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A Tale of Two

Chapter 3: A Surprising Revelation

The heavy, titanium mechanism slid open to the lights and alarms that were the norm in the SGC. The wormhole shot out with a loud KAWOOSH, then settled back in place as the door opened and Gen. Hammond entered.

A sole figure stepped through the wormhole, dressed in the familiar army fatigues. She sighed, brushing back short blonde hair, and stepped down from the ramp and faced the C.O.

"Sir." she saluted respectfully.

"Major Carter." the general nodded, the glance around. "Where's the rest of SG-1?"

"It's a long story, sir." she sighed, as the two automatically began to walk towards the General's office. "Daniel's been arrested."


"The people of the planet confused him for a wanted criminal." Sam moved her hands in an attempt to explain, but it didn't work too well. "Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c stayed behind to try and clear him, but it's not looking too good. We asked the people around the city, and from the looks of things, the only way to convince any of them that Daniel is innocent is to catch the real one, and for that we'll need back-up."

"Back-up?" the general raised an eyebrow. "To capture one person?"

"This is no ordinary criminal, sir." the Major tried to explain. "This…Ashitaka… is the leader of a group of thieves and vandals, according to the people on the planet."

"'Ashitaka'…" Hammond frowned. "Any ideas what that could mean?"

"Not at all, sir." she sighed. "But apparently he's been causing a lot of havoc lately…and, unfortunately for Daniel, the penalty for the crimes is pretty severe."

"How so?"

"Sir…" she stopped and looked at the older man very seriously. "If we can't clear Daniel's name in two days…The leaders of the planet plan to execute him."

. . . . . .

Daniel shifted a little, opening his eyes to a loud shouting. He didn't really remember falling asleep…but he supposed he must have dropped off out of boredom. After all, he had spent the last few hours assessing eighteen different escape plans (all of which ended in his eventual capture or getting shot), contemplating all the things he'd done since the arrival on the planet that might warrant him arrest (couldn't think of anything) and carefully going through the alphabet of every language he had memorized (his usual way of killing time…it took quite a while). From the looks of the sunset out his window, he'd been here at six hours.

The voice that had woken him came from just down the hall, and was coming closer. He sat up, leaning against the wall and peering out of the bars as the two arguing parties approached.

"Sir, there is nothing to discuss here." the first was one of the armed guards that had been passing by every few hours. "You have your money, now leave."

"This is not what you promised!" the other was the fishmonger he had spoken to in the town square. He was waving around a piece of parchment in one hand, a small sack jingling with coins in the other. "You promised 100,000 pieces for the capture! This is no more than 1,000!"

"You merely provided the information to his capture!" the guard snapped. "The full reward is for the one who brought the criminal in!" he turned and called passed him. "Get this man out of here!"

Two more guards appeared and dragged the furious man away. As he struggled against them, the piece of parchment fell from his hands and drifted to the floor.

Daniel reached out carefully and pulled it into his cell. It took a few minutes for him to get sufficient light and the page at the right distance to be able to read the bulky writing.

"Wanted…Bandit Lord Ashitaka…" he muttered quietly, then glanced a moment at the picture. It was nearly like looking in a hand-drawn mirror, without his glasses. "Well…this explains a few things…"

. . . . . .

The SG-1 team rode through the woods…yes, rode. Through a bit of debate and a little ingenuity, they'd managed to obtain a horse-drawn cart and a horse to draw it. Sam and Jack were technically 'driving' the cart, while Teal'c sat the back to act as a 'guard'. Their covered cargo was actually SG-9, hidden by a dark green cloth.

"…Somethin' I don't get." Jack suddenly spoke up. "They arrested all of us at first. Why just keep Daniel?"

"Indeed." Teal'c agreed. "Could they not have assumed that we were members of these thieves as well?"

"Well, sir…" Sam sighed. "I think it has something to do with that medical examination they gave us…"

"They shined lights in my eyes." Jack rubbed them in demonstration.

"That's just it, sir." Sam nodded. "That's basically what framed Daniel."

Jack blinked at her a moment, then raised an eyebrow. "Let me get this straight…They arrest Daniel because of his eyes?"

"Well, in a way…" Sam sighed, running a hand through her hair. "From what I can gather from the people around here, and what Janet said, these bandits all have a slightly different brain chemistry than the rest of the population. Their pupils dilate differently than the rest.…They're larger than other peoples, the difference especially visible when they respond to a large amount of light."

