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Chapter 1: The beginning from death


Koda slowly walked under the rain toward Ken'ichi, who is lying on the ground next to the lifeless body of his father, crying.

Koda stopped a few steps away from the crying Ken'ichi.

Ken'ichi didn't responded, he just kept crying away. Koda looked at Ken'ichi's father; a spear was imbedded to his side along with a slash on his back. Koda looked away from the body and looked at Ken'ichi.

"I'm sorry…"
Koda said merely a whisper.
"I know how you feel…"

Indeed Koda knows how Ken'ichi feels; he has lost his mother too. How much sadness and anger he felt when Kenai broke the news to him about his mother's death.

Ken'ichi stopped crying, he was in deep thought while crying, what happened that really caused his father's death? Other than the hunters…

"This is your entire fault…"
Ken'ichi said to Koda.

Koda asked.

"It's your fault those monsters killed my father!"
Ken'ichi shouted to Koda while standing up.

"You lured them to me and my father!"

With that, Ken'ichi charged to Koda. Koda gasped and ran out of the way, but Ken'ichi stopped and turned to face Koda, he was glaring at him, anger surged through his blood.

"Ken'ichi, I wasn't…"
Koda tried to say, but he stopped mid-way.

Koda thought about what happened. When he was with Kenai, when he got separated from him, when those hunters chased him…


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