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Love vs. Hate

Chapter 1- Intro

In a school called Shikon High there is a young 18-year-old girl who is now in her senior year (12th grade). She is the biggest playgirl known throughout Shikon High's history, so she has a reputation to keep. In the dust, a slut, Kikyou is jealous of her the reason being is because the girl, Kagome, could have any guy in the 12th grade without having to ask them. But there are all but two guys that she would never go out with. 1) Naraku- creepy, cold-blooded, greedy, self-centered bastard that tries to get Kagome. And did I mention a killer, what ever he wants he'll get it but he won't get Kagome for she is stronger than she looks.
2) Inuyasha- mean, stupid, idiotic jerk, doesn't give a damn to what he does to people, has no emotions and plays dirty tricks on Kagome, but she always easily gets him back. Kagome hates his guts because of the prank in 8th grade, the day he first came to Shikon High. Sometimes she thinks she loves him in a way but she knows it will NEVER happen.

Kagome doesn't just give herself to any guy; they have to suffer before she would go out with them. The only thing that she has to hide is that she is still a virgin. Her best friends Sango and Miroku know about this, but she said that if any of them told any body she would make the CIA come after them and put them through pure torture. (Her mom and dad [her dad died during an assignment] work for the CIA, no knows except for Kagome's friends).
For Inuyasha he has nothing to hide. He has gotten laid before but not by Kikyou, all he knew was that he would never go out with the slut, he knows that the only Kikyou hangs over him is for his money. The girls that drool over him are the ones he would go out with, the reason why is because they are easiest to get, his rules to get them are:
Plan 1- get the girl
Plan 2- treat them nice with fancy dinners (no jewelry)
Plan 3- lay them down
Plan 4- break there hearts and break up Yep that was one of his favorite routines.


BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! "IT IS NOW SIX THIRTY" shouted Kagome's alarm clock.

Kagome woke up and walked sleepily to her bathroom. Once she got there she brushed he teeth and headed into the shower (she prefers baths but she's in a hurry). When she got out she creamed her skin, straighten her hair and put on her clothes.
Kagome's dress was very beautiful, it had no straps, showed each of her curves, ended at her knees, and when she walked it would sway in every direction, it was a peach color and it had flowers sewn at the top and bottom hem of the dress. To match with her summer dress she put on a light peach eye shadow, a glossy and yet shimmering peach lip balm, high heels that were a peach color, and last but not least perfume that smelled of an orchard of peaches.
Once she was all ready she went downstairs to where the kitchen was located to only find her mom (Koharu Higuarshi) making her favorite food, oden. When her mom finished making it she handed it to Kagome with some chopsticks and smiled since she knew Kagome was a freak when it comes to oden. So Kagome sat down and started to attack to food with ultimate force and within a minute Kagome was finished and took a napkin to wipe her mouth (she applies the lip balm again soon afterwards).

"I see that you still love oden" mischievously said Koharu.

"Hai, I still do," answered Kagome as she laughed while her mother just chuckled to see what her daughter had become, an oden lover.

"So do you need a ride to school or will you drive yourself because I got your baby fixed," asked Koharu, since people would do anything to be driven in a limo, a white limo. Recently Kagome's car broke down.

"You fixed my car!!! Then I will surely drive myself but thanks for the offer!!" yelped Kagome since she had been waiting for weeks to drive her car and right now she was totally excited.

"Ok, just calm down" sighed Kagome's mom. "Oh, and I am going on another assignment today so I won't be back for a week" she said sadly, she hated leaving her daughter all the time.

"Ok, well I will miss you very much mom, be safe and be careful, and I will always love you no matter where you are" replied Kagome, she always hated her mom leaving her but what could she do.

"I will and I love you to honey, and you should be heading to school or your going to be late," said Koharu.

"I have like lots of time left though!!" protested Kagome.

"Well don't you want to show all the cute boys your new dress especially that Inuyasha fellow, he is quite handsome, you two would make a great couple" cheerfully said Koharu.

"You got a point there but why the HELL WOULD I show myself to that stupid fool!!!" yelled Kagome.

