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Harry and Hermione are friends and live in the same house while Ron is married to Luna. Both of them are famous in both the wizarding and muggle world. A woman suddenly turns up in their doorstep with a baby telling them that the baby is not safe with her and if the people who are after her find out that the baby was hers, they would kill it. Hermione offers to look after the baby and take care of her child until her name was cleared. In this time, Harry and Hermione get closer ... Will they remain friends posing as a family..or something more? (H/Hr)

~ * ~ * ~ *The Baby* ~ * ~ * ~

Chapter 1: Meeting Angelica

Twenty-four year old Harry Potter and his friend, Hermione Granger were running down one of the streets in Diagon Alley, laughing madly. They were being chased by a mob of reporters trying to get pictures and interviews of them. To some people, this would be really unusual, but for Harry and Hermione, it was perfectly normal.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were well-known in both the magical and non-magical community. They were both famous Aurors in the wizarding community and were actors in the muggle world. As a result of this, they were recognized everywhere they went.

Lord Voldemort was killed by Harry a year after their education at Hogwarts finished. Most of his followers were caught and thrown into Azkaban, while others were lucky enough to escape. This wouldn't have happened though if Draco Malfoy wasn't informing the Order of Voldemort's every move.

After Draco had proven that he was on the Light Side by spying for the Order of the Phoenix, Arthur and Molly Weasley had given their consent on allowing him date their youngest and only daughter, Ginny Weasley. Two years after that they were married and had their first daughter, Amanda Rose Malfoy. All of the Weasleys had accepted Draco with open arms, despite the way he treated them at school, but the longest to give in was their youngest son, Ronald Weasley.

Ron Weasley was now the Keeper of the Chudley Canons and was happily married to Luna Lovegood, now Luna Weasley. They had two children, Elizabeth Weasley, who was four years old and liked to be called Eliza, and Christina Weasley or Christi, who was three. Luna was currently pregnant at 8 months with their first son.

"Harry Potter!"

"Hermione Granger!"

"Are you two going out?!"

"Where are you going?"

"Mr. Potter, which do you prefer. Blondes or Brunettes?"

"No comment!" Hermione yelled. She looked at Harry, who was doing the same.

These types of questions were fired at them when they were cornered at an alley. Harry and Hermione always tried to avoid the paparazzi, but it seemed impossible. Where ever they went, there was always a reporter or two that would disturb them.

"Miss Granger, there are rumors going around saying that you and Mr. Potter are having a child? Is it true?" a blonde witch asked. The reporter looked oddly familiar to them.

"Rita Skeeter?" Harry asked her.

"The one and only," Rita replied. "Now, are the rumors true or false?" she added impatiently.

Harry opened and closed his mouth several times. He was at a loss of words. Though he had heard a lot of rumors about him and his childhood friend, he really didn't think they'd go as far as suspecting they were having a child. He hadn't heard this rumor before and it shocked him a lot. There was a pregnant pause, it seemed that all the reporters held their breathes to hear his answer. Only the clicks and flashes of cameras were heard.

The people always thought that they were dating since they lived in the same house. Harry somehow managed to persuade Hermione that they were very close friends and that he would be incredibly lonely without her. He said that what happened in their fourth year would not happen again. Obviously, he was wrong. This had been going on for about two years already and the media would not get tired of hearing that they were just platonic friends. One time, they even won Best Couple of the Year.

Harry and Hermione were relieved when they heard the familiar voice of Ron Weasley boom, "Leave them alone, ladies and gentlemen!"

Harry and Hermione looked where the voice came from and, sure enough, they saw the trademark red Weasley hair. Ron was there standing with a very pregnant Luna, who was holding Eliza and Christi's hands. Even though the Weasleys could afford a nanny for their children, they refused to hire one. Ron and Luna spent as much time with their children as possible, telling everybody that they would not know when their last chance would be.

There were at least seven bodyguards around them, protecting them from people who tried to get too near and harm the family. Ron motioned for the men to help Harry and Hermione, who smiled thankfully. There were a series of groans from the reporters surrounding them as they walked pass them.

