When Lime Ricky's bar is desrtoyed by vandels, they suspect the DCFDTL are up to it again, shortly thereafter, Delightful Manor suffers from a serious explosion and Father is taken to the hospital. These acts of terror progresivly get worse and worse as villans as well as the KND's own families are attacked. It seems as though the KND among others have interested the underground socitiy of criminal kids known as the Kid Mafia. And Why aren't the DCFDTL KND operatives? I mean, they're less clumsy and maybe even smarter then the KND, so why aren't they operatives as well? WARNING: Contains drug abuse, plenty of dirty words, and violence with real weapons. I reedited all the chaptuhs to make them easier to read.

I wish I owed Kids Next Door, but sadly, I don't, so now I am poor writer.

Being a hero sure makes a guy thirsty. Numbuh Two thought as he downed another root beer, his forth today. Kicking back was what an operative had a right to do after a day of saving kids. The rest of his teammates thought the same thing as they celebrated another successful mission. Numbuh Three played Pump it Up, Numbauh Five was conversing with the other kids, Numbuh four was showing off his cool kung fu. Numbuh One was at the tree house, working the night away in his room. Meanwhile, a shady person with Mediterranean features stared at the mirror in the bathroom. He wore a black hoodie with the words "ZERO" imblazened with silver letters on the front. About his wrists were black leather bracelets studded with metal spikes. He wore black and red SOAPS shoes and black jeans. His dark eyes looked over the wire rectangle sunglasses he wore.

He slammed his palms into the mirror. "I'm about to get my vengeance...." he growled as the lights in the bathroom flickered out.

Numbuh Five gracefully slipped out of the crowd and walked to Numbuh Four.

"Numbuh Five notices the guy in the red jacket's been eyeing us for sometime."

"Yeah! What's HIS problem?" Numbuh Four responded, pointing to a boy in the corner.

He had mediterranian features, tanned skin, and striaght black hair that was neatly cut and fell to just above his shoulders. His hair was covered with a red cap not unlike the one Numbuh Five wore. His eyes were covered with stylish silver sunglasses with orange polorized lenses. He wore a long-sleeved red shirt and baggy denim jeans. In the seat right next to him, sat a grey backpack with what looked like two sticks poking out of it.

"HEY BUB!" Numbuh Four practally yelled, walking to the boy in red. "You've been staring at us all night! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" The orange hoodled operative said, arms flailing. The red boy looked around the bar, at all the kids now staring at them.

"WELL?!" Yelled Numbuh Four.

"You should have been more descrete, that outburst just cost Lime Ricky his bar." The Red boy said in a low voice. With that, he issued a hand signal, slung his backpack on and grabbed the two sticks.

"NUMBUH FOUR! HE'S GOT SWORDS!!" Numbuh Three screamed.

"Huh?!" Numbuh Four turned. With that, a blade swished over Numbuh Four's head. He looked up and gulped. The red boy was standing on the table, twin katana's flashing.

One more swing and Numbuh Four might have been in two peices, had he not rolled out of the way. Just then, two of the red boy's friends sitting in other parts of the bar stood up. One was an Italian with slicked back, black, hair in a crimson suit resembling the Delightful Children From Down The Lane's boy's uniform with pants. The other was a girl with short green hair with a black shirt over a long sleeved white one, her blue jeans were faded, ripped, and baggy. The Italian raised his head, He had beady eyes and an ugly scar touching his eye and going across his cheek.

"Let's fuckin' light 'iss place UP!" The girl yelled with an Irish accent. The Italian laughed as they both lit soda bottles with rags and threw them at people. What was in the bottles wasn't soda, as what it had looked like. It was gasoline. The Molotov cocktails exploded on impact, sending a shower of fire and green glass everywhere.

"Oooo! Pretty!" The oblivious Numbuh Three said in awe of the fireworks lighting up the kids-only tavern. Panic ensured as the fire and the sword weilding maniac stirred up disorder. A boy in a black hoodie had walked out of the bathroom around the time the trio had caused mass hysteria among the kids. "Everyone OUT of the bar!" A hooded kid in sunglasses screamed, Bur he was only talking to himself as the bar's roors were packed as kids in mass hysteria were fighting their way out. The boy in red was busy chopping the funiture into firewood, laughing manically. Molotov cocktails sailed through the air, flames climbing high, fueled by gasoline and wood.

"Numbuh Five says we should get the heck OUT OF HERE!" she screamed protecting her mouth and nose with her hat.

Numbuh Two made an exit as he kicked down a portion of the wall. They had just made it out when the hole also swarmed with kids.

The KND operatives made sure everyone made it out safely; then they heard the roar of moters, and laughing in the distance. Numbuh Five looked towards the sound and saw four shadows revving up motorcycles and driving away.

Four people? But Numbuh Five only saw three vandels... she thought to herself.

It didn't take tong before the adults got wind of the situation and sent their fire trucks over to put out the fire. Lime Ricky just stood there and shook his head. "My bar, my whole life, it's gone....."

