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The young, blue-haired boy called out for his sister as a black hole began to open around his feet. However, before the Princess of Zeal or anyone else could help him, he was swallowed by it.

It felt as through someone had wrapped a hand around his insides and was now dragging him ruthlessly through a land of complete darkness. He closed his beautiful blue eyes, hoping that doing so would take his mind off of the darkness around him, which it did not. In fact, it seemed to make it worse.

Just as he began to think that the mysterious black hole had killed him, he fell face first onto something hard.

When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was touching ground again. This ignited a faint glimmer of hope in his heart, so he forced himself to get up despite the fact that every muscle in his body was on fire with pain.

This was when he noticed that someone was yelling about something. As he rose to his feet, he saw that the origin of this mind numbing screech was coming from some hideous green blob. Every move it made, big or small, caused the mass of fat that clung to him to ripple. The mere sight of it made his stomach, which was already nearly to the point of making him keel over, clench tightly.

Once he managed to get his stomach problem under control, the young Prince of Zeal realized that the quivering green thing was commanding that some one grab the human before it got away.

Curious to know who would listen to something so hideous, the small child looked around, and discovered that he had been completely surrounded by monsters, and they were closing in on him.

Knowing that trying to run away would be useless, he didn't even try to move as a few of these monsters bound and gagged him. He was lifted up by one of the bigger ones, and thrown quite ruthlessly over it's shoulder. The band of monsters began to make their way down the mountain with him, and suddenly he realized just how serious his situation really was.

He didn't cry, despite the fact that this was the most terrifying thing that had ever happened to him, and the fact that crying was what kids his age did in situations such as this. No. God forbid that the Prince of Zeal cried. It would show weakness, and even at that age he looked down on those who were weak. So instead, he just stayed deadly still.

At one point, the strange group of travelers came to a stop in front of what appeared to be a cliff.

"We're stopping here for the night! Going through this God-forsaken cave will take longer than usual with our young… guest… with us." The disgusting green blob shot a menacing glace at the boy currently draped over the other monster's shoulder.

At this, the creature that was carrying the poor child practically dropped him to the ground, adding more pain to his battered body, and stormed over to where the mass of green fat was sitting.

"Sir Ozzie…"

Ah, so it's name is Ozzie, then. The blue-haired boy thought. And he's important enough to be called 'Sir' by the rest of them.

"Why are we taking this HUMAN with us?" The monster who had "escorted" the child all the way here seemed quite angry. "It would be easier to kill it now and get home as soon as we can. I, for one, am not too pleased with the idea of staying a minute longer in a place where we could easily be ambushed by his kind!" The beast shot the prince a glace that said all too clearly that if given the choice, he would rather drive a nail into his palm than have to carry the boy again.

Ozzie considered how to phrase his answer, the pains of thinking making his face distort into something even uglier than before, if that were at all possible. Finally he answered, "We're taking him with us because we don't have enough cash or materials to continue with our plans."

Jeeze. He had to think that hard to say something so simple?

"I don't see how that has anything to do with taking such a foul creature home with us. It's not like he's the first human child we've come across before. We killed the rest on the spot, why is this one any different?"

"Are you stupid!?" The fact that Ozzie was the one to accuse another being of stupidity was very ironic, and almost made the small boy laugh. However, wanting to hear the rest of this conversation, he quickly stifled the urge. "Just look at the way he's dressed! Look at how clean he is! He obviously isn't poor. If we take him back with us and send a ransom note out to his parents, we might be able to get enough funds to finally take this kingdom for our own!"

Hmph! Good luck finding my parents. I somehow doubt that Mother is anywhere you or anyone else here can get to her. Somehow, this thought nearly made him cry. He didn't miss his mother, really, but he did miss his home, and he especially missed Schala. He was only a child, after all, and even the most arrogant child needs to have a home where someone loved them. He reminded himself of what he thought about those that cried, and was easily able to stop the tears.

"That, and…" Ozzie lowered his voice as he said this, glancing around so as to be sure non of the others were listening. "I would like to know how he managed to just appear out of thin air. That's not something normal humans do, you know. And have you ever seen anyone, Mystic or human, with eyes as blue as that? He has pointed ears too, and I don't recall ever seeing any humans with pointed ears before; or blue hair, for that matter."

"Alright, I see your point. But… We aren't really going to give him back, are we? I mean, we can still kill him, right? After he's fulfilled his purpose?"

"Of course! You think I would let a filthy human into my home, and let it live to tell the tale?" Ozzie laughed at this, and his fat rippled almost hypnotically. His laughing came to an abrupt stop, however. It seemed as though he had just thought of something. "Bring the brat here!"

At his command, one of Ozzie's underlings grabbed the small child by his blue hair, and literally dragged him over to where the quivering blob of lard sat. They removed the gag they had put in prince's mouth once there.