About ten minutes later, they found themselves seated inside Ron's limousine with his guards following them in two cars, one in front of them and one behind.

"So tell me," Ron started, "Why did you run away from your body guards again?"

Hermione looked at him as if saying 'Duh!', but said, "Don't you get tired of people following you around where you go? We disapparated to The Leaky Cauldron, we thought there wouldn't be too many people seeing that it's Saturday morning,"

"Wouldn't they get suspicios? I mean they were muggles afetr all," Ron looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, it gets annoying having some people followong you around, I have to agree. But I would keep them with me if they kept me and my family safe," he finished.

He was sitting across from her and Harry, Luna and Eliza beside him. Christi was playing with Harry. Harry always liked kids and was seen most of the time in public with Christi and Eliza. He usually brought them to malls with Hermione, shopping for toys

"What's this I hear about you having a baby, Herm?" Luna asked, playing with Eliza's hair. "I was watching t.v. and they showed you looking at baby clothes with Harry last week."

"Oh! That?! I'm not having a baby! I was just looking for clothes for my nephew. Remember Andrew? It was his birthday last week. I didn't even know about that rumor until now," Hermione explained. She ran her hand through her once bushy, now sleek hair.

Hermione had changed a lot since her days at Hogwarts. Her hair was now hanging in soft ringlets down her back. Her pale skin brought out her eyes. She had a figure that many women would die for.

"Yeah, why wouldn't you believe us when we say were just friends?" Harry demanded. He couldn't believe that even his best friend and his wife wouldn't believe them. Christi was now braiding his hair. Luna looked at him and just smiled the mysterious smile she always did when she knew something the other didn't, not even Hermione.

"Do you want to come over to our place for a few hours?" Ron asked. "We could play Quidditch! Or we could teach Eliza how to fly! I mean she's old enough."

Hermione suddenly spoke at the sound of Quidditch. She rather disliked Quidditch as it was likely to cause injury. She couldn't believe how thick Harry and Ron could be.

"Ron, how could you stand Quidditch?!" When Ron looked at her confusedly, she continued, "I mean you could get killed! According to this book I read, it's a very dangerous sport! And children under 9 years old shouldn't be on a broom beca—" Hermione lectured him. After about five minutes, she finished her lecture. "Now do you understand?" Hermione asked him.

When no one answered, she looked over at Ron, who was now talking animatedly with Harry about what move they would teach Eliza first.


Harry and Ron looked at each other and muttered, "Uh oh! Full names!" They looked at Hermione who had steam practically going out of her ears. They looked at each other again and tried to change the subject.

"Hermione, did you take the role they offered you in '12 Turning on 25'?," Ron hastily asked, hoping the question would make her forget about what he and Harry did.

"Oh, no, I said I couldn't. I've been too busy!" Hermione, apparently, forgot about her lecture. She turned and talked to Luna, who was watching them with amusement.

"We better go straight home. I don't want her exploding again," Harry whispered to Ron, making sure Hermione couldn't hear. "You should have seen her when I left my sock on the floor on Christmas! She turned all red and barged into my room when I was changing! She levitated me out of the house and locked me out. I left my wand on my bedside table. I was out there for about 5 hours before she let me back in and let me tell you it was freezing! "

"You should get a house-elf to pick up after you, mate!" Ron laughed.

After about another 20 minutes, Ron dropped them off at Godric's Hollow and left. Godric's Hollow was what Harry and Hermione called their house. It was very big since they were being paid a lot in their work. There were two fountains in the garden, which were full of different colored flowers. The house itself was two floors and a third that was open for star gazing. It had creamy white walls and its roof was painted a pale red. There were black gates surrounding the lot. However, there were no house-elves since Hermione still believed in S.P.E.W. Instead, they would hire five or six people to clean the house once a week.

The inside of the house was made of oak and was filled with expensive looking furniture. The house had 13 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a library, a living room, a kitchen, a play room for Ron's children when they were over, an indoor pool, a study room etc. The garage was filled with five of the latest car models and had 2 limousines. The drivers were only called by when they were needed since Harry and Hermione tried to live as normal a life as possible with their current status. The back yard had a pool and had a pond with fish in it. There was a bridge above the water. Behind that, there were trees and, if you walk far enough, you would see a waterfall.

