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Title: A Sight for Sore Eyes

Summary: Sakura is blind. For her operation, she needs a lot of money. Sakura is desperate now, but she knows she can't do it. One day a man appears he has a deal for Sakura. He will marry her and pay for her operation, only if she bears him an heir. Will she accept? S+S

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~*~Chapter 1: I Am Blind

"Kawaii!!!" Tomoyo Daidouji yelled as she stared into a window.

"What is it?" asked Sakura Kinomoto who was holding her cane, looking excited.

"Remember the teddy I gave you for your 15th birthday?" Tomoyo asked.

"You mean Kero-chan? Yea."

"Well, here is his little fur ball friend Spinal." Tomoyo giggled.

"Awww…what does he look like?" Sakura asked.

"Well…he's violet with a long slim tail with a bushy end. His ears are pointer then Kero-chans and he has a bell around his neck." Tomoyo explained.

Sakura's eyes warmed up. "WOW!!" She cried.

"Told ya so!!" Tomoyo winked.

Sakura giggled. "Sure, sure Tomoyo."

Kinomoto Sakura was blind. She was hit on the head 3 years back just a week after her 15th birthday. Ever since that day, Sakura's been trying to raise enough money to pay for her eye operation. But no matter how much she tries, her family can't raise enough money. And her cousin Daidouji Tomoyo? She's not rich at all. She's even poorer then Sakura's family.

(Yea in this fanfic, Tomoyo-chan is not rich)

"Tomoyo-chan, what time is it?" Sakura asked as she tapped her cane on the floor.

"Quarter to 7." Tomoyo replied.

"Shit. Touya comes home at 7, Okaa-san is away for the day and Otou-san is at work. We have to get home before Touya does." Sakura hissed.

Tomoyo nodded and called a taxi.

"What did you say?" Sakura asked.

"Oops. I mean hai Sakura-chan." Tomoyo replied guilt traveling through her veins.

"No problem-o Tomoyo." Sakura smiled.

No matter what, Tomoyo's cousin never lets anything take her down. Even for her vision, Sakura is still as genki, as genki can get.

The ride was short but sweet. The window was open and since this was the time for Cherry Blossoms, it smelt sweet.

"Sakura-chan, your birthday is in 2 weeks time." Tomoyo said giddily.

Sakura smiled. "Yea I know."

"We should do something." She said.

"Like what?" Sakura asked.

"I dunno, but we should." And that ended their conversation.

The two reached the house at 7:02. 2 minutes late.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Touya roared.

Tomoyo winced. Sakura stayed calm. "Shopping, you mind?"

"YOU'RE 2 MINUTES LATE!!!!!" Touya boomed.

"C'mon Touya, 2 minutes didn't kill a person." Sakura laughed.

"YEA?!?! WELL IN 2 MINUTES YOUR VISION WAS GONE, AND YOU SAY 2 MINUTES DIDN'T KILL A PERSON?!?!" Touya yelled but instantly regretted it.

Sakura had tears in her eyes. "YOU THINK IT'S MY FAULT THAT HIRO SWUNG THAT BAT AT MY HEAD?!?!? HUH DO YOU?!?!" Sakura cried as she ran to her room. She was pretty familiar with her household so she memorized where everything was.

She was crying on her bed…in her room…with nothing but her teddy Ceroberus at her side.

~*~Hong Kong~*~

"Xiao Lang, you must fine your self a bride in order to be the true leader of the Li Clan." Said Xenon, Syaoran's father.

"But father, I'm only 20." Xiao Lang muttered.

"20?!?! I married your mother when I was 18!!!" Xenon roared.

"Yea, that's why Fanran is so damn old." Xiao Lang muttered.

(I forget the order the Li sisters were born. So I'll go like this. Oldest to Youngest. Fanran, Fuutie, Feimiel and Sheifa, ok?)

"What did you say boy?" Xenon roared.


"Please son, you must find your bride, we need an heir for the Li Clan." Yelan Li cooed at her child.

"Why can't one of my sisters do the job?" Syaoran asked.

"Because, you are the SON of the Li Clan. IT IS YOUR JOB!!" Xenon boomed.

Both Syaoran and Yelan winced at his uproar.

Yelan gave Syaoran a pleading looked which made him consider otherwise. His love for his mother was compared to none other.

"Ok. I'll go to Japan. I'll find a bride, just don't yell." Syaoran hissed.

Yelan smiled and his father grinned. "Good. You'll be sent off to Tomoeda Japan first thing tomorrow morning."

"Tomoeda? Where the fuck is that?" Syaoran asked.


Sakura jumped off her bed. She knew she couldn't cry forever. Besides, why give her eyes pressure? Sooner or later her family will have made enough money for her operation.

Sakura walked downstairs to the sound of Tomoyo leaving and her mother and father entering.

"Ja Tomoyo."

"Ja Auntie Nadesiko, Ja Uncle Fujitaka." Tomoyo said as she left

Sakura walked downstairs and ignored Touya's calls.

"Hi mom, dad!!" Sakura greeted her parents.

"Hello Sakura!" Nadesiko kissed her daughters cheek.

Fujitaka ruffled her hair. "Dad, I just combed that!!"

"Oops, sorry kiddo."

"Dad, I'm almost 18."

"But to use you're still little old baby Sakura."

"Little old, sure."

Everybody laughed at her denseness.

They all sat down to dinner and ate peacefully.

