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A/N: This story is a spin-off from another one of my fanfics, A Force to be Reckoned With. It took me a little longer than I expected to start this, but I hope everybody enjoys it. Anyways, here's a brief summary:

Logan has traveled to Japan in a continuing attempt to piece together the fractured memories of his past. He's beginning to face the realization that his last hope of uncovering those secrets may have disappeared, along with William Stryker, at Alkali Lake. Coming along with him for the trip is Rogue. She's gone with him to get away from the mansion for a while. This is following a recent break-up with the love of her life, Bobby Drake.  The story picks up with Logan and Rogue after arriving at Narita International Airport in Tokyo…

"Have you seen our luggage yet, we've been waiting for a long time?" Rogue asked Logan as they both sat in the baggage claim area.

"Not yet." Logan replied as he sat reading a local newspaper.

"Wonder if the airline lost it?" Rogue continued asking.

"Maybe." Logan responded.

"You sure are bein' awful calm." Rogue pointed out, "What gives?"

"Just usin' some of the Professor's relaxation techniques that he's been showing me so I can, as he says it, 'Channel any unpleasant emotional distress in a more productive manner.'" Logan answered.

"Sounds like some major anger-management sessions, especially if they're working on you. That at least explains why you didn't start tossing airport security left and right back home when they searched you. Ah was waiting for you to have one of your 'episodes' after the metal detector kept goin' off." Rogue told him as she turned away from the luggage carousel and looked at him, "What was on that card you showed them anyways?"

"It's a medical card Xavier gave me, along with my passport. It says that I've got metal plates and shrapnel in my body as a result of military service." Logan told her.

"Well, it beats tryin' to explain the real reason that the detector went off." Rogue said as she stood up. She put on her dark green leather jacket and walked over to a large window to watch other incoming flights, while Logan continued reading the paper.

After another half-hour of waiting, Logan and Rogue finally found their luggage and boarded a metro train into downtown Tokyo. During the almost hour-long journey, Logan thumbed through a map of the city and Rogue looked out through the window. She thought about how much things had changed in the more than eight months since they returned from Alkali Lake.

As she sat there, Rogue thought about her recent promotion to the active roster of the X-Men along with Colossus, Shadowcat, Iceman and Jubilee. The Professor had even sent them on a few missions already, with her as deputy leader. They were either recon jobs or they went to locate young mutants whose powers had just emerged. Rogue felt really proud that the Professor trusted all of his new X-Men with that kind of responsibility. They had worked so hard to earn their promotion, but now it seemed like it kept them busy almost around the clock. They spent a good majority of their time training, either in the Danger Room or in the school's workout facilities, or they were just struggling to keep up with the massive amount of homework that they still had to do.

But, as much as she didn't want to, Rogue couldn't keep her thoughts from drifting to the one person that she swore she wasn't going to think about while she was in Japan. Bobby. She thought about the fight that they had before they broke up and she thought about how much she still loved him, no matter how hard she tried to tell herself not to.

"I guess if Ah could turn off my feelings for him that easily, then it wasn't real love to begin with." Rogue silently thought to herself.

That's one of the reasons that Rogue was so glad that Logan had invited her to join him on his trip. All she wanted to do now was to try and focus on something else, besides the problems in her love life. The train ride seemed to fly by and before she knew it, they were in the sprawling centre that was Tokyo. Logan and Rogue then made their way through the crowded major and side streets to a small hotel in the Ginza district of the city. After an interesting conversation with the hotel's desk manager, Logan and Rogue took an elevator up to their rooms on the second floor.

"The hotel manager was really surprised when you struck up a casual conversation with him in Japanese. Ah guess the Professor's telepathic lessons in languages from around the world really do come in handy." Rogue said as she stopped in the hallway in front of her room.

"My Japanese was already decent before I hooked up with this outfit." Logan told her as he also stopped for a moment.

"Oh, when'd you learn it?" Rogue asked him.

"I'm not really sure." Logan answered as honestly as he could. He then continued down the hallway, "My room is two doors down, I'm gonna drop my gear in there and go out for a while."

"Where are we headin'?" Rogue asked him.

"We aren't headin' anywhere. You're gonna unpack and get some rest, we've got a busy day tomorrow." Logan told her.

"Just as well. Ah don't want to get in a bar-room brawl my first night as a visitor in a new country." Rogue sarcastically replied. But Logan didn't say anything back. He just smirked at her remark and then went to his room and closed the door.