When they got inside, Hermione told Harry that she'd be in the library reading. She was seated comfortably in one of the library chairs when, about thirty minutes later, she was called down by Harry.

"Hermione!! Get in here! Fast!" his voice was full of panic.

The tone of his voice made Hermione worry. She dashed down the spiral staircase and into the living room, where his voice came from. When she got in, she saw a woman holding a baby to her chest, sitting down on the couch. Harry was kneeling in front of her, trying to comfort the woman. She looked very familiar to Hermione.

"Parvati?" she asked.

The woman looked up and nodded. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were tear stained.

She and Parvati were once very close friends, they were inseparable. However, she and Hermione lost contact because of their schedules.

Hermione walked briskly to Parvati and gave her a reassuring hug without crushing the baby between them. Parvati started sobbing on her shoulder.

"Parvati, tell me. What happened? I'll try to do anything to help you," Hermione said softly after Parvati calmed down to talk.

"Herm, I need you to take care of Angelica," she wheezed, motioning to the baby in her arms. The baby was sleeping and her clothes were filthy. Hermione looked down at the baby. There was clothe covering her but she could make out the black hair that reached her shoulders.

"Parvati, why?" Hermione asked. Harry stood up to get a glass of water for Parvati in the kitchen, leaving the two women to talk.

"Someone's trying to kill us! They already killed John! Angelica isn't safe with me," Parvati started crying again. "I need you to take care of her, Hermione! If I take her, she'll die!"

"Okay, Parvati," Hermione soothed, stroking her friend's hair. "We'll take care of her."

"Herm, you can't let anyone know about this, not even Ron," Parvati sobbed.

"But what will we tell the public?" Hermione asked confused.

"Tell them she's yours, tell them anything!"

Harry finally returned and handed the glass of water to Parvati. He sat down next to her and tried to calm her down.

"Hermione, tell the public and the media that she's yours and Harry's," Parvati whispered, gazing at Angelica.

"What?" Harry asked confused. He didn't know what was going on. "Mine and Hermione's?"

"Harry, I'll explain it to you later," Hermione told him. She turned to Parvati, "How will that help?"

"You're one of the most recognized and protected people in the world, Herm, you're an Auror, too. They'll believe anything you tell them," Parvati answered.

"Okay, I'll do it," Hermione informed her, "You're my best friend, I'll do anything to keep you safe. But will you at least tell me what you did to get in this mess?"

Parvati looked at her straight in the eye before answering, "I used to be a Death-Eater. Then, when I realized what I was doing was so horrible, I spied for the Order. The other Death-Eaters almost killed Draco then, but I helped him escape. Now they're blaming me that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is gone for good." Hermione gasped and Harry stared at her incredibly.

"The Death-Eaters that escaped are after me, Herm," she continued. "They already killed my husband, I just got out of the house in time. If they find out Angelica's mine, they'll kill her too."

Hermione now had tears in her eyes. She nodded and took the baby from her mother's grasp and said, "Parvati, stay with us. Stay were it's safe."

"Herms, I can't people will find out."

"Parvati, I'm going to protect her no matter what," Hermione vowed, her voice cracking.

Parvati smiled at her gratefully and stood up and gave her friend a hug, both of the women were now sobbing hysterically. She took her Angelica from Hermione and whispered, "I'll try to come back for you, sweetheart." She took out a gold locket and a letter from her pocket and handed it to Hermione.

"If I don't come back, please take care of my little angel," she croaked. "I'll come back if I get my name cleared and if I'm not dead by then."

"Parvati, don't say that," Hermione said with the same tone Parvati used.

"Herm, if I don't come back, give it to her when she's old enough and tell her mommy loves her. Tell her I did this to protect her," Parvati repeated, more determined this time.

Seeing Hermione's nod, she handed Angelica back to her. She looked at her daughter one last time and walked out the door, leaving a crying Hermione and a confused Harry to comfort her.

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