," Harry informed with a grin, "the only way to break it is to be kissed."

"And who's gotten caught beneath it?"

"Ron," he smirked and Hermione walked over to the crowd who was looking at Ron.

"It's rather cruel, professor McGonagall and I are the only women here," Hermione informed and Ron looked even more frightened. "That means that whenever one of you people get caught beneath it, it is our job to rescue you," Hermione let out a small laugh by the thought of Snape never being able to get away from beneath it.

"You can split it, professor McGonagall can take the professors and you the students," Ron said brightly and Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you think Lavender would be a bit displeased?" Hermione said in a singsong voice and left the crowd. She headed towards the head table when suddenly a silky voice spoke.

"I thought you were above such connections." Hermione turned around with a blaze in her eyes. What the fuck is he talking about? – ohhh... yeah... he thinks I'm seeing Draco...

"Professor Snape, what are you talking about?"

"What such naïve people call love, a relationship between two people..." he smirked at her and everyone was quiet.

"Love? Do you think I am such a horrible person to ruin somebody's relationship?" Hermione questioned surprised, but with a little satisfaction that she had made him think she played with Draco. She knew that he had followed them because she had seen him. He had probably thought she was too drunk to register anything. "What ever you saw," she made sure to push extra effort when saying 'saw', "then you didn't see it all, that's why you have no idea of what really happened," Hermione informed coldly and met his furious gaze. It wasn't nearly as furious as hers.

"Ehem... Hermione... can you please help me, Lavender will understand," Ron pleaded and Hermione dragged her gaze away from Snapes eyes.

"Fine," she muttered annoyed and walked over to Ron. She wrinkled her nose lightly before stepping towards him. She leaned closely and met his lips. Hermione broke the kiss and walked over to the table, where dinner was served.

"Thank you," Ron said politely as he took a seat next to her. She didn't respond.

Later that evening, Harry and Goyle were caught under the mistletoe, both looking frightened and sick at the same time.

"I am NOT kissing him!" Both guys yelled and the green see-through wall of the enchanted mistletoe disappeared.

"What happened?" Harry asked confused and hurried away from Goyle.

"The spell breaks if two people get caught beneath it and they really don't wish to share a kiss," Dumbledore chuckled and watched the mistletoe disappear.

"Why does it disappear?"

"Well, otherwise people can avoid it, and then there wouldn't be any fun!" Dumbledore chuckled happily again and Hermione scowled.

"I'm not going to kiss anyone else," Hermione informed strictly, "student or teacher, no one," and then she went to bed.

Hermione spent the first days of the Christmas vacation in the library doing her homework. No one had been caught beneath the mistletoe, well a vague rumour told that McGonagall had been caught, but had been rescued by Dumbledore. She shuddered unwillingly and resumed studying.

Hermione looked up from her homework, somewhere a distant voice was singing.

Decks the hall with boughs of holly

It's the season to be jolly

And be thankful for all that we have

All the light and decorations

Put up in anticipations

Of the joyful celebrations...

Hermione sighed. The Christmas trees were running loose in the castle singings songs. Yes, running loose. They were walking around and some of them even disrupted the meals sometimes. And if that wasn't enough, one of them had gone outside and entered the forbidden forest, when it came back, several hours later, it had all the animals of the forest with it! There was still a loose squirrel running around in the castle! Hermione got up, she had just finished the last of the essays she had been given.

"Hermione!" Somebody yelled and Hermione met Harry and Ron. "Come with us outside, we're going to beat Malfoy, Grabbe and Goyle in a snowball fight!" Ron said excited and clapped his hands like a little boy before receiving a big present.

"A snowball fight," a voice spoke cheerfully and Dumbledore came towards them along with McGonagall, Snape and Lupin.

"Yeah, we're totally going smash them!" Harry said ecstatically. "Come on Hermione, we can't do it without you," Harry pleaded and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"You know, that doesn't work anymore. I've learned my lesson," Hermione informed with a small smile, "every time you've said it, it's ended in a fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters..." Hermione sighed tiredly. Dumbledore chuckled happily.

"Come on... you know all these spells...!" Ron begged almost falling on his knees.

"What about you professors?" Hermione asked sweetly and looked at the four professors. Secretly she hoped Snape would say yes, she would love to thwart him in a snowball fight!

"No thank you, I have essays to correct," McGonagall excused.

"I'm too old, but I am quite sure Remus and Severus wouldn't mind..." Dumbledore smiled greatly and the two professors. Snape looked disgusted, as if that's anything new, and Remus looked like he was up for it.

"What's the matter? You're scared of being beaten?" Hermione mocked Snape and he looked at her coldly and the rest looked at her astonished. For a moment it seemed he was about to accept the challenge.

"Miss Granger, I hardly doubt it would be fair to you," he smiled coldly and Hermione shrugged her shoulders.