"Ok, but watch your temper" barked her mom.

"Sorry, and I guess I'll see you in a week" apologetically said Kagome.

"Right, now go, ja ne, leave" said Kagome's mom as she was pushing Kagome outside to where her car was.

"Ok, ok" so before Kagome left she kissed her mom on the cheek, waved goodbye and hopped into her black Chrysler M-300 and speed off to school. (The car is a really smooth ride with heated seats, navigator, and etc. it is very nice!!).


So when Kagome reached the school she went into the student parking lot and parked her car. When she got out she was bombarded with guys asking if she would go out with them. But she broke all there hearts and said no. As she made her way out of the crowd she saw her best friend Sango and her perverted guy friend Miroku.

"Hey guys" happily said Kagome.

"Hey" both answered her friends.

"Well how's it going, I haven't seen you guys all spring break" curiously said Kagome.

"I've been good," said Sango.

"Me too, how about you Kagome" answered Miroku.

"I'm doing good," replied Kagome.

"And what have you been eating Kagome" asked Miroku.

"Oden" said Kagome.

"Figures" replied Miroku.

"Why" said Sango, seeing that there was nothing wrong with her friend's appearance.

"Well as you see, Kagome's arms are a bit thicker, her ass has gotten bigger, and she has more meat on her face and her chest seems to be WAY bigger" slyly said Miroku as he was circling around Kagome making her feel uneasy.

"I thought thicker was always better" said Kagome as she was thinking if it was true or not.

"Why you disgusting hentai" barked Sango as she hit Miroku over the head numerous of times till she was satisfied.

"Hey that, hurts," yelled Miroku.

"Good" smirked Sango. As Kagome was witnessing all of this she was laughing her head off causing tears of joy dripping from her eyes. And nearby Inuyasha was watching all of this and decided to walk pass her; he didn't know why but he wanted to.

"You two are, so funny, you guys could make a cute couple" said Kagome as she continued to laugh at them.

"SHUT UP KAGOME!!!!!!!" screamed Miroku and Sango.

"Ok, ok" chuckled Kagome. She didn't even realize that her enemy, Inuyasha had past her.


Inuyasha's POV

Why is it that all of a sudden that I am drawn to Kagome. She puts me through hell and all of the sudden I think she looks hott? Did I just say that she was HOTT!!!! But he still walked past Kagome to see that her beautiful face was filled with laughter, and with that he scanned her body with his eyes and he was greatly surprised. When I was scanning her body I nearly drooled when my eyes meet near her chest, like DAMN!!!! She has defiantly matured instead of a girls she is now a woman. To bad I can't have her, she deeply hates my guts and besides she would never loves me. In a way she is different than other girls, though she plays guys is kind of funny but I know that she doesn't love them, she just uses them, like me but only I use girls to do it.

End of POV


So Inuyasha walked past them and went into the school to get his schedule, lock with its combination, and locker. Soon after wards Kagome, Sango, and Miroku went in as well to get theirs.
It turned out that they all had the same schedule but they didn't know that Inuyasha had the same courses as them.

"SWEET" yelled Sango.

"You know it" aid Miroku and Kagome at the same time.

"I can't believe that we have the same courses!!" yelped Sango.

"Yeah, I know" excitedly said Kagome.

"I wonder if our lockers are near each others" curiously said Miroku.

"Same here" said Sango and Kagome.

"Well lets go check," said Miroku.

"Ok" the girls shrugged their shoulders and followed Miroku.

It turns out that Kagome had locker number 69, Miroku had number 71, and Sango had number 72. But they were curious of the locker that said number 70 and who it was owned by. And they were to soon figure out but they thought he would be the last person in the world to have that locker.

"I wonder whose locker that is?" said Kagome.

"Well I don't know," replied Miroku.

"Well I guess we will figure out soon," said Sango. Then Inuyasha appeared in front of them.

"What do you want?" sneered Kagome.

"Touchy" smirked Inuyasha.

"Whatever, just answer the question fool," snapped Kagome.