After unpacking, Rogue looked and saw that it was pretty late, but she wasn't tired. It was probably due to her body not yet adjusting to the time difference. So, she just sat on the bed and watched various broadcasts on Japanese television for a while. As she watched, she took down some notes on the differences between American and Japanese television. It was for a paper that she had to turn into the school's interim headmaster, Dr. Henry McCoy, when she returned. As she kept scribbling down notes, Rogue saw a news flash scroll by that caught her attention.

"Tonight on the evening news, International superstar Allison Blaire embroiled in a major scandal, following her most recent concert. Tune in for details and reaction from her fans worldwide…"

After seeing the message, Rogue decided to find out for herself what the big news was.


Half a world away, a cell phone rang on a nightstand at Xavier's School for the Gifted. One of its more 'vocal' residents was less-than-thrilled to have been awoken from her sound sleep.

"Hello?" The voice on the receiving end said groggily, "If this is a wrong number, I swear I'm gonna come and find you myself."

"Well, aren't you a ray of sunshine?" The caller replied, "Ah guess you really aren't a morning person, after all?"

"Rogue? Is that you?"

"Yeah, Jubilee. Ah suppose the accent gave it away, huh?"

"Something like that." Jubilee yawned as she sat up in her bed, talking to her roommate who was now an entire ocean away.

"I hope it's not too early. Ah've been tryin' to get this time difference straight." Rogue started to say, "It's a little after nine pm here, so I guess it's about eight am there?"

"And way too early, considering the kinda night I had." Jubilee answered.

"I just saw a news flash about the Allison Blaire concert. What in the world went on there to make the headlines all the way over here?"

"Instead of an entertaining evening, that thug Blob had to show up and ruin it. Him, along with me and the newest addition to the super-powered population, Allison Blaire, ended up turning the place into the 'Mutant Fighting Championships'." Jubilee replied.

"Sounds like it should have been on pay-per-view?" Rogue commented.

"If I was gettin' paid, then maybe having a bruised rib would make me feel a little better." Jubilee said as she sat and rubbed her side.

"You get hurt pretty bad?" Rogue questioned her.

"I'll live. Hank bandaged my side last night and he wants to look at it again, after my debriefing this morning." Jubilee told her.

"Debriefing? For What?" Rogue asked her.

"It looks like Blob wasn't just there for kicks, somebody sent him there to out Allison as a mutant. But it just doesn't seem to fit in with the Brotherhood's usual extra-curricular activities?" Jubilee revealed.

"It is kinda odd. Especially when you think about all of the stuff that the Professor told us about their past activities, and my own experiences with them. If they're up to something, maybe me and Logan should look at comin' back early." Rogue suggested.

"No way, enjoy your vacation, we can handle things here. But this is a first, there's trouble a brewin' and you two are nowhere in sight." Jubilee joked with her.

"How ever will Logan and me survive?" Rogue responded to her comment, "Besides, this ain't much of a vacation. Ah have two research papers to finish and an essay on Japanese/American cultural comparisons & differences to turn in, as soon as I get back."

"I'm definitely not jealous. So tell me, what is Japan like?" Jubilee asked.

"It's a beautiful country, at least the part that Ah've seen from the airport to the hotel." Rogue told her.

"What city are you staying in?" Jubilee inquired.

"We're in a small hotel in downtown Tokyo. It's actually pretty cozy, it's not the Hilton but it's nice." Rogue told her, "Logan and me are supposed to go sight seeing tomorrow at the Imperial Gardens."

"So, what is the one-man fight club up to?" Jubilee continued to ask.

"My bet is that he's at the local bar." Rogue told her, "While he gives the finest beer that Tokyo has to offer his own personal seal of approval, Ah'm sitting here watching TV in a foreign language and trying to soak up the local pop culture."

"And we thought the only use we would have for the Professor's psychic language lessons would be watching Spanish soap operas." Jubilee stated.

"Speaking fluent Japanese does have its advantages. For example, the hotel manager told us not to order the daily special at the diner a few blocks down." Rogue said.

"TV and food, where will the payoffs end?" Jubilee continued, "Well, I'd better get down to the war room so I can replay last night a hundred times for Dr. 'Detail' McCoy."

"Okay. Well, Ah'll talk to you again real soon." Rogue said as she hung up the phone.