…This is…strange. I suppose it came from a little while ago, when I was getting ready for a costume party…I couldn't figure out what to dress as, when my friend (another SG-1 fanatic) showed up at my house with these army fatigues and a digital camera… and I discovered that if I brush my hair the right way and wore glasses instead of contacts, I look remarkably like a certain archeologist we all know and love. Combine that with my desire to write an at least halfway-believable, original-flavor FanFic that sounded at least a little like the show, and a little too much Diet Dr. Pepper after 2 in the morning…it turns out pretty cool.

Season: ……………I suppose…sometime in first or second season, before Daniel got his hair cut so short (yes, this is important…)

Spoilers: Only if you've never seen 'Stargate' before.

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A Tale of Two

Chapter 1: Arrested

A slim figure slipping through the trees, sliding from one branch to the next. It paused a moment, leaning back against the trunk of her post a moment, glancing out with cautious blue eyes as a new noise approached.

The quiet of a deep, crisp autumn woods was broken by the cracking of branches beneath the heavy, oaken wheels of the wagon. Said mode of transportation was painted black, its windows tinted so that no one could see in or out, and pulled by two ash-black horses. Two guards drove the carriage, with another at the rear, and four on horseback surrounding it.

A soft whistle echoed through the forest, the call of a familiar bird. One of the guards turned his head to listen, a slight grin passing over his face.

Quite suddenly, the shaft of an arrow had sliced through his neck, knocking the dead body to the ground.

The remaining guards shot on high alert, grabbing for their weapons. By the time they had their guns out, two more of them had been taken down, one by an arrow and the other by the swing of a sword.

The head spun around, pulling out his weapon and firing half-solidified laser bullets into the trees. He was returned with an identical blast from the trees, hitting him right between the eyes.

"Tasukeru!" a loud voice suddenly echoed, and a dozen people leapt from the trees. The guards were quickly over-whelmed, and soon the horses had been disconnected from the cart.

Two of the attackers broke the lock on the back door of the cart and flung them open. Several cases and chests were inside. They dumped one of them out, spilling gold silver and jewels onto the ground.

"Ashitaka." one of them called, motioning to their leader.

One of the guards, still living through his wounds, looking up through the haze of near-unconsciousness. The bandit leader came across the leaf-strewn ground, boots crunching against the earth. Pale blue eyes looked down at the riches, a slight scowl of disgust crossed chapped lips.

"Get as much as you can out of here." a softly-sanded voice muttered, short, light brown hair shaking against tanned skin as she jutted her head towards the trees. "One trip only…Inconvenience them as much as possible. We'll have to try again."

The guard let out a very soft growl, feeling his awareness slip away. "Ashitaka…"

~ * ~ * ~

Another day…another planet to explore.

It was just a typical mission for the SG-1 team. The planet they had gated to, designation P3L-297, had previously been explored by SG-10. The civilization they had found was very prosperous…the ornaments and architecture were a subtle blend between the yin-and-yang principal of the ancient middle-east, and the transportation and elegant robes and tapestries of western middle-ages. However, their technology was very advanced…not as advanced as the Ga'ould, mind you, but still more advanced than Earth.

SG-1 had been assigned to make contact with the leaders of this race…a group called the High Council. The only problem being that they couldn't find the High Council…the Council met in the grand palace at the center of their biggest town, and they couldn't figure out the way in.

Since the people's secondary language was very close to English, the team had split into two group. Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c were exploring the upper half of town, where some of the wealthier citizens lived, while Dr. Jackson and Major Carter searched the marketplace for clues.

At the moment, Daniel was attempting to speak to a fishmonger without having to buy half a pound of fresh tuna, which coincidently didn't smell quite so fresh.

"Sir, please…" he urged, brushing the hair back from his eyes. "We just want to know…We need to meet…"

"The fish is good!" the man insisted, slurring his speech with a wide smile. "Fish very good! Good value! Only 200 pieces!"

"Yes, yes, it's very…very good." Daniel cleared his throat. "But I don't have any money…" the man frowned and seamed to loose his interest in him. "Please…we need to meet with the Council. Can't you tell us…"

"No." the man snapped, reaching into a bucket of herring. "There is nothing to tell you."

"Okay…" Daniel sighed. "Then do you know anybody else who could…"

The fishmonger pulled out an absolutely gigantic fish, slapping it down on the table. Juices and water shot from the fish, some of it splashing into Daniel's face.

The archeologist sputtered a bit, wiping off the excess. Just behind him, he could hear Major Carter stifling her giggles. "Ha ha…Very funny, Sam." he muttered sourly, taking off his glasses to attempt to clean them on his shirt.

The fish-seller looked up at him, probably to laugh at him. He glanced for a moment into Daniel's eyes, pale and slightly unfocused without the lenses in front of them. He froze, mouth dropping open.

Daniel slid his glasses back on, and noticed how the man was gaping at him. "What?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "What is it, what's wrong?"

The man took in a few breaths, then pulled his fish back into his cart and sped away, eyes wide and glancing back at Daniel nervously. He and Sam stared, confused.

"What's wrong with him?" the Major asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I have…no idea." Daniel shrugged, and they headed back to meet the other two members of SG-1.

~ * ~ * ~

Colonel Jack O'Neill was not enjoying his trip.

The people in the northern district had been completely useless. None of them had known anything of if they had known, they didn't want to ell outside red that they didn't know. Sure, they were polite enough. But they were still useless.

Now he and Teal'c stood just outside of the bustling city, on the edge of the road heading for a large expanse of woods where the Stargate was located. He sat on top of a large bolder, while Teal'c stood next to the line of trees, holding his staff weapon and gazing around unemotionally.

There was a rustle. Jack turned his head towards the trees, focusing on its source, but found nothing. He watched a moment, then turned back, satisfied that nothing was there.

"O'Neill." Teal'c suddenly announced. "Major Carter and Daniel Jackson are approaching."

The Colonel turned back and pushed off the rock, dropping to the ground. Carter and Daniel came trudging up the hill, neither looking too happy and Daniel with something visibly sticky in his hair.

"Welcome back."

"Hello, sir." Carter nodded a small salute, then sat down on the rock, winded. Daniel sat next to her, leaning his head against the bolder. It was a long walk from the other side of town.

Jack glanced at the two of them. "From the looks on your faces, I'll take it you had about as much luck as we did."

"Just about sir…" Carter sighed, brushing her bangs back and removing her helmet.

Daniel sighed as well, then a glint of something odd caught his eye. He sat up and tried to focus on it, squinting against the sun. "Now what do you suppose is up with that?"

Then others turned, just as a mob of about 20 people came rushing up the hill, all armed and glaring. Jack and Sam reached for their guns, and Teal'c gripped his staff weapon, but the four were quickly surrounded.

Daniel jumped to his feet. "Wait a second!" he exclaimed. "What is the meaning of this?!"

In response, two of the people grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him back, handcuffing his hands behind him before Jack or any of the others could react. The Colonel moved forward. "Daniel!"

The apparent leader of the group raised his weapon…an odd kind of gun that was a cross between our own projectile-firing weapons and the Ga'ould Zat guns…and glared at Colonel O'Neill.

"Drop your weapons. All of you." he ordered gruffly. "In the name of the High Council, you are all under arrest."