Amongst Four

By: Kuroi Neko-kun

Summary: A discovery made by one of the turtles leads the four brothers to a secret of the earth and their place on it.

Warning: Sap scenes and OOC

Disclaimer: Don't own them. Wishing I did… Oh well…


Chapter 8: Brothers, Once Again


He offered prayers and lighted joss sticks for the sisters. Mikey had spent his time in the Murasakisuishou sacred grounds after placing Lirin's body in her own glass coffin. He had touched her face and cried. He never knew the girl but he felt that she was a wonderful person, someone who did not deserve to die. After offering his prayer, Mikey climbed the steps up and sighed. He emerged from the grounds and walked down the passageway. Finally, he exited the room.


Nervous was the last thing that Mikey thought he would feel as he stared at his family. He had betrayed them even though he did not want to. They had accepted that as a fact but he was not sure if he was forgiven. Despite all of Leo's efforts, he knew he had killed Houki. And also Lirin. This was not all his fault but he knew it was. He wanted to return to his sewer home but he remembered that he destroyed it. Don tried to crack a joke about the TV but it failed miserably. They wanted him to be regular old Mikey again but the turtle could not face them without actually caring about it.

"Michelangelo," he heard his master call," come here." He obliged, sitting in front of the rat. Splinter's eyes examined him, touching his whiskers as he contemplated over the turtle. He knew that his master could see through him, the reason why he can never hide things from the rat. He knew his brothers were all watching him, pity written on their faces. Mikey could not take it anymore. He wanted to crawl into a hole and bawled his eyes out. He couldn't do so because of his siblings. He wanted to remain stable for them but he just can't. Not this moment…

"Don't hide it," the rat muttered," you cannot hide your pain. If you do, then you will continue to suffer. You cannot move on. Your soul will die from the overwhelming pain. So let it out, my son." At the last two words, tears slid down of Mikey's face. He faced his father figure and cried. Splinter touched his son's head. As he did, Mikey started crying harder like a child. He reached out and held his son in his arms.

"I'm sorry…" he mumbled as he cried, gripping on his master's shirt," I'm sorry about everything. About Houki, Yumi and Lirin… They shouldn't have died. And it was my fault." Leo shook his head, squatting next to Splinter.

"It wasn't your fault," he cooed," this was all something else that you couldn't control."

"Yeah, Mikey," Don said softly," we don't care about all that. We just wanted you back." Raph uncrossed his arms.

"You chose, didn't you? You chose to come back?" The turtle nodded, sniffling slightly. His brother rubbed his head. "Then, come back." It felt so simple. No matter what he did, his brothers accepted him back without doubts. They really loved him till the extent of sacrificing themselves so that he would live. He smiled at them as tears fell down his face. He may not be able to return to regular old Mikey but at least his brothers were ready to accept him.

"Thank you," he mumbled. He really meant it too.