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The royal family of Gondor was going for a ride. Naturally little Théoden was much too young to join in, being only four months old. He slept contently in his nursery watched over by a throng of doting nursemaids who almost wished he would wake up so that they could play with him. The young crown prince and princess of Gondor, however, were each astride a parent's horse, moving over the plains at a brisk walk.

"Eldarion? Let's race!" Morwen said from her perch in front of Éowyn.

"Father, can we?" the boy asked, turning to look up at the king with hopeful grey eyes.

Aragorn and Éowyn shared a playful look. What, scared of losing? Éowyn seemed to ask by the tilt of her chin and quirk in her eyebrows.

"I don't see why not. To that bush, up there – a fair mark?"

"Perfect," Éowyn said confidently, gripping the reins. Morwen giggled.

"Ready to win, son?" Aragorn asked Eldarion.

"Your father seems to have forgotten," Éowyn said into Morwen's ear, "that Mama is a Shieldmaiden of Rohan."

"Remember to hold on tight, kids. On the count of three," Aragorn said. "One… two…"

"Three!" the children cried, and the race began.

The horses surged forward, now more accustomed to these frequent spur-of-the-moment races than riding out to battle, although that still happened on occasion. The ladies had the lead in a matter of moments (which was the usual course of things), but Aragorn and Eldarion did a fair job of closing the gap, and the horses were almost neck and neck when Éowyn's steed passed the bush and Morwen started crowing their success.

"Good job, boys," Éowyn told her husband and son a bit more graciously, "you nearly had us that time. I'll have to watch my back."

"Next time we'll win," Eldarion said nodding, quite sure of himself.

His parents laughed. "There's always next time."

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