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On Demon Wings
Part Four

Jack awoke in Will's loving embrace. He lifted his head off of Will's chest in uncertainty and stared at Will's relaxed features, trying to remember the events of the night before.

He remembered the bathroom, showering, and the movies. Something else was there. He concentrated on the memory, trying to piece it together into something coherent. But, like a dream, the harder he tried, the less of it remained.

He sighed and rested his head back on Will's chest and smiled to himself. Will wasn't so bad; he was kind, considerate, rich... He had to be rich. Or at least financially stable. Very stable. Yes, Jack could get used to this. So what if Will gave off a distinctly creepy vibe? It was probably from all the antiques that surrounded him. They probably rubbed off on him, making him seem older than he actually was.

Jack closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep.

Half past noon, it was Will's turn to stir. Normally, he needed an alarm or two to get up during daylight, but today was different. Today, he had an extra weight on his chest, and it was softly snoring and drooling. He looked from the passive face to the damp spot on his shirt.

It was, he decided after much debate, disgustingly adorable.

He did not want to wake his makeshift blanket, but he felt that the sooner his questions were answered, the sooner he could hunt down Jack's assailant. Drying off also had its perks.

Will lightly lifted Jack and set him back against the couch. He ran his thumb over Jack's lips before claiming them with his own.

It was a tender kiss and quite pleasant for Jack to wake up to, even though he could have sworn he was still dreaming. He pressed into the kiss, hoping to deepen it before he woke up.

Will held Jack's face in his hand and ran his tongue over Jack's lips. He was granted entrance into Jack's mouth and greeted enthusiastically by the residing tongue.

It hit Will as strange that someone so shy when they're awake could be so forward and willing when half asleep. His new companion was certainly full of surprises. He pulled back for air and lightly nipped Jack's lip as he went.

Jack's eyes flew open and focused in on the hungry grin Will was sporting. He blushed, fully realizing he hadn't been dreaming.

'I er...thought I was dreaming,' he said apologetically.

Will's grin widened. 'Funny. I would have thought that you would reprimand me for taking advantage of you when you're vulnerable.'

'I--!' Jack's blush deepened and he looked away. 'Yeah, well, you shouldn't take advantage of people,' he said, but his voice lacked the conviction it needed to keep Will at bay.

Will lifted Jack's chin. 'Some people are meant to be taken advantage of. Predator and prey, if you will. What category do you fall under?'

'Omnivore?' Jack offered.

'I'm sorry?'

'I'll take whatever I'm given,' he said, finding that his hands were the most interesting things in the room.

'Are you certain you're not a scavenger?' Will asked. 'Well, my little vulture,' he lightly stroked Jack's cheek and Jack stiffened, 'I do have a small inquiry for you that I never had the chance to ask last night.'

'What's that?' Jack's eyes darted up and met Will's. Immediately, he was drawn into comforting fluff.

'The two young ladies from the metaphysical store, am I correct in assuming they are friends of yours?' Will asked.

Jack nodded blissfully.

'And how long have they known you?'

'Lizbeth for three years; Anna for ten,' Jack replied.

'I see. And where might I find Anna?' Will pulled Jack's bangs from his eyes.

'She works at Pike's Boat Rental.' Jack leaned into the lingering touch.

'That will be most helpful,' Will said and pecked Jack on the cheek. 'I think you should head home now. Don't you?'

'Huh?' Jack slipped out of his reverie and wondered what had just happened. 'Home. Right. Oh, I'm locked out,' he said quietly.

Will retrieved his cell phone from the coffee table and handed it to Jack.

Jack smiled gratefully and dialed a number as Will went to retrieve Jack's clothes. 'Hey, is James in? Just Jack this time. Thanks.'

James pulled up in front of the address Jack had given him. The lettering on the window read 'Turner's Antiques & Curiosities.' James got out of the car and walked up to the door. Jack was right, it did give off a 'creepy vibe.' He shrugged it off and entered.