Just then, the crowd gave way to someone pushing, "Everyone out of my way, Important Kids Next Door operation!" Numbuh One said as he shoved his way through the already dissipating crowd. "What happened, here? Kids Next Door? Status report." he barked.

Numbuh Two was first. "Some freaky guys and a green haired girl went totally crazy and set the whole bar on fire!"

Numbuh Four jumped in next," A guy in red was staring at us, and I go up to him and I'm all, like, 'HEY BUB! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!' and he's all like, 'I'm gonna kill you,' and I start to...."he rambled until Numbuh Five interupted him,

"If ya'll listen, Numbuh Five can tell y'all what really went down.."


Back at the tree house, 12:00 Midnight, Numbuh One checked the data base for anyone who might be responible for this recent attack. To prevent any futher crimes, Numbuh One wanted to catch these crooks before they did anymore damage.

The KND database kept tabs on all children, all over the world(Creepy), the more suspisous teens, all suspisous adults. His seach was based on what each vandel had looked like. His search of a swordsman, irish pyrotechnic, and what seemed like a rouge Italian Delightful Child. They had to have had at least some problem with the Kids Next Door, least they had some boss who did, Numbuh One thought, remembering Mr.White. He found the following interesting profiles.


Kazuo "Spyder" Vincenzo

KNDanger Rating: 8.9

Status: Non-operative, accounted for


Gender: Boy

Nationality: American

Liniage: Italian/Japanese

Family: Lives with mother, father, and grandparents

Specialty: Fights with "Two-Sword Style", Super genius, experts with

Computers and other technology.

Mental Condition: Questionable

KND Crimes: Stealing, burglery, breaking and entering,

attempted murder, vandelism, resisting arrest, assault of an

operative, mission interference, use of hostages, assisting the

enemy, threating an operative.

History: Grew up training with grandfather in swordsmenship, was

identified as a super genius at the age of five. Eccels at physics,

meganical engineering, and many of the academics. Currently

attends the ninth grade and is a mercinary for hire. Wasn't choosen

as a KND operative because of his lack of ethnic code.

Abilities: Double sword master, builds weopens of mass destruction.

Mercinary for hire.


Clover O'Donnal

KNDanger rating: 5.9

Status: Non-operative, accounted for


Gender: Girl

Nationality: American (not a citizen)


Family: Lives with parents and 12 brothers

Specialty: Pyrotechnics and bagpipe playing. Martial arts expert. Stealthy.

Mental Condidtion: May be delusional and emotionally instable

KND Crimes: armed robbery, stealing, vandelism, plotting to undermind KND,

threating an operative, battery, arson disturbing the peace, misson interferience

History: Moved to the U.S with her nuclear family. Is an expert when it comes to

fire. Gets into quiet a lot of trouble with the KND for starting fights, battery,

distrubing the peace, and other such mania. Has been arrested by KND operatives

on several acconts. Wasn't choosen as an operative because of her record. Abilities: A hitman, makes bombs and bullets, as well as fireworks. $$$$$$$$$$$ Giovanni Panzanelli

KNDanger rating: 0

Status:Non-operative, missing


Gender: Boy

Nationality: Italian


Family: Unknown at this time

Specialty: Criminal organization

Mental Condition: Sane and stable

KND Crimes: None

History: Son of a coperate master who dissappered. All other family is

unknown. Dissappered from Italy a year ago. Might be part of an

underground organazation. Acts like the Delighful Children from Down the Lane

when it comes to fighting. Wasn't choosen as an operative because of

his reclusive nature and lack of cooperation skills.

Abilities:Stealth, charm


Angelo Ragazzi

KNDanger rating: 0

Staus:Former Operative Numbuh 20, accounted for

Age: 23

Gender: Boy

Natianality: American

Liniage: mixed race/ Italian

Family: younger brother

Specality: Currently 6th grade English teacher

Mental Condition: Slightly eccectric

KND Crimes: None

History: Born in Italy, moved to the U.S. for family reasons when he was 18. Was an

impressive operative, decommissioned at 13. Fevorishly supports kids rights and is a

sixth grade teacher. Show great promise for helping kids/adult equel rights. Takes Thai

boxing and is a master with staff fighting. Might be a mob boss

Abilities: martial arts, oraganized crime(?), mediating kid/adult conflicts.


Kazuo Vincenzo and Clover O'Donnal most definately were the two who tourched the bar, but Giovanni Panzanelli just didn't fit. Sure, he was a crook, but he was more delightful, having others do things for him, not getting involved himself. Perhaps he's only physical to the ones he kills, he is a hitman. Numbuh One thought. This made him dangerous. He considered calling HQ to update Giovanni's profile, but thought better of it; couldn't without actual proof. Angelo was the last on his list. He wan't even at the bar (kids only) at the time, but he might proove to be useful when the investigation began. Figueing he might as well get some sleep, he turned out the lights and went to bed.