As much as the seven year old boy wanted to start spewing out choice words that he had learned from his mother, he remained silent, and just glared at Ozzie in a way that they would both become very accustomed to in the years to come.

"What's your name, boy?" Ozzie began.

"Why would I tell you?" The child began tentatively. Why am I so scared? I always talk back to those who are under me, and this guy is definitely under me. His breath smells like he just took a long drink out of an un-flushed toilet.

Ozzie didn't show any sign of being daunted by the child's outspokenness. In fact, he just grinned in a way that made the young boy shiver. "You should tell me, because I'm the one who decides whether that Hench runs you through with a sword. Now, tell Ozzie your name."

"… Janus." Though he really didn't want to satisfy this blimp by giving in, Janus also didn't like the idea of dying.

"Janus? Hmmm… I must admit, I could have sworn you were a little boy…"

That made the Prince of Zeal very angry. " I AM a boy, you cow! And I suggest you show me some respect! I am above you! I am royalty!"

Perhaps the older, wiser Janus would have known better than to tell his captors his rank in society, but, being only seven, it didn't even occur to him that by doing so he could be causing more trouble for himself.

"Royalty, you say? Ah, now that is very interesting. However, if you are a boy, then why do you have a girl's name? Oh well, it doesn't really matter what you are, just who you are, and if your claims of being royalty are true, then you will be very useful."

Food was being placed in front of the two as Ozzie spoke. It didn't look very edible, and Janus couldn't even say for sure what most of it was. His stomach once again gave a horrible lurch.

"Now then," Ozzie began, though it was hard to tell just what he said because he was mercilessly ripping into the meat of some animal Janus had never seen. "You can't be from Guardia, unless the King and Queen have been able to hide you from the eyes of the public for quite a few years, and that isn't likely. So, tell me, 'your highness', over which kingdom does your family rule?" He didn't even bother swallowing what was already in his mouth before tearing off another enormous piece of the meat.

This thing is utterly repulsive! The blue haired boy thought. And what in the world is Guardia? I've never heard of it, and I wasn't even aware that there were kingdoms other than Zeal. How far away from home am I?

After thinking this over for a few moments, he sat up as straight as the ropes around him would permit, and said in his most authority filled voice, "I am the future ruler of the kingdom of Zeal, the most powerful kingdom in the world! So I suggest you untie me and start showing some respect to your superior!"

Though at first he was sure that at the mention of Zeal the green blob would quickly adhere to his demands, his hopes were soon shattered as Ozzie began to laugh uncontrollably.

"Zeal? ZEAL!?" The fat on Ozzie's body was positively rolling with every shriek of laughter that erupted from his mouth, but for once, Janus didn't notice. He was too busy trying to figure out how anyone could have the nerve to laugh at the name of a kingdom that was feared by all who dwelled there.

"I fail to see what is so funny about the name of my kingdom," he growled.

Ozzie's laughter suddenly stopped, and he fixed the young prince with an icy stare. "There IS no kingdom called Zeal, boy! And to think that I was almost fooled into thinking that you were actually royalty. You shall be taught a lesson for being uncooperative, and lying to the King of the Mystics!"

King!? This THING is the ruler of something? But how!? He can barely handle a conversation with a seven year old child without having to think to the point where his face turns purple, and yet he makes decisions for an entire body of people!? It's just unbelievable! The poor boy was at a complete loss over this, and could just stare at this "king" with his mouth slightly agape.

Ozzie took the boy's shock differently, however. "Hah! You didn't realize that you were talking to true royalty, did you? Perhaps now you'll think twice before you try to fool me! You there!" Ozzie pointed at one of the Mystics sitting by a tree. "I'm through talking to this brat! Take him somewhere he won't bother me!"

Once again, Janus found himself being dragged by the hair. He was left alone about a hundred yards from where the Mystic camp site had been constructed, tied to a tree so that he couldn't roll away and get help.

Every inch of his body hurt, he was terrified of being eaten by the green thing, he had no idea where he was, and he was alone. Though he tried his hardest, he just couldn't stop the tears from coming. He cried a long time, cursing himself for being weak.

"If I could only use magic, I wouldn't be in this mess. I could have fried the big green blimp and all of his cronies when they first laid their hands on me. If I could use my powers, I might have been able to get away from the stupid hole that brought me here, too. Why am I so weak? I hate myself!" He suddenly stopped crying. "No. I don't hate myself. I'm only here because of that thing Mother summoned. I know it had something to do with that hole that took me away. It's that thing I hate. I'll kill you! I swear I'll kill you! I'll have my revenge on you someday, Lavos!"

With that thought in mind, Janus, the young prince of a kingdom that no longer existed, drifted off into a surprisingly peaceful slumber.

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