Okey, here's another hint for Mikey, He's not based off of ANYONE from Gundam Wing, so try another series with a redhead Italian. This chapter was inspired by I dream I had about the KND....

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We'll never know if The Delightful Children would have stepped in or not, because just as 274 was going to call Numbuh 86, the power went dead.

"Cree, What happened?" Father asked.

274 grabbed the earing, "If you want your agent to hear you, you'll have to talk a lot louder then that." He smashed it.

In that second, something else was smashed. The front door wall was smashed in by a cannon shot. The children were soon looking at the hull of a steel plated battleship entitled, "The Sweet Revenge II". Every villian that was known for physical violence swung over on the ropes. Sheldon landed, laughed, then fell over with a dislocated hip, "Oh rutabegas.."

"Kids Next Door, battle stations!" 274 said before Numbuh One could.

"Delightful Children, prepare for combat!" Ben said. With no power, they were at a severe disadvantage.

"Time for your just desserts!" Grandma Stuffum said, spilling her food all over the floor. The slop quickly formed into hideous monsters that attacked. The children locked their jaws and attacked.

Anne left for Numbuh Five's room and came back with a can of hairspray and lit candle, "Burn them all with flammthrowers!" she said as she set fire to all of the hideous foodstuff soldiers. They screamed in agony until they desolved into ashes.

"Wasting food?!" Grandma Stuffum screamed as she let loose another torrent of food.

Grandma Stuffum's sucess (if you can call it sucess) wasn't the norm in the villian's group. Stickybeard and Knightbrace were more interested in attacking each other then the kids defending the fort, and the Senior Citizen's Squad..well, they were just too old to be fighting anything...

Mikey was vexed that the whole attack wasn't going exactly his way, but where the bratty kids on the defense were superior in plain skill, he'd nail them with sheer force.

"ATTACK!" The Common Cold yelled, casting snot down on the people below, including a few villians.

The Spawn of the Tolinater really wasn't into getting snot/evil food/candy/dental supplies/toliet paper all over him, so he decided to take his leave. He floated onto the mast of the ship and became a mere observer. This is better then KightRider...

The children held off the villians bravely. Anne was scorching the food at an alarming rate, making the living food think twice before charging. The Kids Next Door fended off the weaker villians with the 2X4 Technology that didn't need power, like the SPLANKER. Eventually, Anne's hairspray ran out...

"Oh, dear..." She said nervously. Chelsea jumped to defend her sister in the last second, though Anne was capibal of holding her own.

There was a dogpile of almost every villian and disgusting food there, though it quaked.

"Hold him down!" Numbuh Two's grandma said, she'd remembered to take her anti-aging cream at least. It was in vain, Ben threw them off in a spectacular blast. He growled, and plowed through people, weapon shots, and food everywhere. He was running out of energy, but he refused to let up, even for a second. He did not even let the thought enter his mind. He was strong; Father's son.

Andy dueled with pirates with Numbuh Three. Numbuh Three gleefully danced around the pirates, they all ended up hitting each other. Andy grabbed a few solid colored marbles, some string, and a pack of staples.

"I must get these gumballs away from the pirates." Andy said loudly, running away with a jar of marbles.

"Ooooo Gumballs...." The pirates said, charging Andy. He dropped the jar, and as the glass jar shattered, the pirates scooped up the marbles. When they chomped down on the glass orbs, their teeth broke. They stepped backwards, right into the staples, making them scream in pain, then they backed into a net of string. it collapsed into a tangled mess.

Andy laughed his head off.

Cree awoke amounst the chaos, and decided it was best to leave and try to think of a better plan. Maybe they'd all take care of each other. As she left, she locked eyes with Numbuh 274 for a fraction of a second, she had a feeling they'd meet again.

"Go Giovanni." Mikey said. Giovanni cocked a gun his father left behind.

"Sometimes, you need to do things the dirty way." He said in his soft pleasent voice.

Clover readied the net gun.

