Kagome had already awakened and just sat on her mat recollecting the events of her dream while she folded her blankets away. She pushed her thoughts away when she heard fast footsteps coming toward her room. Sango came in with her nightwear only and her regular change of clothing in hand. Her face was pinkish and her hair was in slight disarray.


"I'm sorry, Kagome. Miroku decided to…oh never mind. You wouldn't mind if I changed in here would you?"

"No I don't mind but what did Houshi-san do?"


"Fine, but I know you'll come to tell me later on," Kagome concluded with a wink watching her companion blush.

They both changed and exited the room to where Inuyasha reluctantly held a sobbing Shippo in his arms. Inuyasha gave Kagome a bewildered look motioning to the kit that clung to him. Kagome walked to wards the young boy, "Shippo?"

Shippo look up at her and wailed, "It was horrible! Absolutely horrible! I do not think I shall recover from such events! My mind has been ripped in two! I've been violated!"

With that said he collapsed on the floor with a dramatic sob. Kagome and Sango looked at Shippo with mild amusement and concern, "What happened Shippo?"

"It was Miroku and Sango! They had totally forgotten that I slept in the corner of the same room! They did things that a poor kit like myself should never see! Oh the horror! The pain! If it wasn't for Sango leaving the room I may have been in a trauma for a week!"

Sango pointed a finger disapprovingly at Shippo, "Now you little runt! We did not do anything! Don't go exaggerating every little thing!"

Shippo pouted and sniffled and sobbed then reluctantly gave up his little game and went outside. Kagome turned to Sango, "Wild imagination? I wonder what sparked it?"

Slyness was in Kagome's eyes as well as Inuyasha's while they watched Sango twitch nervously. Miroku who had been standing against the wall, already dressed, smirked, "Sango-san? May I talk with you for a minute? Alone?"

Sango turned to his and the red across her cheeks increased and she nodded dumbly. Miroku walked out of the hut with Sango trailing behind him. They went to the river that fed the rice fields and Miroku once again leaned on the tree.

She came close to her and he stuffed his hands into his robes, "Sango-san, a long time ago I asked you to bear my children after we had defeated Naraku and for us to live together for the rest of our lives. You accepted my proposal that day. I want to remind you that you are still a special woman in my heart and they day of Naraku's extermination is soon to come. After these years that have past you might have changed your mind…"

He was cut off by a small kiss from Sango that he didn't see coming. "Houshi-sama, my decision stays."

His eyes twinkled and grabbed Sango into his soft robes kissing her sensitive neck. Miroku claimed her lips tentatively in an innocent kiss. Slowly he licked her lips begging for entrance, which he was granted. He quickly delved into her warm mouth with his tongue and felt her wiggled nervously against him. Miroku released her and took in a sharp breath. Sango was mesmerized by the kiss but she smiled at him and he kissed her forehead and they walked back to the hut.

Kagome had left the hut soon after Sango and Miroku and took her own path down to the fields. She thought about her many years here until the small tears threatened to escape. If she was content here then why does she cry? Why does it bring her so much pain? The journey has been not only a physical challenge but also a mental and emotional challenge.

In the beginning she would go home and even with missing work and catching up to do, she always wanted to go back to the Feudal Era. Now she yearned to be back at home with her family and friends.

Kagome was only in this time because she felt that she was obligated to stay and find the Shikon Jewel shards but that was it, she really didn't need to be here. Inuyasha plagued her mind. He cared for her, right? But he loved Kikyo. He needed the jewel shard to become full demon.

Everyone had a clear reason to be after Naraku but her. Miroku knew that by Naraku's destruction he could finally be free from the curse placed on his family. Sango took revenge for her family and brother and Inuyasha needed the complete Shikon no Tama. She was here for nothing; she gained nothing and lost a great deal of her own life. She clenched her fists and resisted the urge to scream.

"I want to go home…I don't want to be here any longer…"

Inuyasha leapt into the trees that Kagome was under, next to the field. He was highly intoned to her scent and he had picked up salt water or tears. There she was holding herself with tears at the side of her eyes, a few escaping her.

"I want to go home…I don't want to be here any longer," her voice was filled with regret as his eyes widened in this new guilt. Hadn't she just been home? Was it his fault for her pain? No, she could have left a long time ago. At certain points he forced her to leave but she always came back. It was her fault for not being able to make up her own mind. Or was it?

"Why am I here? Am I here for Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha struggled to hold his balance on the branch. She had said many times that she would never leave him, but why? Was it still because she had feelings for him? He wasn't dense or oblivious to her feelings but he ignored them, not knowing what to do. Kagome was here for him…and for Shippo, Sango, and Miroku. Kagome was here because she cared.

He stared at her for a long time waiting for what she would do or say next. Inuyasha wasn't in any hurry and she spoke again. When she spoke to herself it seemed like she tried to convince herself of what she was thinking.

Kagome shook her head, "I have bigger problems, like Airoshin. I wonder when I'll meet that kitsune again."

What the hell? Airoshin? Kitsune? What is going on here! Again? She met him?

"He was soft…"

NANI?! S-s-s-s-oft!

"And that kiss…so lovely…"

Okay that does it!! She is in big trouble now!

Inuyasha jumped down from his branch with newfound anger, "Oi! Where have you been?"

Kagome was startled at his sudden appearance, "I have been here!! Where you spying on me?"

"No! You took so god damn long!"

"So what?"

Kagome started to walk away but he stopped her with his harsh voice, "And what kiss?"

Her eyes widened in disbelief. He had heard her. Her body tense up and she couldn't help but stutter, "W-what in the world are you talking about?"

"The kiss you mentioned!" He mocked her, "That kiss, so---.."

She turned and stormed up to him and pointed a finger at him, "Now it is definitely none of your business."

"It is! I can't have you getting pupped before we finish this!"

"You selfish bastard! If Kikyo were alive then you would have left us a long time ago!"

"Don't bring Kikyo into this!"

" Fine, because I can blame you for numerous of other things! Just like the time…"

He cut her off with the only thing at the time he could think off, "Do you want to go home?"

Kagome had her mouth open to continue her verbal assault on the hanyou's ears but now she just stared at him trying to respond.

"Do you? If not we should go back."

"A-are you serious?"

"I suppose. Naraku will probably take his good ole time so you can go…"

She hugged him tightly and he feigned his annoyance, "Feh."

"Mom! Souta! I have come back for a little while!"

Kagome burst into the house with Inuyasha behind her but she heard no response. She was a little disappointed but went to the refrigerator to once again, like always, find a note:

Dear Kagome,

If you do happen to come back to pick up a few more supplies, we are in Kobay. Souta is out of school and we decided to go and visit a distant Aunt of yours. Please enjoy whatever time you have here.


Your mother and Souta! 

"Oh bummer," She turned to look at Inuyasha who was sniffing around the house, "What about Naraku?"

"I'll stay with you here to make sure you don't get into any trouble but I can also go and check back with Miroku and the others every once in a while."

"Cool! We can do so much while we are here! New clothing and I can show you around the city more. Would you like that?"

He pondered knowing that would mean he would have to cover his ears, which he hated, "Whatever."

"Maybe we can go clubbing? Do you know what that is?"

Inuyasha shook his head and glared at the cat that leapt up on to the counter. Kagome beamed, "It a place where people dance a lot."

"I don't dance…"

"I think you would be able to!" She checked the refrigerator to find that there was not much food left over, "Lets go and get some food first."

He nodded and she quickly left upstairs to find him some proper clothing.

This is just a rough draft that I have placed on because my computer will be reloaded…and such as. THIS DOES NOT END HERE. The chapter will be updated soon.