Inside, it looked as if someone was still unpacking everything. There were empty cases lined against the back walls of the shop, and those that contained displays were cluttered together near the front with the furniture. It struck him as the sort of place Elizabeth would haunt.

He stepped further in, searching for any sign of Jack.

'Unga bunga booga!' shouted a large wooden mask as it jumped out from behind a mahogany writing desk.

James jumped back in surprise. 'What the--?!' He was used to people jumping out, but African masks were another thing.

'Feed me puny mortal, or I shall devour your soul!' declared the mask. 'Mwa-hahaha!!'

James rolled his eyes. 'For someone who's utterly miserable, your certainly seem to be having a good time,' he said. 'Take that thing off.'

'It's not a "thing,"' whined Jack. He held the mask in front of him and examined it. 'It's a ...,' he read the tag, 'an African...tribal mask...of an elephant.'

'It's a Bamileke elephant mask. And though sturdy, it is not a toy,' Will said as he reached over Jack and plucked the mask from his hands. He set the mask on the desk and faced James. 'You must James. Pleasure to meet you,' he said and held out his hand. 'I'm Will.'

James shook Will's hand and a shiver ran up his spine. 'I hope Jack hasn't been giving you too much trouble.'

'Only when it concerns the masks and spears,' Will said as he slapped Jack's hand away from the mask. 'I hate to say this, but I do have a "no pets" policy.'

'He's not my pet,' James said with a laugh. 'My wife made the mistake of feeding a stray, and now we can't seem to get rid of him.'

'I am standing right here, you know,' Jack huffed indignantly.

'Don't worry, you're not forgotten,' Will said and leaned down to peck Jack on the cheek.

Jack blushed and took on a shy demeanor. 'We should get going,' he said and headed for the door.

James watched the exchange, not sure what to make of it. It was apparent that Jack did not mind the attention too much, but he seemed edgy about it nonetheless.

'Right. It was nice to meet you,' James said and followed Jack out, almost running into him as Jack turned around at the door.

'Bye! I'll call, or uh, you can call if you want, or... Yeah. Bye.'

Will waved 'goodbye' as Jack awkwardly decided which way was out.

Once in the car and moving, Jack turned to James and blurted, 'So?'

'So what?'

'So what do you think of him?' Jack was practically bouncing in his seat, waiting for his friend's assessment of Will.

'I think he has a "holier than thou" attitude, but so do many other people,' James replied.

'Besides that. Did he seem nice? Is he going to turn around and murder me in my sleep and shrink my head then sell it?' Jack asked, gesturing an invisible ball shrinking in his hands.

'I highly doubt that,' James said. 'He likes you, if that's what you're asking.'

'That's not what I'm asking. It's obvious he likes me. I need a cattle prod to keep him off. Does he strike you as genuine? Not out to just screw me and ditch me in the gutter.'

James glanced at Jack out of the corner of his eye. 'You watch too many of those cop dramas,' he said, knowing full well that his work life could easily be televised as one.

Jack gave him a pleading look.

'He seems a bit off, but I think his heart is in the right place. Just the way he looks at you, it gives off the impression that he actually cares,' he said with a smile. 'I'm happy for you, but I want you to be careful.'

'What do you mean "he's off"?' Jack asked, slightly offended.

'I'm not sure. He looks and acts perfectly normal, but there's something else that I just can't put my finger on.'

'Like a feeder mouse being tossed into a snake's cage?' Jack offered.

'Exactly. Be careful of the couch,' James said half jokingly.

'I'll stay away from his couch from now on,' Jack swore.

'Somehow, I think you're missing the point.'

'I know what you mean,' Jack assured him. 'Whatever's wrong, it's probably in plain view and when it snaps its jaws on me, I'll feel stupid for not noticing.' He leaned back in his seat with a heavy sigh. 'Too trusting for my own good,' he muttered to himself as he stared out the window.

'I would prefer that didn't happen. Italian okay with you?'

Jack looked back at James with a raised brow. 'I thought you said you weren't feeding me.'

'I changed my mind.'