"Suit yourself. If you can't handle the challenge then maybe you shouldn't step outside," Hermione mocked coldly again and was received another round of astonished gasped and looks. "Come on Harry, Ron, let's go outside," Hermione said with a bright smile. "I'll just go get dressed properly, I'll see you outside," and then she wandered off. She heard Dumbledore chuckle delighted.

"Severus, I must admit, you shouldn't go outside the forthcoming days, the look in Hermiones eyes seemed quite stern and frankly, I'm not sure you'd win if you did go up against her..." Dumbledore chuckled before Hermione turned down a corridor where their voices were unable to be heard. Hermione smiled, greasy git, and went into her head girl room, where she found some warm cloths.

Once again Hermione used several warming spells before stepping outside. She could see distantly the two teams building a fortress where they could hide behind. She sighed, magic would make it so much easier.

"Hello!" Hermione greeted happily as met Harry and Ron.

"Help us build a fortress," Harry asked politely and Hermione waved her wand. She smiled, she was good a magic, better than the other team. A great fortress with holes like windows shot up from the ground. Hermione flicked her wand one more time, and wand flew out of her wand, turning the fortress of snow, into thick walls of ice. She smiled, yep, they would win.

Minutes later, snowballs were filling the air. While Harry and Ron were throwing snowballs through the 'windows' in their fortress, Hermione was magnifying a snowball to what seemed a hundred times larger. Then she hovered the great, great, great snowball from the ground and let it fall down on Malfoy, Grabbe and Goyle. That settled it; they had won. The three competitors were sneezing and freezing.

"Sorry!" Hermione yelled from Harry, Ron and hers fortress and then they headed towards the castle.


"So, who won the fight?" Dumbledore asked interested as they all sat down to eat lunch.

"Us!" Harry said proudly and smiling evilly towards Malfoy.

"But only because of cheat," Malfoy reminded coldly.

"There was no rules, ergo no one told what we did was cheating," Ron said mockingly.

"You wouldn't have won if it hadn't been for Granger, she did all the work!" Draco spat back.

"What did you do, miss Granger?" Lupin asked interested and Hermione smiled cheerfully.

"Made a fortress of ice so that their snowballs wouldn't break through. Then I magnified a snowball and dumped it on them," she said casually and shrugged her shoulders, "nothing much."

"It was bloody brilliant, Hermione," Ron informed her proudly.

"Your nose is all red," Harry said looking at her. Her white cheeks did not match with her red nose.

"It's the cold air," she said smiling. She screwed her eyes while trying to see her nose; it was slightly red.

"Miss Granger," a voice called out and Hermione turned her head to face professor Trelawney.

"Yes, professor?" Hermione asked.

"There is something I wish to inform you about, something immense," she widened her eyes dramatically.

"Really?" She asked carelessly. The last the thing she wanted in the world, was to listen to professor Trelawneys guessing.

"Yes, I know you're not that fond of my profession, but still, I thought you ought to know," she gave Hermione a sweet smile and Hermione sighed mutely.

"What is it?"

"Tomorrow something will happen that will change your life completely," she just said simply and all heads turned from Trelawney to Hermione and watch her reaction. Hermione arched an eyebrow.

"I highly doubt it. Beside, whatever changed my life has already happened," she informed trying to cover the strain of sadness in her voice.

"You mean the death of your family?" Trelawney asked stupidly and Hermione rolled her eyes mentally.

"Yes, I mean the death of my family. I highly doubt anything worse can happen to me," she snorted and resumed eating her lunch.

"I don't think it's anything like that," Trelawney caught her attention again and Hermione really did her best not to sigh out loud.

"Right," Hermione said and felt the urge to ask why she suddenly was so interested in making happy predictions. She always made bad.

"I know my usual predictions are involving death and sorrow, but this is a new feeling and prediction," she said highly and once again Hermione felt obligated to ask about what it was about.

"That means you've never in your life has made a good prediction?" She raised and eyebrow and she heard Snape snort and several teachers had to pretend to be coughing or wiping their mouths with their napkin.

"Do you wish to hear what I have to say or not?" She asked sharply.

"Actually..." Hermione started out but was cut off by Trelawney.

"It's about love!" She smiled happily. Once again the other people had to pretend to cough or wipe their mouths, just to hide the grin on their faces.

"If you'll excuse me..." Hermione wanted to leave the table.

"No, no, no," she beamed and looked at her nervously. "This is something great, tomorrow, you'll find love!"

"Right, yes. I highly doubt it, but I'll notify you if it'll happen, probably in around ten years," she let the last part slip quietly so that only a few heard it. "Well, I really must be going," Hermione was finally allowed to leave.


The following morning Hermione entered the Great Hall as the last one, and hurried over to take a seat.