"Bonzai!" fired it on the operatives and Delightful Children. She rounded them up one by one. Giovanni pointed his gun.

"Any funny business and you'll be dining on a lead sandwich, cacpice?"

The pirates loaded the children onto the boat before Mikey.

"The Demented Children from Down the Lane and the Punks Next Door. How...pleasent it is to meet you all."

"Why are you doing this? Ice cream? Money? Candy? Power?" Numbuh One demanded.

"Destruction. I want to see you suffer." Mikey's eyes were wide.

"You're...insane." The Delightful Children choused.

"I'M NOT CRAZY! Don't you dare call me crazy. YOU'RE the crazy ones. Not me."

"Michelangelo, we are quite certain that it is you that is suffering from insanity." The Delightful Children said, they smiled because they had hit a nerve.

"SHUT UP!" Mikey screamed, kicking Andy in the face; simply because he was the one in front.

"Ow..." Andy wimpered.

"I'M not the one trying to give kids extra school and homework, I'M not the one that destroyed a secret resivoir of mysical ice cream OVER SPRINKLES. AND, I don't do that creepy unison...thing you do. Why do you do that? AND, I have a two sisters and a brother, but you don't see us all registered under one entity sitting in the same desk at school. AND, we celebrate our birthdays seperatly. YOU GUYS ARE FREAKS."

Numbuh Four interjected, "Pft, talk about the pot calling the kettle black, this guy's as looney as the rest of 'em" Numbuh Two chucked until Giovanni kicked the both of them in the stomachs.

"Why do you guys do that anyway?" Mikey asked, then he leaned over to Chelsea, "You're so pretty on the outside, but so ugly on the inside.." He touched her ribbon.

Then he embedded a knife right next to her foot, then he took it out, "How can you be so pretty on the outside but so UGLY on the inside?! Ya know what?! It wouldn't take much to make you guys as ugly on the ouside as you are on the inside!"

"What are you planning on-" Numbuh One interjected before Mikey started up again.

"How can you fight the Kids Next Door when they are the same as you?! You're kids too! They are trying TO HELP YOU! And you would cast them off like an itchy sweater?! What is WRONG with you guys? Your sister and mom were killed by adults, so why not FIGHT THEM?!"

"This guy's had it....he's finally cracked." Numbuh Five said smpathethically.

Numbuh Two whispered to Ben, " I feel sorry for Mr. Ragazzi for having to raise this...psycho."

Ben shook his head, "Nah, Mr.Ragazzi's pretty crazy himself."

Now, Mikey cracked, "I"M NOT CRAZY!!"

He lashed out and the blade left a clean swipe across Numbuh One's face, There was a little pain, then the uncomfortable leaking of blood. To Mikey's credit, he was simply gesturing and had forgotten about the knife in his hand. Not that he apologized.

Mikey stared at the cut for an unconfortably long time with wide amber eyes before finally looking to his direct right and ordering his minons to take the children down to the deck. He would deal with them later.

"IF that was the looney-ist of loons evah, I don't wanna know who is!" Numbuh Four yelled at the top of his lungs. They were all in the hold, in cells. Kids Next Door in one, Delightful Children in the other.

"Oh, For the love of...can you just shut it?!" The Delightful Children snapped irritably. The uncomfortable accomedations did not put them in the best of moods.

There was a long argument between the Kids Next Door and the Delightfuls while Numbuh Five was thinking. Giovanni yelled at them in Italian to shut it before he came down there.

"Venez nous obtenir!" Numbuh Five yelled in French and prayed that in whatever European school Giovanni used to attend, they taught French.

"FINE!" Giovanni said, rather irritated, He readied his tazor and as he tried to jab the ebony operative with it, she grabbed his head and slammed it hard into the metal bars. Giovanni slumped.

She grabbed the keys from him and let everyone go.

"Oo, wee. I am sure glad he spoke French."

"I didn't know you spoke French, Abigale." The Delightful Children chourused.

"It's nuthing."

"We...hate...learning that langauge. It is...most difficult."