Chapter 1- "Invitation To Egypt"
Yugi Motou fell onto his bed. The Battle City Tournament was over. Yugi and Yami still reign as the King of Games. Everyone had returned home for rest. Sugoroku/Solomon Motou, Yugi's grandfather, had already retired to bed.
The doorbell than rang. Yugi got out of bed. Who could be here at this hour? The clock than rang midnight. Yugi moved down the stairs with ease.
As the door opened, Yugi's mouth dropped open. Isis Istar stood before Yugi.
"I come with an invitation."
"So let's get this straight, Isis shows up at your house in the middle of the night, and invites you to go back to Egypt with her." asked Anzu.
"Hey Yugi, can we go with you?" questioned Duke.
"You aren't going anywhere without me!" shouted Jounouchi.
"Oh but he would so enjoy it." Teased Honda
Jounouchi started to yell incoherent words over the phone.
Yugi sighed. He didn't know what to do. Isis had also invited his grandfather. Knowing him, Grandpa would jump at the offer.
"Is something the matter?"
Yami appeared before Yugi. Yugi sighed again.
"A lot is the matter. I mean...Mai is still trapped in the shadow realm. Malik/Marik and Bakura are in Isis's care. And now this trip to Egypt... Why do we need to go to Egypt?"
"Who says we needed to go?"
"Something inside of me."
Yami said nothing more.
"It's decided you guys. I'm going to Egypt." Stated Yugi.
"We're going with you." Said Anzu.
"Yeah...I wonder what type of food they have" wondered Jounouchi.
"You're a hopeless cause..." Honda said with a sigh.
Jounouchi started to yell more incoherent words. Duke, Anzu, and Yugi began to laugh.
Isis waited by the private jet for the coming group. Yugi had called to say he was going. The other guest had also called to confirm that he was going as well.
The first guests arrived earlier than expected. Now all that was left was Yugi and his group. Yugi insisted that his friends come. Mai Kujaku/Valentine had been brought aboard. As well as, Malik Ishtar and Bakura.
Isis sighed. She was growing impatient. Her sister being a leader of the Egyptian society gave Isis and Malik special privileges. Isis herself is a very important Egyptian. She is important to Egypt's history as an archaeologist.
She turned to find Yugi and his friends standing there with their luggage. She smiled.
"I'm glad you said you could come. Jus leave your baggage here and go on up the stairs. Sit wherever you like."
So they did. Yugi was the first one in and the first one to see the others.
"Mokuba and Kaiba?"
Kaiba sat in his usual stance, eyes closed and arms crossed. He only opened his eyes briefly to greet Yugi.
"Kaiba?" questioned Jounouchi. "What are you doing here?"
"None of your business. But I'm guessing you're here because of Yugi, like an obedient dog."
"I'll show you dog!"
Jounouchi was about to go over there, but Duke and Honda held him back.
"Stop it Jounouchi! Violence isn't the answer." Explained Shizuka.
Isis came up and talked to the pilot. She than came back and sat in a seat. Just than the jet started up. The engine seemed quiet, but outside it was causing a lot of wind.
"Isis, why did you invite us to go to Egypt with you?"
"All will eventually be made clear."
No more was said as the jet lifted off the runway and headed towards their destination.
Yugi eventually fell asleep. The trip would be a good while. They would reach Egypt sometime tomorrow morning, Japan time.
Yugi woke up as the plane landed. They all got out and stretched. It was a long flight.
"Boy, it sure is good to be on the ground again." Whined Anzu.
"I'll say." Agreed Duke.
Isis's cell phone then went off.
"Hello...what do you mean she's missing?"

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