"I am here for my locker wench, you know that one over there that says seventy on it" sneered Inuyasha.

"Who are you calling a wench, bastard," countered Kagome.

"Cock sucker" barked Inuyasha.

"That's your job!!!" said Kagome as she walked away to her first class with Sango and Miroku trailing behind.

"Why that stupid wench, is she ever going to get it" and with that said Inuyasha got his things and went to his first class not knowing Kagome would be there as well.
So he entered the class to see their teacher Ms. Kaede was showing the students were to sit.

"Ok, Kagome you sit in the back, left corner," said Ms. Kaede.

"Ok" replied Kagome.

"Sango you sit right next to Kagome" remarked Ms. Kaede.

"Ok" said Sango, who was really happy that she got to sit next to her friend.

"Inuyasha you sit in front of Kagome" said Ms. Kaede, when she said this Kagome was dead pissed off, she didn't want that baka to sit in front of her.

"Feh" was Inuyasha's reply.

"Miroku you sit right next to Inuyasha" said Ms. Kaede.

"Ok" said Miroku.

So the sensei went on with the list and when she finished she started to talk about the expectations of this class and so on and so forth. Kagome was pissed the whole period.

"..." Said Kagome as she was mumbling something under breath that no one could hear. And then Inuyasha turned around to talk to her.

"Would you shut up, I don't like this the same way you do," sneered Inuyasha and then turned around.

"Baka" and then Kagome went to draw in her notebook since she got bored. When Inuyasha heard her comment about him he just rolled his eyes and kept listening to the teacher.


Kagome was so frustrated the whole morning; she had to put up with Inuyasha's rude attitude and lame jokes and his flirting with the other girls around him, she could still remember his cockiness.


"Kagome" asked Inuyasha.

"What" said Kagome as she was rubbing her temples.

"Did you know that you are the ugliest girl I have ever seen" smirked Inuyasha.

"Right back at ya, you even make Kikyou feel jealous," said Kagome as she chuckled a bit.

"Stupid bitch" sneered Inuyasha.

"Well at least I don't go around fucking every dead bitch I see," snapped Kagome.

"You are so going to get it bad!!!" yelled Inuyasha.

"And what are you going to do about it!!" yelled Kagome.

"This" said Inuyasha and just then she slapped her across the face. When that happened Kagome put her hand to where he slapped her and got real furious. So furious she threw a punch at him causing to break his nose and then she used the back of her hand and slapped him hard across his left cheek causing a little bruise to show.

"YOU STUPID ASS!! HOW DARE YOU HIT ME!! RIGHT NOW I WOULD RUN YOU OVER WITH MY CAR BUT AS YOU SEE WE ARE IN A BUILDING!!!" screamed Kagome while being held back by Sango and Miroku in order to keep her from pounding Inuyasha to a bloody pulp and kami knows that she would be capable of doing that.

~~~~~End of flashback~~~~~

And when she thinks about it, she is way to proud to hit Inuyasha like that, matter of fact she enjoyed it. Kagome then sits at a table that is outside and under a sakura tree and eats there; soon afterwards her friends come along and sit with her. They soon talk about the incident and laugh of how bad Inuyasha looked.


The friends moan that they have to go back to their classes and listen to the teachers boring lectures. The next class they have is chemistry, so they were pretty excited.


Mr. Myoga was their history and chemistry teacher, a short man, and very weird looking nut no one ever criticized. Half way into the class the phone rang and Mr. Myoga went to go answer it.

"Kagome" said Mr. Myoga.

"Hai" replied Kagome.

"Your wanted in the office" remarked Mr. Myoga.

"Ok" she said. Then started to walk over to the office, once she got there she went to the sectary's desk.

"You called me," said Kagome.

"Yes I did," said the lady.

"Well?" said Kagome while getting impatient

"Here take this, the person said that this was confidential and that only you should read this," said the lady and gave Kagome a folder that was really thick and had a red print that said CONFIDENTIAL written across the cover and had a seal going around it.

"Arigatou" said Kagome and left towards her chemistry class.


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