"…So?" Jack asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Some people on our world have this reaction too, but it's unnatural and their eyes don't adapt to it very well." Sam glanced into the trees, shifting a bit nervously. "They're called 'nearsighted' and usually have some kind of corrective lenses so they can see clearly."

"Like Daniel Jackson." Teal'c nodded in understanding. "He cannot see great distances without his glasses."

"Exactly. They mistook his reliance on his glasses for a tell-tale genetic defect that sets these bandits apart from the other people on the planet."

"That's just screwed." Jack muttered.

A birdcall suddenly echoed through the trees. Jack raised and eyebrow as Teal'c stiffened. "Pretty noisy birds around here, eh?"

Sam was scanning the trees around them cautiously, then suddenly shouted. "Colonel, get down!"

Jack didn't think twice before hitting the deck, an arrow zipping just past his head to lodge in a tree behind him. Teal'c spun around, firing his staff weapon in the direction the projectile had come from.

A person clad in dark skins came leapt from the tree, rolling to a stop in front of the cart. The horse whinnied and reared back, it would have trampled the man had he not slid out of the way at the last minute.

A wild war-whoop suddenly echoed through the trees. Three, four, five people, all dressed in a woodsman's garb, bright blue eyes shining in anticipation, dropped from the trees around them. At the same moment, the major in charge of SG-9 threw off the green tarp and their five members leapt out.

What ensued was a volley of partially-solid laser blasts, Zat charges and the occasional bullets. After fifteen minutes, two soldiers were wounded, and three of the attackers were staggering.

"Minna-san!" a voice suddenly shouted over them. "Taikyaku!"

The men who could still walk scrambled away as best they could, dragging the one who was injured. Jack spun around, glaring knives. "Oh no you don't!" he exclaimed, dropping his Zat in the cart and lunging for a staggering man. "We're gettin' at least one of you, weather we…"

He was cut off suddenly as someone crashed into him, knocking him back. Jack stumbled and regained his balance, looking up to find himself staring into glaring blue eyes. The new attacker had messy, light brown hair, body covered by a long, dark cloak.

"Ah…Ashitaka-san!" the other man gasped.

The brown-haired stranger turned to glare at him. "Hikage. Yameru imasu guni."

"H-Hai, shidosha. Arigato." the man gasped, and vanished into the trees.

Jack looked up at the newcomer. "So, you're Mr. High-and-Mighty Ashitaka, eh?" his eyes narrowed. "Listen, buddy, I've got a bone to pick with you!"

On the last word he lunged forward, punching the other in the stomach. The bandit slid backwards, bracing his feet in the dirt, then righted himself with a glare.

"From your accent, you are not from the capitol, nor are from the surrounding areas." a gentle-yet-rough-edged voice switched to English. "It was our mistake in attacking you, and we have not interest in pressing the m. Leave my people in peace."

"Well that's very neighborly of you, but it ain't good enough." Jack growled, checking his footwork for another lunge. "A friend of ours is serving your time, and Bandit Lord or Not, bringing you in gets him out!"

Ashitaka's eyes widened slightly in surprise. Jack took this opportunity to leap forward and connect a hard right too the cheek, followed up by a rough kick in the chest, sending his opponent careening into the tree behind him.

The Bandit Lord dropped to the ground, slightly winded. In that few seconds, Teal'c jumped forward and lifted their opponent off the ground, arms pinned in an easy hold.

"It appears we have done it, O'Neill." he reported. "Now we must exchange this man for Daniel Jackson."

"Um…except there's one problem, Teal'c." Sam said.

Jack looked back at her, eyebrows raised in skepticism. The Major was staring at their new 'prisoner' slack-jawed, as though she couldn't believe her eyes. He turned back to look and his mouth fell open.

Teal'c was holding the figure's arms so that the dark cloak was now open. The figure's darkly-clothed body was very small and slight, built very much like a gymnast. However, it also had certain lumps and curves that gave a very interesting story…

"Holy crap." Jack exclaimed. "He's a GIRL!"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Dictionary of Translation

I drew most of the Bandit's language from Japanese. Some of it I changed a bit, some of it I didn't, but here are some of the translations of what they're saying:

Chapter 1

Tasukeru - Attack

Chapter 2

Minna-san - Everyone

Taikyaku - Retreat

Hikage. Yameru imasu guni. - Hikage (name) Leave. Right now.

H-Hai, shidosha. Arigato - Yes, leader. Thank you.