"So, Herm, looking forwards for today?" Ron asked sweetly and Hermione glanced at him coldly.

"What do you mean, Ronny?" Hermiones voice was just as sweet and fake as Rons had been.

"Don't call me Ronny," Ron said annoyed and Hermione shook her head disbelievingly. "The love of your life, he's going to be revealed today," Ron evoked with a grin.

"Oh yes, so much. Can't wait," Hermione said sarcastically and poured some juice.

"Come on, aren't you at least just a bit interested?" Harry joined the conversation.

"I respect my professors, but it doesn't mean I have to believe in what they teach," said Hermione.


So hungry! Hermiones stomach growled displeased as she hurried towards the Great Hall for dinner. Why didn't I go to lunch? Why did I stay in the library? It was an unbelievingly pain in Hermiones stomach. She was so hungry. She opened the Great Hall doors and hurried inside, but only to bump into something hard.

"MISS GRANGER! Watch where you're going!" Snape yelled annoyed and Hermione rolled her eyes at him annoyed. Snape took two steps away from her, before leaping back in shock. A green see-though wall surrounded them, and Hermiones jaw fell open. When I wished he were trapped beneath mistletoe, I meant alone! Hermione screamed in her head before glancing terrified up the head table, where people had turned around surprised.

Hermione stood motionless looking at the potion master.

"What the-?" He said confused before he remembered what was going on. "Headmaster, I really must protest to this ridicules game!" Snape sneered angrily.

"I'm afraid, that there is nothing I can do, Severus," the headmaster sighed tried to hide the smug on his face,


"I am no little girl!" Hermione interfered and Snape stopped his yelling and looked at her.

"Miss Granger, I hardly believe this is the time to be a hindrance," Snape informed her coldly and moved his gaze towards the headmaster again.

"There's nothing I can do, Severus," Dumbledore spoke again calmly and Snape yelled furiously.

"I WILL NOT KISS A GRYFFINDOR!" He looked at Hermione in case she should come up with a comment. She looked innocent as ever.

"What?" She asked when seeing him look at her. He sighed dramatically and turned away from her again.

"Headmaster, get me out of this!" Snape said trying his best to be calm.

"Severus, must I repeat it again?" Dumbledore sighed soundlessly.

"She's...!" Snape trailed off stamping his foot in the floor like a little child who didn't get what he wanted.

"I'm what?" Hermione asked stricken. Snape looked at her surprised.

"Miss Granger, be quiet," Snape ordered tiredly and Hermiones bit her lower lip tightly not to speak. "This is not the time to argue with me if you want out from here. Besides, I am sure somebody might get jealous."

"Jealous? Do you have a girlfriend professor?" Hermione asked sardonically. She knew he was referring more to her life than his own.

"Miss Granger, I am quite sure you know that that wasn't what I was referring to," he watched her closely, what an insufferable little girl he thought annoyed. And I'm stuck with her!

"Yes I know. But then again, you didn't see it all, so don't pretend you know what's going on," she retorted.

"Miss Granger, I will not tolerate Hogwarts brightest student to talk to me that way!" Snape said in a dangerous low voice.

"Hogwarts brightest student? What happened with insufferable Gryffindor, little miss-know-it-all, the intolerable Gryffindor?" Hermione spat coldly and Snape backed away surprised, but only to be shocked by the magical 'fence'.

"Miss Granger!" Snape bellowed irately.

"NO!" Hermione screamed back, "I AM SO TIRED OF YOU!" She screamed and let her feelings take over. "Since my first year you have called me names! Made fun of my intellect! I am proud of my intellect, but I don't like being made fun of! When you address me it's: miss-know-it-all. You always ignore me in class and you take points from me for doing well! You are such an intolerable, self-pitied bastard! I've always loved your classes! They are so full of learning! I've tried to ignore the comments you give me, I've always been polite! Until very recently!" Hermione paused breathing heavily in and out. "I've respected and admired your intelligence, I respected and admired you and your mind! But you! You had to ruin it all at the Yule Ball! When professor Dumbledore asked if you and I shouldn't dance! I declined the request politely while you looked at me with disgust! Even though you hate me, you should behave! I've really tried to let it pass, but this time you've gone too far! You are so cruel and hateful and I've had enough! You mock me! You make me feel so bad! You constantly try to pick up a conversation with me, but only to make me sad! To lecture me about Harry and Ron! Make me feel really bad!" Her eyes were raging with fury as she looked at him. "Potter and Weasleys sidekick!" She said after a small break. "A FILTHY MUDBLOOD!" She added to much surprise.

Snape was standing nailed to the ground not knowing what to do or say. The teachers and the students, who were sitting at the head table, were looking just at shocked and speechless. Hermione rolled her eyes annoyed and walked over to Snape and kissed him zealously. The spell broke and Hermione left him and went to claim her seat at the table.