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Jack stepped off his ship looking around. Ana joined him at his side, her eyes wondering the town that lay out in front of them. Jack took a deep breath before starting to walk into the town, only to be stopped by another man.

"Err I'm not sure what business you have here pirate but this town cant tolerate another 'sacking'. So if you could just turn around, back onto your ship and find dome other small town, please." Jack chuckled.

"Mate I a'int here t' 'sack' yer town. Jest t' see what t'is like after 20 odd years. I promise me crew will all behave 'emselves and not do anything someone from this dump wouldn't do anyway. Savvy?" The man frowned; he was sure he knew this man but couldn't quite place it.

"Who are you?"

"Captain Jack Sparrow." Jack said his name proudly wondering if the man in front of him was catching on that he was his nephew or not.

"And what's yer business in our small town?"

"Jest t' see some people and remember what the place looked like." Jack lent in so that he could whisper into the mans ear something he didn't want Ana to hear. "And 'er over there said I needed t' come and get it over and done with. Alex." The mans eyes went wide as he realized who was standing in front of him. He had believed his sister and her children to be dead for such a long time that he couldn't grasp that the poor child he had seen suffer was standing in front of him, a captain of his own ship and a girl by his side.

"My god, we thought he'd killed all of you. You got away?" Jack was about to reply when Gibbs came up to talk to him.

"Capt'n is it alright if everyone goes on shore leave or not?"

"Aye, back before sunset though savvy." Jack turned back to carry on his conversation with his uncle, very aware that Ana had left with Gibbs to go exploring.

Jack had had the tour of his old hometown, and was surprised to find that it hadn't changed that much. He followed Alex to his home, right beside the house Jack lived in as a child. Spotting Ana near by he said good-bye to his uncle and made a move towards her, only was stopped by a lady he knew far to well.



"How are ye Luv?" The girl rolled her eyes.

"I a'int 'ere for small talk Jack, me mama jest told me t' tell ye t' come round before ye leave, so ye can go put the flowers on yer mother and sister's grave this week... that's if ye want to." Jack nodded sadly; he was hoping that he would get out of doing that, although in his mind he knew he would have to go visit their graves before he left. It wouldn't feel right not to.

"Aye, I'll be round later." The girl nodded, and handed him the keys to his old house. He was about to ask how she knew that was what he had wanted but she had already left. Sighing he turned and walked towards Ana who was sitting on a wall facing the sea.

She turned as she heard his footsteps get closer. He took a deep breath before saying anything.

"Want t' come with me t' see me old house?" Ana smiled, she knew that he knew that she wasn't really interested in his house or whatever was in there, but she had told him he needed to come back to put the demons to rest, so she figured that if he needed her to come with him she would. It wasn't as if she would of said no anyway...

"Sure Jack, always wanted t' no where ye grew up." Jack took her hand as they opened the door. He was thankful she hadn't pointed out the true meaning of his question, even though she knew what he had meant.

Jack shuddered as he looked around. The place was full of dust but other then that the hallway was just the way it was that night he left this place, what he had hoped, for good.

Hand still tightly clasping Ana's he pushed open the door to the lounge, eyes hardily believing what they saw.

Glass everywhere, furniture all broken up and what's more his mothers, sisters and his things all ripped and broken all over the room.

Leaving as quickly as he had entered he walk to into other rooms, he was thankful they were all the same as when he had left. The only room left on the bottom floor was the one his farther had used sometimes for 'talks'.

"Should I?" Jack looked at Ana, hoping she would tell him whether or not he should finally see what lies in the room he had grown to hate along with his sister.

"This isn't goin' t' be helpful, but do what ye thinks best." Jack sighed she was right that wasn't helpful. In the end Jack couldn't face taking a look inside of the study. Instead they went and roamed upstairs.

They looked in all of the rooms except for two. His parents and his sisters. When they had looked in Jack's bedroom Ana had laughed at the mess, asking how he could of lived in it.

"Ready to look inside?" Jack pushed open the door that led into his mum and dad's room, and as quickly as he entered he left. He turned to look at Ana who had her eyebrows raised.

"I never liked that room. Long story, don't want to go into the details. If my sister was here she'd tell you though." Jack sighed sadly, and walked into his sister's room, Ana following behind, and her hand still in Jacks grasp.

Looking around, Jack felt a small lump form in his throat. Ana must have sensed something as she gave his hand a comforting squeeze. Jack began to think about letting go of her hand to look at what was sat on top of Emily's bed, in the middle of her pillows. Only he found he couldn't let go of her hand, he found he wouldn't seem to let himself.

Walking up to the bed, Jack picked the small package up. Briefly wondering why Samuel hadn't brought that as well, he opened it.

Inside was a teddy bear that Emily had made. It was really soft and fluffy, and it took a few minuets before Jack noticed what it was wearing and holding. The tiny teddy had a little had on top of its head, once that could be taken off too easily. It seemed to Jack that she hadn't had time to finish the creation she was making before she died. In its tiny hands was a letter, which read:

Dear Jack,

I promised you that even if you wouldn't really be a pirate, you would have something a little like a pirate. I hope you like the bear, I'm sorry I didn't get to finish it but my time ran out.

Love Emily xxx

Jack smiled as he placed the bear back into its package along with the letter and turned to Ana. (Who's hand was still in his!)

"We need t' do one more thing before we leave."

"We?" Jack looked down for a moment before answering her.

"Yeah, we."

Jack and Ana, stood at the top of the hill where they had recently place fresh flowers on Jack's mother and sisters graves. Jack had finally let Ana's hand go after they had gotten up to the graveyard. Both pirates stood and watched as the sun started to sink below the horizon, and they could see the crew returning to the ship as darkness began to roll in.

"Thank ye Ana." She turned to him, and placed her hand upon his cheek.

"What for?" Jack shrugged, his eyes locking with hers.

"For being here." Jack leaned in to kiss her, and just before they lips brushed he spoke another soft few words.

"Now it's your turn to go home." With that there lips met, and turned into a passionate kiss.

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