Jack nodded with a pleased look and looked back out the window. 'So what about that murder you're investigating?'

Will waited until James' car was out of site. He rummaged around the register for his 'Closed for Inventory' sign. He found it and stuck it on the door and locked up before heading back to his loft apartment. At the back of the apartment, next to the kitchen, was a door leading to the back alley. He went down the rickety, metal steps and crossed the alley to the small lot on the other side.

Of the cars parked there, his looked like it belonged in a car show. It was a red, '69 Pontiac Firebird convertible and had been restored to its former glory, along with a few modern extras.

He got in and drove out to the docks in search of Anna.

'So let me get this straight, he drowned?' asked Jack as he read through the article in the local paper.

'Right,' James said between mouthfuls.

'After they lopped off his arms and legs?' Jack absentmindedly chewed on the straw in his drink.

James nodded.

'That's pretty fucked. Any idea who did it?'

'It has a certain style to it,' he admitted, 'but it's just not the same. I have my own suspicions, though.'

'Oh?' Jack looked up, curiosity piqued. 'Who?'

'Just a thought,' James replied dismissively, 'and I'd rather not trouble you with it.'

'If you're thinking who I think you're thinking, he's in jail.' Jack paused and thought about what he'd just said, then, cautiously, 'Unless there's something you've forgotten to mention to me.'

'No, he's still locked away.'

Jack relaxed and smiled to himself as he grabbed a breadstick. 'Good. Bloody bastard should be strung up and skinned alive.'

'If only it was that easy,' James mumbled.

'There's something else. Isn't there?'

Will entered Pike's Boat Rental. The inside had the same theme as the outside: sunken ship. The seats in the lobby were made from old longboats and had pillows shaped like fish. A table in the center was made from an old chest; it had cheap plastic jewelry inside with a glass top. Fishing nets containing plastic sea creatures were strewn across the walls and ceiling, and next to the counter, which was made from a broken surf board, was a blow up sex doll dressed as a mermaid. He went up to the counter and rang the bell for service.

Eventually, a small man came out from the back room. He climbed the step stool and greeted Will. 'What can I help you with?'

'I am looking for Anna,' Will replied.

'Anna's out sick for the day. And if you're thinking of trying to pick her up, it won't work. She's very particular of who she goes out with.'

'What makes you think I'm here for that purpose?' Will asked, amused.

'Because there's only two people that ask for Anna, and the rest are all men trying to get into her pants.'

'Well, I'm not interested in her pants. I already have a boyfriend.'

'Oh. Er, sorry.'

'So she'll be back tomorrow then?' Will asked, getting the conversation back in the direction he needed.

'Should be, yes.'

'Then so shall I. Good day to you.'

As promised, Will returned the next day. Unfortunately, Anna was still sick. However, the day was not a complete loss. As Will was driving back, he saw Jack shuffling around outside his store. He pulled to a stop beside Jack, who was peering curiously through the windows.

'Are you lost?' Will asked, leaning out his window.

Jack whipped around and gawked at Will. 'I thought you said you didn't have a car!'

Will smiled and shrugged. 'I lied,' he said silkily.

Jack stepped up to the car and smiled nervously at Will. 'So, this is what you call "inventory"?' he asked conversationally.

'More like lunch. Care to join me?'

'Aren't you just getting back?' Jack asked uncertainly.

'I had an errand to run and completely forgot. And now that you've reminded me, I am feeling rather parched,' he said, his eyes lingering on Jack's neck.

Jack didn't seemed to notice Will's slip of tongue and looked back at the darkened windows of the store then at Will. 'Why not?'

Will reached over and unlocked the door as Jack walked around to the passenger side. 'So what sounds good to you?'

'I know a good sushi bar,' Jack said as he buckled up.

After sushi, Jack let Will drive him home and follow him up to his apartment.

'I see you have your key this time,' Will commented as he followed Jack inside.

Jack blushed and nodded as he made a quick scramble to clean up the dishes and wrappers that littered his studio apartment.