"What happened with you two today?" Fujitaka asked as he saw Sakura shoot daggers at Touya.

Their small table was comprehensible. And each end sat Fujitaka and Nadesiko. Sakura and Touya sat across from each other so Sakura knew exactly where Touya was. And she knew pretty well he wouldn't get up either, not while their parents are here.

"May I be excused?" he asked.

"Young man, finish your peas." Nadesiko said.

"But mom…I'm already 25. 8 years older then Sakura, how come she gets excused?"

"Because they love me more." Sakura smiled.

"Only 'cause you're blind." That was the last straw for Touya.

"TOUYA!!!" Nadesiko yelled.

"YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO SAY THAT!!" Fujitaka roared.

"No." Sakura whispered.

Everyone turned to her.

"He's right. The only reason you guys pamper me so much is because I'm blind right? I HATE MY LIFE!!" Sakura cried as she left the house, down the street, and to her most memorable park, Penguin Park.

"Sakura, WAIT!!" Touya called as he ran after her.

~*~Hong Kong~*~

Syaoran sat in his room packing his belongings. He was just punished for 'swearing' in front of his parents. Goodness, he only wanted to know where Tomoeda was, is that so much of a crime?

Syaoran sighed as he shoved his boxers into his suitcase.

"Stupid parents. Stupid life. Stupid clan. Stupid parents. Stupid life. Stupid clan." Syaoran kept on chanting as he stuffed his jeans in a corner of his suitcase.

"LITTLE BROTHER!!!" Came 4 identical voices.

For once in Syaoran's life he was happy to hear those voices.

"We'll miss you!!" Sheifa cried.

"Come back soon!!" Fuutie sniffled.

"Take care!!" Feimiel smiled.

"Bring back a nice sister-in-law!!" Fanran winked.

Syaoran grinned.

"I'll miss you too. I'll try to be back fast. I'll take care, don't worry, and yea sure, I'll bring back the perfect sis-in-law for you guys!!" he said as his sisters engulfed him in hugs.

He was going to miss them…no matter how much of a pain they were.

"Master Li. Time for dinner." Said Wei his butler. Wei has generously offered to come along with Syaoran on this trip.

Syaoran nodded and left his case there. This would be his last dinner with is family. For a long time.


Sakura sat under the penguin. She memorized all of the park, and all of her home. She heard footsteps on the sand. She knew it was Touya.

She turned her head so Touya couldn't see her…well she hoped he didn't come from the other end.

He didn't. He touched her should as she shoved it away. Tears poured down her eyes.

"Look sis. I'm sorry ok? I didn't mean to. It's just that, I'm 25 and my parents are still bugging me about peas."

Sakura snorted. "Yea and that gives you the right to make fun of my vision? Kaijuu is one thing, but making fun of your blind sister is another."

"Look, I said was sorry." Touya whispered.

"Yea, yea and I'm the future queen of England." Sakura hissed.

"Hey, if that didn't work, then this will." Touya said as he handed a little fuzzy thing to Sakura.

"What is it?" Sakura whispered.

"Spinal. Or Suppi if you prefer." Touya grinned seeing his sisters face crack into a huge smile.

"How did…?"

"Tomoyo told me that you adored Suppi today at the mall right? So I bought it for you while you were in your room for 2 hours."

"I was in there for that long?"

"Yea. Kaijuu."

Sakura smiled and hugged her brother. "Life is great."

"Thought you just said you hate your life."

"I change my mind."

"You really are a kaijuu."

~*~Hong Kong~*~

"Master Li. Time to go." Said Wei.

'Yea, yea.' Syaoran thought.

He was at the door when his family jumped in front of him.

He hugged all his sisters and his mother too. But when he faced Xenon, he just bowed.

"Good bye." He yelled as he left.

And this is where his journey truly begins.

~*~Japan the next morning~*~

Syaoran just arrive to Tomoeda Japan.

'Nice.' He thought. He shook Wei awake.

"Wei, we're here."

"Master?" Wei asked.

Syaoran shook his head. This would be a long day.

~*~Sakura's place~*~

"No way? SERIOUSLY?!?!" Tomoyo asked her boyfriend Eriol.

"Yea, my cousin Syaoran Li is coming over. He's staying at my place."

"Cha, this is awesome, ne Sakura?"

Sakura grinned. "Totally."

"How old is he?" Tomoyo asked.

"20, a year older than me."

"Super awesome." Tomoyo grinned.

Suddenly, there was a ring.

"Syaoran is here." Eriol grinned.

Eriol opened the door and pop…out came Syaoran.

"HEY!!" Syaoran greeted as he hugged his cousin.

"Yo dude, what's happening?" Eriol asked.

"Nothing. Besides the usual, find a bride, find a bride and did I forget to mention fide a bride?"

"Haha." Eriol laughed.

"Not funny. I don't supposed your girlfriend would mind?"

Eriol shut up. "Hey man don't bring Tomoyo into this."

"So that's her name? I always thought it was Tokyo."

Tomoyo growled. "No way!!"

Syaoran saw her and greeted himself. "Li Syaoran. And you're?"

"Daidouji Tomoyo. Eriol's girlfriend."

Syaoran grinned. "Fine with me. And she is?" he asked as he pointed to Sakura.

Sakura looked up…she knew he was referring to her.

"I'm Kinomoto Sakura." She said.

"I Am Blind."


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