'What would you do if I told you that I had forgotten mine?' Will asked as he closed the door and leaned against it.

Jack looked up from the pile he was stuffing into a bag. 'Er... You see, I've only got the one bed, and uh...it's kinda small,' he said, standing in front of the unmade bed. The sheets were a tangled mass and spilled onto floor, more than likely from a restless sleep.

'Looks bigger than my couch.' Will pushed himself off the door and stepped towards Jack.

'I uh...well, you have your key,' Jack pointed out.

'That's beside the point. It's a "what if" question.' He picked his way around the pile of precariously stacked CD cases.

'You could sleep on the floor.'

'I've always been more of the nocturnal sort, so I very much doubt I'd be sleeping.' He stopped two feet in front of Jack.

'No sleeping?' Jack cursed himself for the waver in his voice. 'Do you have insomnia or something?'

'I've always found it hard to sleep without the company of a warm body next to mine,' Will explained and took another step towards Jack.

Jack stepped back. 'You wouldn't want to sleep with me.'


'Cold hands, cold feet,' he said. He stepped back again as Will came closer. 'I-I kick, too! Er, a-and I snore!'

'Not that loudly.'

'Uh...' Jack grasped for another excuse, but none were coming to mind. The back of his knees hit the bed, and he realized he was trapped.

'You drool?' Will supplied.

'I do not!' Jack denied, insulted that Will would point out his faults.

'Yes, you do. I woke up in a puddle of it.'

Jack growled in frustration. 'Yeah? Well, all the more reason not to sleep with me!'

'I'm highly adaptable,' Will said as he closed the distance between them. 'I've experienced your flaws, so you cannot scare me away so easily this late in the game.'

Jack leaned back and lost his balance, landing on bed. He glanced up Will as Will leaned forward. He let out a squeak and quickly backed against the wall. 'Don't do that!'

'Do what?' Will asked confusedly.

'Loom over me like that! I just...don't like it,' he said, knowing it was a stupid reason.

Will knelt at the foot of the bed and gazed at Jack. 'Any particular reason?'

'Personal preference? Insecurities and such.'

'And why would you be insecure?'

'Just am?' He crawled back to the foot of the bed. He sat back on his heels and eyed Will.

'You still don't trust me,' Will observed.

'I'm sorry,' Jack apologized. 'I just have some major baggage that I'm dealing with. It's not you.'

Will ran his hands up Jack's thighs and Jack stiffened. 'You sound so sure, but you're body says something else entirely. It would probably be better if I left.'

'What? No! That's not necessary. I like you. Really, I do.' Jack cupped Will's cheek in his hand, hesitating momentarily before touching the paler skin. Jack hadn't noticed just how pale Will was compared to himself. He licked his lips nervously and bent down to kiss Will.

Will sighed and brought his hands up to Jack's shoulders to keep him from getting closer. 'Don't feel that you have to, Jack.'

'I know I don't have to. I want to.'

As Jack leant forward, Will's eyes drifted to Jack's neck. He was suddenly aware of the warmth of Jack's hand seeping through his skin and the pulse of blood being pushed through veins. A tickling in his canines became stronger and more apparent as Jack's lips pressed against his. He had to end it before something went wrong. Will increased his grip on Jack's shoulders and held him at arm's length.

'W-what...what's wrong?' Jack asked. He felt like he'd done something wrong.

'If we keep this up, I won't be able to restrain myself. I don't want to hurt you,' Will said honestly as he looked deeply into Jack's eyes.


'I should go now,' he said as stood.

Jack got to his knees and grabbed Will's hand. 'You don't have to.'

'Yes, I do. For your sake.'

Jack nodded weakly, trying not to show the hurt in his eyes.

'I'll se you later, then,' Will said and kissed Jack's forehead before leaving the apartment.

Will had made a beeline to the red light district. He needed someone to sooth his craving before he did something that he would surely regret. He slowly cruised the streets, looking for suitable prey. This time, he was /not/ going to get caught off guard and left with a dead body.

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